Spread Some Holiday Cheer: Elf Someone

I am awful at keeping track of my cell phone and its accessories. This weekend, I left my charger in the nursery at church. I ran in to get it before dashing off to my last Christmas concert performance. I managed to leave the charger in the truck. And so, yesterday evening, when my phone finally died, I pleaded with FireDad to go out into the cold and retrieve it for me. I may or may not have used weapons like pouting and batting my eyelashes. Whatever the case, he was a nice guy and went out to get it. When he returned, he came in with a large Christmas gift bag that contained, well, all of this:

Contents of bag: two Christmas coloring books (one Sesame Street and one Peanuts!!), two reindeer stuffed animals, two ornaments, one snowman picture holder, one snowman paddle ball, one snowman hand towel, one card making kit that makes two cards, window clings, a snowman note pad and a bag filled with lots of yummy candy.

FireDad and I were both pleased, surprised and touched. (I was also secretly pleased with my inability to keep track of my cell phone accessories which caused FireDad to go into the cold and find the bag on our front porch.) We don’t really know who sent it. FireDad did receive a phone call shortly after he returned inside with the bag from a blocked phone number, informing him to get “the bag” off the porch before it got ruined. They then promptly hung up. (Can you imagine how afraid we might have been if we didn’t know what the guy was talking about?)

All the same, the gift also came with this letter:

The air is cold, the time is here,
Time that is to spread some cheer.

This bag of treats is yours to keep,
Holiday spirit on the cheap.

To give is better than to receive,
I hope this helps you to Believe,

An “elf” brought this to you and yours,
Now it’s your turn to darken doors.

First, hang the Christmas clings for us to view,
That way we know “who got you”

Next, the task is fairly simple, see,
Just deliver some goodies secretly,

Include some clings and trinkets of your own
To a friend or stranger’s home.

Don’t forget this instruction sheet,
So the others know to treat,

I hope you have a Merry Christmas
And a very Happy New Year.

And, so, there you have it. We’ve been elfed. I simply can’t stop grinning about it. I’ve heard rumors that things like this happen but we’ve never been on the receiving end of such a beautiful gesture. (Honestly? I’m getting weepy right now.) The fact that someone took the time to provide a little something for my boys and for FireDad and I (because, let’s face it, we’re going to eat that candy!) is just so touching.

This has just been another beautiful reminder of how truly blessed we are, something I took the time to discuss last week. We’ve always been very thankful for the friends who have come into our lives. And, today, we continue to give thanks for small, heartfelt gestures like this one that let us know that someone out there cares enough to take a little time and spread some cheer.

I’m heading out to do some shopping for the family whom we will be elfing this year. I say this year because it is something I’d like to see our family take on every year. We haven’t finalized, just yet, whom we will be surprising with a bag of goodies but we’re excited at the simple idea of making some family smile.

At that, I encourage you to elf someone this year. Yes, the economy is not that great. Yes, you’ll likely have to spend a few dollars. But, bringing a smile to someone else’s face while knowing that these are touch economic times seems all the more right, doesn’t it?

Go spread some cheer! Now if only I had an elf costume

Also, this is an edit: I got linked to the GNO Party for today which is featuring Random Acts of Kindness. And as FireDad dashed off into the night with our bag of goodies, I left our link on the post describing this RAK! Do you have one? Blog about it tonight and leave your link on the post over there and spread some random acts of kindness. I’ve received so many nice comments about this idea. So, please, come back and let me know if you have Elfed someone this year. I’d love to see someone’s Random Act of Kidness toward our family spread across the world. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Spread it!

17 replies on “Spread Some Holiday Cheer: Elf Someone”

Oh My Gosh. That is so cool. We did that for Halloween. I never thought of it for Christmas. I guess I know what I will be doing tonight.

This is such a fun idea. True spirit of making someone’s day bright! I’m going to share with the kids tonight and we will figure out who we want to Elf. Want to do it quickly.

We do that for friends and family on Halloween, Christmas, and Easter. They always know that it is us, because we’re very tell-tale in what we leave XD

We’ve also left them for some people in need, but we avoid leaving candy/food for people we don’t know, and go with coloring books/decorations. Glad you got Elf’d C:

That is pretty awesome. I’m going to do this to a neighbor who I think might be a little lonely this year. As a matter of fact I’m going to do this to 2 people, one for each of my boys! :) Thanks for sharing!!!

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