Going Green (and I Don’t Mean Natural)

It is finally upon us: the weekend before St. Patrick’s Day. FireDad and I look forward to this weekend all year long. While the rest of the world plays into the commercialization of Valentine’s Day, we merely send each other an e-card and save our dollars for this weekend. Maybe we just prefer the color green to red. Who knows. Anyway, where are we going?

Pittsburgh! Home of the 5th largest St. Patrick’s Day parade in the country. Sadly, we will be missing the parade this year (did you know it is the 5th largest in the country?). And the after-party in Market Square. Why? Well, I have four hours of choreography for our Spring Show on Saturday morning. We won’t hit the road until shortly after 1:00pm. The parade is at 10:00am (and lasts for 3.5 hours) and the last call for the party in Market Square is at 3:30pm. (Of note: there is now a one-dollar fee to get into Market Square this year. Wrist-bands will be given to those over 21. Hopefully this keeps things a bit more… legal.) We’ll likely just head straight to our swanky hotel, enjoy some of the food at the tavern and get ready for our evening out.

While the economic slump may have a large number of people seeing less green, FireDad and I did notice something different this year while shopping for our St. Patrick’s Day wear: more green clothing. When we started this tradition (in 2006), it was almost impossible to find anything green. 2007 and 2008 brought a few more things but only because I was diligent to look for green for months before the big day. This year? Green must be the “it” color. I can’t say that I’m complaining as it is my favorite color. But it really is everywhere. We still went with some internet deals for some of our clothing.

FireDad will be sporting this Lucky Firefighter shirt from Black Helmet (more on them in the near future). On Sunday, he’ll be wearing a mid-sleeve-length raglan t-shirt with green sleeves that he got at That Store That Has Everything from Shirts to Fish that Die Quickly. I have quite a few options. I’ll be hitting the city in my fleece pants and a hoodie tee, both from Victoria’s Secret and both in “kelly” green. (Of note: I got both of those on super sale, not for the prices they are currently listed.) In the evening, I’ll be changing into my new favorite green turleneck, also of the kelly/grass green variety, with some nice pants and probably these socks from last year. I also got some shoes with green on them… because I’m nothing if not thorough. On Sunday, I’ll be wearing a green sweater that I got on clearance ($14!) at Victoria’s Secret, no longer listed on site. We had a great time shopping for our clothing picks this year (and, in fact, bought some of them on Valentine’s Day… we’re awesome). What have we worn in years past? (I have no pictures of “us” in 2006. Fail.)

2007 2008

Ignore FireDad’s face. He thinks he is funny.

The best news is that, as of right now, they’re still predicting a balmy 51 degrees for tomorrow. In years past, it’s been… ridiculously cold. We’re normally bundled up pretty well to head outside. Perhaps we won’t need to wear umpteen layers. Then again, it’s Pittsburgh. A random snow storm could blow through and dump eighteen inches on our unsuspecting green heads. Perhaps we’ll also be able to visit more than one restaurant/bar in the evening instead of deciding it is too cold to head back out and find a new place. Then again, if you can find somewhere to sit, leaving for another place is a bad idea.

Notice I have said nothing about the children. That’s right. This is an adult weekend. We don’t drag our stroller into Market Square where fights break out and beer is spilled. No. The boys will be spending the weekend with their Nana and Aunt Nettie. They will have a great time (also dressed in green shirts, mind you). And we, as parents, will return refreshed and ready to tackle teething (sigh) and BigBrother’s frustration with not being able to read by himself (help!). It’s a win for everyone.

Especially since FireDad and I will get to eat some Primanti’s on Sunday afternoon before heading back to Ohio. Win indeed.

Any other bloggers going to be descending on the city? Ahem, Julie Gong or Burgh Baby’s Mama?

Edited to add thanks to the Today Show: I just downloaded an album by Celtic Woman for the drive. Amazing.

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You are funny. I like the idea of celebrating in the way you want to celebrate. It’s your weekend live it up!

I attended a Catholic high school in England run by nuns from Ireland. Here’s the funny thing — zero celebration of St. Patrick’s Day except for a St. Patrick’s Day mass and perhaps a shamrock on the lapel of teacher’s jacket. In true English fashion, low key is the way to go.

I remember coming to the U.S. for college and being amazed at how loyal Americans were to their heritage. To an American “I’m Irish” means my family at some point came from Ireland. To British people “I’m Irish” means I was born in Ireland. I’m not knocking Americans — I’m a citizen myself — I just think it is wonderful how America embraces its heritage and “where you came from.” I try to instill in my children both the English and the American roots.

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