The Christmas Gifts Getting the Most Use

It’s been a few days now. Certain gifts have been tossed aside by both BigBrother and LittleBrother alike. You know, like clothes. They are, however, also fighting over certain gifts. I thought I would share the few that are definite hits in the FireFamily household.

Hits with BigBrother

Other than his bed, BigBrother is digging his Dinoco Helicopter from the movie Cars. It was the only thing that he asked for this year: a blue helicopter. He was enthralled with it on Christmas morning. It had to travel with us on Christmas Day. It went with him to visit Papau and Yia Yia this weekend and rode with him, in his seat, on his way back home. It is rather noisy, I admit, but it also makes me smile. (Recommended for ages 4-8 due to small pieces.)

Second in the love line is the Fisher-Price Little People Fire Truck Ball Pit (that I mentioned in one of our fire fighter themed gift guides). In fact, this is greatly loved by both boys. I will admit that the 25 balls that come with the ball pit are not enough to cover your foot and, as such, you need to get more balls. We have 100 more in there now and it seems to be enough (though I could probably fit another 100 in there just fine). BigBrother loves this fire truck. He likes driving and pretending that Fire Pup is sitting next to him (as he is painted on one window). LittleBrother loves climbing in and out. This was a dual hit.

Hits with LittleBrother

As you can see in this picture, LittleBrother loves his Vtech Sit to Stand Alphabet Train. I’m really liking it as well even if it doesn’t have volume control. (I really like when toys offer two options for volume. It’s my sanity switch.) All the same, he likes putting the letter blocks into the engine and watching them shoot into the caboose. I think that in itself is doing wonders for his manual dexterity because he also, probably the day after Christmas, was able to put money into his piggy bank. Yay for toys that aid in development! BigBrother also likes this toy and has been telling LittleBrother all about the letters. A bit above him, yes, but right now sitting, riding, pushing and playing with blocks are acceptable as well. (Recommended for ages 12 months – 3 years.)


He also likes his Playskool Wheel Pals Triple Track Tower (that’s a mouthful). This was a gift from someone and, I must say, a good one. LittleBrother will play with it without sound, just simply enjoying sending the cars flying with a press of a button. BigBrother insists on sound. I’ve had to help LittleBrother learn how to place the cars but he even enjoys when they tumble down sideways. He’s rather easy to please. (Recommended for 12 months – 3 years.)

Hits with FireDad

I’m sure that his answer will eventually be his laptop. But it’s being sent off for return and repair due to a backlighting issue (or lack thereof). So, right now? Call of Duty: World at War for Wii (with the shot gun thing) is his favorite. (A small note: no, he doesn’t play it when children are awake in the house.) I would like to brag a second about this gift. Three days before Christmas, he was talking about it. He hadn’t mentioned it before but he was suddenly raving over it and how someone at work said it was awesome. As he is telling me all of this, I logged into Amazon, put it in my cart (along with the gun thing), used a gift certificate, used my free Prime shipping and smiled and nodded at him the whole time. I’m rather sneaky.

Hits with FireMom

I’ll be honest. I’m pretty easy when it comes to gifts. But my favorite gift this year? (And I got some really nice things, folks.) It’s a laundry basket. With reinforced handles. No, I’m serious. Not only do I now have enough baskets for my laundering needs but this one is now my haul-up-and-down-the-steps-to-the-laundry-room basket. You know, since it has reinforced handles and isn’t all broken and, therefore, doesn’t fold in half when I try to pick it up and hold it against my hip. The lack of folding in half, of course, allows the clothes to stay in all the way up the steps. It’s a miracle!

There were many, many other toys and books and articles of clothing and games and so on. In fact, we’re going to have to make a new rule about presents and birthday/Christmas season for next year. But more on that tomorrow.


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3 Replies to “The Christmas Gifts Getting the Most Use”

  1. Sounds like everyone made out well! I got a Wii this year and have been enjoying it A LOT (although my boyfriend is an Xbox-only kind of guy, so I may have to turn him with some games like Call of Duty and a shot gun thing.) :-) I love your pictures of the boys – perfect Christmas present shots (and adorable pajamas).

  2. So cute!

    You cracked me up with the laundry basket love. That is SO me. I am totally the one who squees over new! natural! cleaning products!

    Happy New Year to my very favorite Fire Family.

  3. lol about the laundry basket. My favorite present was a Swivel Sweeper. It’s just a silly little stick sweeper, but it’s already made my life so much easier. I love that little contraption.

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