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I was privileged to be a part of a web conference with Thom Felicia. Don’t know Thom? I don’t know how! Thom is an interior designer, author and host of Dress My Nest! He’s just a man about town. During the web conference, I learned a bit about organization, decorating and other stuff that I simply am not good at doing.

One tip that I liked, mainly because it told me that I was doing something right with my total lack of decorating ability, was that a toy corner in your living room was fine. (Thank goodness! Remember my lamenting the addition of a toy corner? I’m not a total failure!) Thom then went on to talk about how rooms/space that were off-limit to kids taught them more about cleaning up and such. Apparently Thom has not been to our small house. That said, for the most part, our bedroom is off limit to the kids. Unless I’m too sick and tired to move from bed and it is a day that FireDad is at work… then we play in my bed all day. You make it work when you have to, ya know?

All the same, I learned quite a few things (some of which are in his new book) that I hope to implement in the next five months. I’m pretty sure that Thom would have a near coronary if he found out that we’ve lived her for over three years and I still don’t have proper window treatments in the living room. Gosh, I could use his expertise.

Which is why I entered the Room-a-Day Giveaway. Have you? You should. You can enter now through March 6th. Go do it!

But before you do, I’d like to give you a chance to pre-win. You know, just in case you actually win the big-big prize. (In which case, please have Thom order you an extra pair of curtains and send them to me, okay? Thanks.) But seriously, I have a great prize pack to offer up. It just arrived today and it’s pretty nice!

First and foremost is Thom’s new book, Style. I’d keep it for myself but, let’s face it, I’m a lost cause when it comes to decorating. Unless I win the room-a-day sweepstakes, I’m just sorely out of luck in this department. Here’s the book itself:

See? It just looks too swanky for me, doesn’t it? Hopefully our winner will take pity on me and come decorate my house.

And then, up next, we have a big bag full of goodies from Kimberly-Clark, the co-hosts of the Room-A-Day Giveaway! What’s in the bag? We’ll let’s see.

1 Roll of Kleenex Viva Paper Towels, 1 package Cottonelle Fresh Flushable Moist Wipes, 1 box Kleenex Expressions, 1 package Poise Pads, 1 package Kotex Pads, 1 bottle Huggies Soft Skin Shea Butter with Oatmeal Wash, 1 package Huggies Supreme Thick and Clean wipes, 1 package Kleenex Anti-Viral tissues, 1 roll Scott Extra Soft toilet paper. (LittleBrother’s hand not included in winner’s prize package.)

That’s a bunch of stuff! Of note: LittleBrother grabbed the small package of tissues and ran with them. If they arrive at our winner’s house smelling of pretzel stick spit, please accept my most humble of apologies. One of the tricks of working from home is trying to keep the kids off of my work. I sometimes fail. Do forgive! (That said, they’re anti-viral so you should be fine, right?!)


So, how do you win these nice prizes? It’s simple. You help ME!


(Check out all that snow outside. Goodness.)

I’m embarrassed that it’s not a very big window and, if we had the money (gee, thanks economy), we’d replace it with a double-width window. But, right now, this is the window that stays. We have blinds because we don’t like people on our street being able to see into our home. Other than that, I need help. How to create the illusion of something bigger, grander, without creating a hazzard? (Meaning, drapes to the floor might not be the best idea with a three year old and a one year old, right? Or is it okay? I have no clue. Help.)

And so, please leave a comment with what you would do to our living room window. Note that the colors in our living room are various blues and we do not plan on changing the coloring anytime soon. (Our walls are a light beige.) If you could, oh, make it affordable, I’d be grateful. Pictures and links to specific ideas are not necessary but would be highly appreciated. So, of coruse, the rules.

1. One comment (with an idea for the window) per person.

2. You can receive one extra entry by tweeting the contest. Just copy paste this into your twitter account and then return here to leave a separate comment with the link to your singular twitter (not your twitter name). To grab the URL for the singular tweet, click on the “time” in which you posted (2 minutes ago, as an example) and grab the URL that way. Copy/paste this:

Win with Thom Felicia & Kimberly-Clark at Stop, Drop & Blog!

And that’s it!

The giveaway will be open through Saturday, February 7, 2009. One random winner will be chosen via and contacted via email immediately. And hopefully, in the next month or so, I will post pictures of my new window. (Note: I don’t have to “do” what the random winner has suggested. I mean, what if it was something I hated! Ha!)

Don’t forget to enter the Room-a-Day Giveaway while you’re at it! Now get to decorating my window, please.


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18 Replies to “Room-a-Day Giveaway + A Giveaway Here!”

  1. I had a similar issue, only having one window in our living room. I chose to do a roman shade, mounted inside the frame of the window.

    So I would buy something like this in a shade of blue. Take down the blind and put this up.

    In addition you’ll notice this particular shade in insulate, helping in the winter to keep the cold out. I notice a difference when I open the shade vs when it’s closed.

    Having the roman shade there in a dark blue color will also help to make the window look larger and stand out in the room, instead of being washed out in the beige color of the wall.

    I personally don’t like curtains – they collect too much dust, get washed out in odd patterns by the sun, and don’t offer the privacy I want. So if I have to use a blind anyway for privacy, why not get something like a blind but nicer?

    Good Luck!

  2. Now, understand my windows have no treatments either. So, I probably should not be giving advice but you asked so .. here is what I would do. I would goo to the fabric store and buy fabric that went in your living room. Then I would make a valance out of it. I would make a valance that was poofy (fill it with newspaper – be sure to sew the ends shut so no one sees the news paper :) ). I would also buy new blinds that match the fabric (so it might take a few trips between stores until you find matching things). I don’t know if that is what you want but that is what I would do. But then again all my windows have nothing so what do I know?

  3. Here’s my input (with Hilary’s help of course! She’s the domestic goddess in our household)

    To make the window look bigger, buy an elaborate curtain rod that is wider then the window. The hang 2 panels of drapes (pre-made or go buy fabric: hem all four sides and then re-hem the top to make a tunnel to slide the bar through.) The get hold back hooks to use to keep the fabric open. A quick search of a big Box “W” store shows that you can get a rod and 2 hold back hooks for under $30. Make sure that the fabric/drape that you get is wider then you need to just cover the window, so it gathers, making it all look bigger and grander. I would also go for a dark blue, so that it’s eye catching against the beige walls.

    If you can get/make tab drapes, you can also hang the rod much higher then the window, giving it the look of being even taller. Like this:

    The length can be just slightly past the bottom of the window, it doesn’t have to go all the way to the floor. It can be a safety hazard for kids, because they like to hide behind them and can pull it down on themselves. And I’m sure a fire conscious family like yours would know not to have drapes that hang near baseboard heaters.

    Good luck! I can’t wait to see the final look that you go with!

    andys last blog post..Day 4 and…..

  4. My room has smallish windows, and I love the treatment on them. I have a 2-rod curtain rod, the inside rod is smaller and on that we put a light blue panel (it’s kind of sheer, but I’m not sure that matters) and on the outside bigger rod, we put 2 lacey curtains- 1 per side. So basically when you look at my window its lace-blue-lace which gives the illusion that it’s bigger because there’s dimension/depth to it. IMHO. Good luck on finding what you want!

  5. I would hang a curtain Above the window with the bottom of the curtain just coming below the top trim so it appears the window is larger. You can always put molding below the window and put fake panes painting the back blue which also make the window look bigger but just hanging a valance say a 15″ valance 12″ above the window will do the trick. I have this same problem in my bedroom with what look like crank out “basement size” windows I did this trick and the illusion is wonderful!

  6. First of all, is the cord for the blind single or double? In other words does the cord make a loop, which could be a strangulation hazard for a young child. If it is one loop, then cut the end to make two single stands. This is a pet peeve of mine. Safety first, decor second.

    That said, I think the best treatment for your window would be a valance that is in a color that accents the colors of your room. It does not need to match. Try Home Depot or even Target for ready-made valances. I bought one for my family room from Home Depot. I chose dark blue. The fabric is stiff so that the valance “stands up.” I rarely wash it…just vacuum it or use the Swiffer duster on it.

    A valance would be high enough off the ground to be out of reach of the children. The blind probably blocks out the morning or afternoon sun, so I would keep the blind.

    If you are going to keep the picture to the right of the window, I would put a picture or two to the left of the window for balance. Perhaps a pair of frames — one each of LB and BB.

    I will RT later and repost the url. Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. Oh, so many other commenters have gone with the same idea I had! I wish I could see the whole room….but I think with your household it would be awesome to go with a denim roman shade in that window. If you need more light, you could just paint the walls, but I think you want more punch than that.

    I would also suggest giving a little more punch of color to your walls – nothing too wild and crazy. Perhaps a toasted wheat colored paint….something brown and homey feeling, but not too dark. I did this in our family room (which has dark denim curtains and a blue couch) and I love the result. Paint is a really inexpensive fix with high impact. It will make the white trim and your window treatment stand out more.

    I would not suggest red paint, as this room will be busy enough and you need a cocoon for your family, not a room that gets your little boys revved up. I like the look of red, white and blue, though. It could be a nice accent with pillows or a throw. You could even add a little of it in a ribbon trim on your roman shade.

    Good luck deciding. The big thing you want to do is make your home reflect you and your family. What do you want to project in this space? If you haven’t read it yet, consider the book “House Thinking” by Winifred Gallagher. It explores the psychology of rooms in our house and how they affect us.

  8. For your window I could get those curtain rods that hold two sets of curtains. Get a pair of sheers for privacy for the set closest to the window. Don’t get long ones, just ones that reach the bottom of the window (I think like 54 inches in standard) Then for the other set get a nice quality curtain that reaches, or comes close, the floor. This makes the window look pretty grand and special and makes the window in general look longer/larger than it is. When you put up the curtain rods you want to attach them not ON the window but several inches away from the side and above the top of the window so once again it gives the appearance that it’s larger than it is.

  9. I am terrible at decorating so don’t laugh. ;-) I would do a roman shade or maybe a rattan or bamboo shade? Thanks for your giveaway and have a nice day!

  10. I’m not a big fan of horizontal blinds because of the cleaning. I’ve always wanted to make a fabric covered roller shade because you can choose your own fabric and when you don’t want to see it anymore, you just roll up the shade for awhile.
    Here’s one tutorial for making your own fabric window shade:,2041,DIY_14044_2269110,00.html

    Then I’d top it off with a plain pleated swag valance at the top maybe with some of the shade fabric as an accent.

    Michelles last blog post..I adore Flor

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