Spring? Where?

I’m grumpy today. Spring is supposed to be arriving. But it is currently 25 degrees (Farenheit!) outside. I know that March has temperamental weather but this seems ridiculous. I should shut my mouth before ten inches of snow fall on my lily sprouts.


We did get outside two days this week. You know, when it was seventy-five instead of twenty-five. I’m a better parent when we are able to get outside with regularity. The fresh air helps recharge my patience. The fresh air helps them use their energy appropriately. The sunshine not only gives us some necessary Vitamin D but makes us smile. There’s no smiling right now. Gray clouds are reminding us that we’re stuck inside today. Grumpypants on instead of Happyshorts.


The boys, of course, don’t understand. Two days ago, they were outside for two hours at a time. So why not today? LittleBrother stood at the back door and cried, “Siiiiiiiiiiiiiide,” for quite some time. BigBrother has asked no less than fifteen times if we can go outside after lunch. Apparently the answer of “no” is not acceptable. “It’s not raining,” he says. “It can’t be that cold, Mommy.” Sadly, it can be.

Soon, of course, I’ll be ranting about the over-bearing heat of mid-summer. (I actually hate heat. Also, hate and heat have the same letters. This is no coincidence.) I prefer spring and fall. I guess I can’t have it all. But, soon enough, we’ll be able to spend more time outside. Perhaps when the wind is blowing the general stink off of us, BigBrother will be able to avoid some germs. He’s gotten every bug from preschool this winter and if he gets one more ear infection, well, I don’t want to talk about it.

How’s Spring coming along your way? Please share pictures of sunshine with us today. We’re in need a of a pick-me-up.


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5 Replies to “Spring? Where?”

  1. I don’t have a picture of the amazing spring whether we are having in North Carolina today (I figure you wouldn’t want to see our snow covered flower buds from a few weeks ago), but have you (and BigBrother) seen the “Eric Carle” – first day of spring design at http://www.google.com today? Fun!

  2. It seems that we are experiencing the same weather. It’s a blah day here too! Oh how it helps when my son can just run and run outside! I know we can get out when it’s 25, but I’m chilled and the lack of sunshine is so demotivating! That’s Minnesota for you!

    Jodis last blog post..SWEET TREATS!

  3. Hahaha, I can’t wait to put on my Happyshorts. I have some nice pictures of beautiful weather on my blog from our recent trip to Turks and Caicos (http://stormofthoughts.com/blog/2009/03/16/our-trip-to-turks-and-caicos-in-photos/). Of course, the day we came home there was rain, sleet, and snow, so we weren’t all that happy to be back. I’m still waiting for spring to materialize myself. Still, though, the pictures make me feel like I’m warm, even when I’m stuck inside in the cold.

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