Magazines That Our Kids Like

We’re a magazine-subscribing family. I like receiving stuff in the mail. Magazines are good “stuff” to receive because they often bring about great articles, advice and ideas. Do you know who else likes receiving stuff in the mail? BigBrother does! While his relatives are sure to send him things on holidays, that leaves quite a few non-mail days for the boy who likes to sit on the front porch and wait for the mail carrier to bring him something special.

I started subscribing him to magazines last year. We’ve now got three coming to the house, one for LittleBrother and two for BigBrother, that we all absolutely adore. I thought I’d take today to tell you about these favorites of ours in case you were pondering a magazine subscription for your child.

First and foremost, Highlights High Five deserves a high five from this mom. Seriously. Written for the 2-6 year olds among us, it is a perfect starter magazine. I found out about the magazine this past summer from my aunt who had subscribed for her youngest daughter. After giving it a look through, I decided to give it a go. I haven’t been disappointed. BigBrother hasn’t been disappointed either. He loves reading the little stories and looking at the pages that have either “silly” things or “hidden things.” Highlights is known for their hidden pictures (books, magazines, calendars) and their High Five magazine has a “First Hidden Pictures” page with easier to find hidden things. Easier to find means that not only can I find them but so can BigBrother. It’s all very win.


(Also, Northwest Mom Finds is giving away a subscription to Highlights High Five. The giveaway ends on February 26 so get on over and enter!)

Next up is one that I always wanted to subscribe to as a kid but no one ever got for me because I was a girl (boo at gender roles): Your Big Backyard! Brought to you by the National Wildlife Federation, it is geared toward the 3-7 age group. And, gosh, I love animals. So does BigBrother. So far we have learned about animals that we both knew about but didn’t know much about and animals we didn’t know existed. We have learned about baby animals, big animals and some great facts about those animals. BigBrother likes when we read the pages together but he also likes looking at the pictures of real animals and asking me questions that I don’t always know the answers to without googling.

Of course, as we can’t leave LittleBrother out, I subscribed him to Animal Baby by the same company who brought us Your Big Backyard. It says it is written for the 0-4 age range (though I can say that BigBrother honestly prefers Your BigBackyard to Animal Baby). Made similarly to Babybug, it is a small, board book sized magazine made of thicker paper. While rippable, the pages do not rip if stepped on or thrown across the room. (What? Your kids never step on books and magazines or throw them when they’re done? Really? Okay. Mine don’t either…) While LittleBrother is still relatively young, he does like to sit and read and the stories in Animal Baby are short enough to keep his interest. There are learning opportunities for this younger set such as matching, letters and making the movements of the animals. We really like reading these when they arrive.

We used to receive Babybug (but with the economy being what it is, we did not renew our subscription). We have also looked at and considered some other magazines but, for the time being, we’re pleased with these three. Do your kids subscribe to any magazines? What are your favorites?

[Speaking of magazines, tune in tomorrow for some big, big news about one of my favorite magazines!]


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Our Service Project for Mom It Forward

PhotobucketAfter some editing issues (software updates taking forever) and some uploading issues (YouTube hates me, I prefer Google video), our vlog for the Mom It Forward service project is uploaded, processed and live! (And viewable on the Mom It Forward YouTube group as well!) I thought it would never happen.

Briefly: we (our family) decided to gather some friends (real life and blogging) together to make a sizeable donation of “stuff” to our city’s brand new pregnancy center. We had over 600 diapers, a bunch of wipes, bags upon bags of clothes, two playmats (one was brand new), an infant car seat and, well, the list goes on. We chose this organization because of my previous experience with an unplanned pregnancy. (For those not in the know, you can read about my adoption story at The Chronicles of Munchkin Land.)

Enough with the written word. Let’s listen to my strangely young sounding voice.


And there you have it!

As an added note since the “filming” of this vlog: I have been contacted about volunteering as a counselor for mothers who come through the center. Helping mothers make well-informed decisions about all aspects of this topic has been a huge passion of mine for years and being able to help in our city is… well, it makes me feel like I belong here.

And, so, a big thank you to Mom It Forward for encouraging us all to give back to our communities. I’ve been meaning to do something like this for far too long and it feels good to know that I’m right where I need to be at this point in time.