I Bought a Real Toy Box

I just showed you a picture of our new toy box. Let me rephrase: our first ever “real” toy box. Until now, we have gotten by with a soft-sided, collapsable toy box that was shaped like a fire truck. It sat in our living room so that the boys could have toys upstairs as well as in their playroom. In the playroom, they had two stacks of drawers to keep certain toys separated (examples: fire trucks in one drawer, dinosaurs in another). And has worked for us.

Until now.

I wrote just yesterday about the biggest toy hits with the boys (and some with us as well). That, of course, doesn’t begin to cover what I am referring to as the Christmas 2008 Toysplosion. You see, FireDad and I purchased what we deemed to be an appropriate amount of both educational and pure-fun toys for TheBrothers. The problem? Everyone else purchased what they also thought to be an appropriate amount of educational and pure-fun toys as well. In fact, one family member admitted to “over-buying.” This resulted in the Christmas 2008 Toysplosion.


In an online community a month or so ago, someone (without children) asked how and/or why parents are “surprised” by how many toys their children own. This individual couldn’t understand the problem. It is, quite simply, due to birthdays and other holidays and the number of relatives a child happens to have (which, by the way, TheBrothers are blessed with a very large number of relatives). We even went through the boys’ toys prior to their birthdays and again prior to Christmas and separated out those that were no longer age-appropriate, in working order or simply weren’t played with all that often. And it made absolutely no difference. I even left some of the new toys in the box to pull out on future rainy days as a means of surprise (especially considering the boys’ birthdays fall right before Christmas so there are no other official gift giving opportunities throughout the year). Again, no difference.

I looked at the huge mound of toys on Christmas day evening. It was clear. The tree was going to have to come down early and I was going to have to bite the bullet: I was going to have to buy a real toy box. I looked at prices online, sucked it up and bought one in the next city over. We took down the tree. And we now have a toy corner. In our living room. Which is something I never thought I would do. But I seem to have done. Don’t judge me. I like having the boys in the room with us.

Someday I will have a living room that is decorated with… wait, what do people decorate with if it isn’t toys? I mean, at least the toy box was the Little Tikes Americana one and matches our living room, right? Do I get bonus points for matching the toy box to our colors? Do I? Someone say yes, please.

All the same, I’m please to finally have a real toy box. I think. And, yes, BigBrother has already climbed in and LittleBrother has dropped the lid on his head. Fun times, I tell you. Fun times.


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7 Replies to “I Bought a Real Toy Box”

  1. DEFINITE bonus points for coordinating the toy box to match your LR! Ours does, too. I NEVER thought we’d have a toy corner in our LR, either….but we love it for the same reasons as you! It is so cool to have them right there with us…their stuff mixed with our stuff….makes me all warm and fuzzy! Lol. Great purchase….but the cover dropping on the head is a problem here, too…hehehhee.

  2. Wow. I can’t even remember what it was like to be able to fit most of the toys in a toybox or two. We are absolutely overrun with kid stuff.

  3. Girl, please. You are fully entitled to a toy corner in your living space. My entire front room (formerly known as the “formal living room”, AKA never used space) simply got taken over gradually by toys and stuff until it just became, of necessity, Bean’s Play Room.

    I figure 90% of the people who come over will have kids, and understand. And anyone who doesn’t can bite my Buzz Lightyear. Heh.

    Cocos last blog post..Three Is a Magic Number

  4. I am about to consign our second of two Little Tikes toy boxes. The toy boxes at one time held toys, but lately hold stuffed animals. This time last year we had two full toy boxes of stuffed animals…yes, you read that right, TWO. I have gone through a gradual process of purging. Of my three children, the oldest daughter really doesn’t love stuffed animals, the middle daughter wants to keep everything, and the youngest loves some, but not others.

    I have had the toy boxes in every room of the house, except the bathrooms. I did not use the toy box lids at all…my oldest liked to stand on the lid when she was little and would slip. I also would caution you to not place toys that need batteries in the bottom of the toy box. There is nothing worse than (1) pulling out a toy that no longer works because a heavier toy has rested on top of it or (2) hearing an odd sound at night that you cannot identify or find due to said toy ebing buried in toy box.

    I have fond memories of my 2-year-old spending most of her birthday party sitting in the new toy box. We had too many people in our house and she was overwhelmed. Her best friend climbed in the toy box to keep her company.

    Mom on the Runs last blog post..Giveaway and Love Thursday

  5. Apparently we have the same relatives. I just wish they could understand that we don’t actually want our children to be overindulged and drowning in toys. AND, that we occasionally like to choose something for our kids, too. A toy box is on the way… our living room has long since been turned into toy central, with a large bookcase of toys and a train table. Not only that, but a huge blue playmat. I’ve given up decorating this room until the kids can play by themselves in their own rooms…

    Christys last blog post..Four Christmases and a Funeral

  6. I can relate to the surprise at the number of toys owned! I have a hard time getting rid of th old ones, thinking someone else’s younger child might want to play with something here some time, or (even though it won’t happen) if I ever had another child…..

    After Christmas in our house we let the toyfest bleed outside of the family room and into our used-to-be-formal-so-no-longer-used living room. There, the farm-themed items reside, rural to the “city toys”….

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