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Is Fire Less Scary Than a Motorcycle?

I send him into burning buildings. I’ve seen videos of fire truck crashes on the way to a call. I’m okay with all of this on most levels. Most levels. I’ll admit that I occasionally get freaked out when I know that it is a fully-involved structure fire or if he’s been gone for far too long. But I’ve learned to deal with that fear for the most part.

But to watch him leave our home on a motorcycle leaves my stomach in knots.

It doesn’t quite make sense, I know.

Yesterday, on the way home from the National Adoption Conference in Cleveland where I spoke with some amazing open adoption bloggers and lunched with some others (which I’ll hit on Chronicles today), I was passed by three motorcycles. Now, all three drivers were wearing their helmets. All three of their female passengers were wearing their helmets. But my stomach dropped. And I moved over a bit in my lane, not wanting to be too close to them. Just a few miles before, a Ford F250 hauling a boat had blown a tire and swerved into my lane, just in front of me. What if that happened to me? And I swerved and hit one of these motorcycles?

You see, it’s not that I don’t trust my husband’s motorcycle driving even though he’s only been riding for just under a year. It’s everyone else. What if I hadn’t been paying attention? What if someone else isn’t paying attention? What if someone doesn’t see him? What if I’m driving the truck behind him, following him back from his Mom’s, when a deer runs out in front of him and then I run over them both with the truck? And, yes, I fear those things when driving behind him. It’s a great, tense time.

I don’t really understand the fear. Is it because it is so new? I mean, at this point in time last year, it was only a consideration. Not a reality. I’ve been dealing with the realities of FireDad running into burning buildings since I met him in 2001. Before we were dating, back when we were just friends, I knew that he would risk his life to save someone else. When we started dating, he was just working as a paramedic and running with the volunteer fire department. When he got on the professional department just after our wedding, I had some rekindling of fear but, still, it had always just been part of the reality of him and, in essence, us.

This new thrill-seeking-adventure is new and scary still. I wonder how long it will take before I don’t worry every second he’s out on his motorcycle. Does it ever end?

[By the way: chance to win a Kodak All-in-One printer & a trip to BlogHer over on the review blog today. Maybe seeing someone I admire/love/read win win make me feel better. Doubtful but let’s see.]

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It never ends, it just scales up and down. The fear of other people’s poor vehicular skills is what drove my fear and eventually led me to give up riding when Keri got pregnant. Wearing gear and being mentally sharp are the only two ways to mitigate risk. Unfortunately there is little you can do to combat other people’s stupidity.

I give you credit for letting FireDad explore this new adventure. He may come to the same realization as me or he may never encounter an issues (fingers crossed) and will enjoy a lifetime of riding – which on days like today, I still miss.

I used to love riding on motorcycles. A friend of mine had one and going for a ride with him was just so fun!! I loved it. But now I am afraid everytime I see one. I HATE driving next to them. I am very aware of how fragile and exposed they are riding next to me.

You and FireDad (and the kids) are already in my prayers but I will add safe motorcycle driving to the list. And if you can get up the courage you should go for a ride with him – there is nothing like it. :) I probably couldn’t get up the courage now but really it is wonderful fun.

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Hi hon! I’ve become a reader of your super cool blog! :) I do not have good things to say about motorcycles. My cousin was in a very bad wreck about 6 months ago and is lucky to be alive. It was NOT his fault. He got hit by a pick up truck. He also wasn’t wearing a helmet. So make sure FireDad at least always wears a helmet. I think that there are safety courses for motorcycle drivers too, maybe you could convince him to take one of those. I know we can’t stop our loved ones from taking risks, but they can at least make it less risky right? Being a hubby and a Dad means that he has to understand it’s about more than just him… it’s about the whole family. :)

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