Our Service Project for Mom It Forward

PhotobucketAfter some editing issues (software updates taking forever) and some uploading issues (YouTube hates me, I prefer Google video), our vlog for the Mom It Forward service project is uploaded, processed and live! (And viewable on the Mom It Forward YouTube group as well!) I thought it would never happen.

Briefly: we (our family) decided to gather some friends (real life and blogging) together to make a sizeable donation of “stuff” to our city’s brand new pregnancy center. We had over 600 diapers, a bunch of wipes, bags upon bags of clothes, two playmats (one was brand new), an infant car seat and, well, the list goes on. We chose this organization because of my previous experience with an unplanned pregnancy. (For those not in the know, you can read about my adoption story at The Chronicles of Munchkin Land.)

Enough with the written word. Let’s listen to my strangely young sounding voice.


And there you have it!

As an added note since the “filming” of this vlog: I have been contacted about volunteering as a counselor for mothers who come through the center. Helping mothers make well-informed decisions about all aspects of this topic has been a huge passion of mine for years and being able to help in our city is… well, it makes me feel like I belong here.

And, so, a big thank you to Mom It Forward for encouraging us all to give back to our communities. I’ve been meaning to do something like this for far too long and it feels good to know that I’m right where I need to be at this point in time.


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8 Replies to “Our Service Project for Mom It Forward”

  1. I just discovered a pregnancy center in our area from an announcement in our church bulletin last weekend! I looked them up and they are really doing great things. I just need to get my bottom to the attic and collect all the baby items that I’m not going to use anymore to donate to them. :-)

  2. Holy weird. I just realized I’ve never heard your voice before. I mean, in short spurts of videos of Big Brother (or Little Brother) but not really. It’s different than I imagined! :-) Great job. I’m sure the pregnancy center really appreciates all of those donations.

  3. Awesome project!!! You really got a lot of “stuff” together. I am very impressed. We were just at my ILs house and when we go away I am always reminded of all the stuff we have for our baby.

    1. @Upstatemomof3; Yes, we had a bunch of stuff. And that’s actually parsed down from what we personally had as we gave all of my maternity and some other things (a stroller, etc) to a neighbor.

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