Our Service Project for Mom It Forward

PhotobucketAfter some editing issues (software updates taking forever) and some uploading issues (YouTube hates me, I prefer Google video), our vlog for the Mom It Forward service project is uploaded, processed and live! (And viewable on the Mom It Forward YouTube group as well!) I thought it would never happen.

Briefly: we (our family) decided to gather some friends (real life and blogging) together to make a sizeable donation of “stuff” to our city’s brand new pregnancy center. We had over 600 diapers, a bunch of wipes, bags upon bags of clothes, two playmats (one was brand new), an infant car seat and, well, the list goes on. We chose this organization because of my previous experience with an unplanned pregnancy. (For those not in the know, you can read about my adoption story at The Chronicles of Munchkin Land.)

Enough with the written word. Let’s listen to my strangely young sounding voice.


And there you have it!

As an added note since the “filming” of this vlog: I have been contacted about volunteering as a counselor for mothers who come through the center. Helping mothers make well-informed decisions about all aspects of this topic has been a huge passion of mine for years and being able to help in our city is… well, it makes me feel like I belong here.

And, so, a big thank you to Mom It Forward for encouraging us all to give back to our communities. I’ve been meaning to do something like this for far too long and it feels good to know that I’m right where I need to be at this point in time.


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I Need Some Book Suggestions

I’ve just updated my Goodreads list of read books for 2009. I always forget to update that thing. But it now reflects what is actually going on in my reading life. I have read six books this year (one of which I absolutely loved). I am now currently reading nothing (see?). I did request the following books from our library just now:

1. Marley & Me: Life and Love with the World’s Worst Dog by John Grogan. I saw the movie first, which is something I rarely do. I now am forced, by my own personal moral code, to read the book and make the necessary comparison: which was better? The book or the movie? My guess will be the book but, oh, the movie was so wonderful.

2. Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West by Gregory Maguire. This is evidence that I am deep in the throes of dorking out musically as of late. As our chorale continues to practice for our spring show, I’m finding myself listening to soundtracks non-stop. While I know the story (and the music) of Wicked, I now need to read the book. Why? Because I need to.

3. Son of a Witch, also by Gregory Maguire. I’ll be honest. In all my musical dorkiness, I didn’t know this book existed until today. I about fell off the couch when I was bebopping through titles and saw this one. And so, it must be read as well.

4. The Mighty Queens of Freeville: a mother, a daughter and the people who raised them by Amy Dickinson. I requested this one because Redbook told me to. Okay, I don’t do everything Redbook tells me to (but look for a theme on this in the near future) but I do always check out their book reviews. This one spoke to me and so, here we go.


They should all arrive in the next week through our awesome library system. (Also requested? The Making of Miss Saigon DVD and the full vocal score of the same musical. For those who don’t know what my renewed interest is in that musical, I encourage you to read this post and then offer me your congratulations.) I hate that I’m wasting a week in the process. I think I have some books in the house that have not yet been read and so I could jump into one of them but… sometimes they haven’t been read for a reason.

Especially that one book. That’s right. Two of my friends have ganged up on me and I currently have a copy of Twilight sitting on the table next to the couch. I said I’d read it if my one friend liked it after the other lent it to her first. And she went ahead and liked it. No, loved it. I should make good on reading it but I’m avoiding it like some kind of vampiric plague.

As such, we’re heading into town tonight and I want to buy a book. Please offer me your best suggestions. I like fiction and nonfiction alike. I could probably do without reading any serious parenting books right now as I feel parented out. A funny look at parenting would be accepted. I don’t really dwell much in chick lit but appreciate a good one. And, also, if the book totally avoids the word adoption, I’d be grateful. I’m also somewhat adoption storylined to death as of late.

You have until 3:30pm (EST) to offer suggestions. Winning suggestion (how well you sell your book to me and if it is available where we will be) will receive… a link if you’re a blogger… my deepest thanks… and a virtual cookie. Mmm, cookies. Unless you suggest more Twilight books. Then you will receive virtual liver and onions. It’s your choice.

[Note: No blog post yesterday because we were without internet due to an outage in a main city for most of the day. Yes, it was horrible but we did survive. Shockingly.]

The Secret to a Happier Life for All of Us

I spent most of today dealing with LittleBrother’s molar teething issues, the effects of sleep deprivation and some of my own recent and not-so-awesome health issues. I kept meaning to blog, even something for Wordless Wednesday, but I kept coming up empty handed. It’s a rough day if I can’t even come up with a post that doesn’t involve words. I mean, come on, it’s me. I’m wordy! I couldn’t wait for the kids to go to bed because I had some cleaning, some laundry, some work, some reading and, oh goodness, some sleeping to do.

I got things read for after-bath (jammies, tooth brushes) before I ran the water for their bath. I helped remove clothes. I chased naked butts into the bathroom. I had every fiber in my being planning on taking the quickest possible bath in the history of all baths ever. But then they started to do this. (Ignore boogers brought to you by aforementioned teething.)

And this.


Yes. They made bubble face goatees. Without my goading or prompting. In fact, LittleBrother did it first and then BigBrother followed suit. I found myself laughing despite the general feeling of ick that had been following me around for most of the day. And suddenly my focus was not on rushing bath time, teeth brushing, jammification, story reading, prayers and tucking in. I let them splash for awhile. They got too much water on the floor. I laughed with them and my shirt ended up splattered with the happiness of two brothers in a bubble bath. And while I didn’t magically feel better, I was able to smile and enjoy the rest of our evening together.

I know I’m supposed to be raising them to be well-rounded adults who can appreciate the beauty in life… but sometimes they’re reminding me to stop and do that very thing. I mean, bubble bath goatees? When was the last time you gave yourself a bubble bath goatee?

Wouldn’t this life be a happier place if we all took time for bubble bath goatees?