Where Have We Been?

One of my friends called me on the phone today to make sure I was okay. You know, since I haven’t updated the blog since Tuesday. At least I know that if I ever am kidnapped, people will start to notice that the blog is neglected after three days time.

It’s been a crazy week. Since the announcement of FireDad’s running in Redbook’s Hottest Husband contest, we’ve been kind of busy. I mean, with the normal stuff (school, chorale, church, friends and work for both of us) and with some, well, other things as well.


As an example, FireDad had to get his hair cut (he was looking, as BigBrother says, shaggy) because the local newspaper called. Why? They wanted to do a photoshoot and an article for the paper. After FireDad convinced the photographer that the shirtless look was not appropriate due to the older people who support our department, the final result was quite nice. You can view the article on our newspaper’s site. And, yes, I’ll be honest. I purchased ten additional copies to the one that we receive. To be fair, the majority of these are being sent to parents and grandparents. But two or three will stay in house. One to keep whole in the hope chest, one to cut up for the fridge and one to cut up for the scrapbook. Also? Above the fold, front page news? He’s so handsome. (Have you voted: http://tinyurl.com/vote4JoshuaH)

We’ve been dealing with some illness (colds, random puking). And end of the month deadlines on my part. And, to be honest, this post has taken me all day to write due to random interruptions and parenting and general craziness. Now that the children are finally in bed, my plans are to clean, finish up laundry, finish up work and play some video games. Oh, and sleep.

We’re here. We’re well. We’re alive. More next week. I promise.


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8 Replies to “Where Have We Been?”

    1. @Jenny, Yes, I thought it was written by another fire fighter as well. In fact, looking at the grammar and the dry humor, I can almost guess which one wrote it. Oh, those guys. I love them.

  1. Well. I think Josh-in-the-newspaper is a great reason for the busyness. The article is wonderful and yes, I did vote for him.

    Sorry about the illnesses, though.

    And I can’t help it, but I really really (yes, really) hope Josh wins that contest because I really really (yes, REALLY) want you guys to get that vacation. I won’t even be jealous.

    OK, that last sentence is a total lie. I’ll be a little jealous, but I’ll get over it because you two are some of the coolest people on the planet EVER. :)

    Judys last blog post..A.’s calling hours

  2. So far I have voted for him from home, from the car dealership while I waited for my car to be fixed, I voted from work, I sent the link to 10 of my friends and told them to JUST VOTE. (which all 10 did) I went to my parents yesterday I voted them. I went to the library today and logged onto the computer for 2 minutes to vote. So that’s 15 votes – I don’t think I have any other places to vote! LOL. But if I happen to be somewhere where I can steal a comp for 2 mins I’ll vote more!

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