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Life is Good: When You Have Too Many Family Members

I frequently complain about how we have to split up the holidays. As we live two hours from my family, we can’t hit all of FireDad’s family and all of my family on single holidays. As such, we start planning ahead of time as to where we are going on each holiday. This year we spent Thanksgiving with my family. And so we will be spending the Christmas days (Eve and Day) splitting the holiday amongst FireDad’s family.

This can get hectic. And it’s hard to travel back and forth with small children at times. No kid likes to stop playing with gifts they have received from one grandparent, put on a bulky coat and go to another’s house. And I like to sleep when my belly is full, so putting on my own coat and traveling down the road isn’t my own idea of supreme fun either.

As I was grumping and grouching about this before Thanksgiving rolled around, it finally struck me how truly lucky we are in this way. In essence, I was complaing that… we have too many family members.

This seems like something absolutely silly to complain about when written out in that fashion, doesn’t it?

As you may recall, I lost my first grandparent, my grandfather, this past September. His absence was noted on Thanksgiving day as we sat at the table. And as Christmas rolls around, the grandfather who looked so much like Santa is even more deeply missed. All the same, as lucky as I have been, these two little boys are even luckier. They have: two maternal grandparents, two maternal paternal great-grandparents, one maternal maternal great-grandmother, one maternal maternal maternal great-great-grandmother, one paternal grandmother, one paternal grandfather and step-grandmother, two paternal paternal great-grandparents, and one paternal maternal great-grandmother. Then there are aunts, uncles and a long string of great-aunts and great-uncles. And cousins, 1st cousins once removed and 2nd cousins.

I mean, I still have a great-grandmother. Who is healthier than the lot of us combined, folks! We are so very blessed!

And so, this holiday, and hopefully forever in the future, I hope to be less grumbly about traipsing from house to house. I hope to put on my coat with a smile, give a warm of hug of true thanks and make my way to the next house. Someday I hope to host holidays for my great-grandchildren. Or even my great-great. We are so blessed in this way to be five generations deep on one side. To have so many people to love us, to love TheBrothers. To have a place to go to celebrate a holiday, a birthday, a summer day, anything. To be able to call anyone family. And we celebrate that blessing in our lives this year.

Life is good when you have too many family members.

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Ain’t that the truth. We have no family near us. Christmas, for us, is
without any family. It makes me very sad.
But when we fly thousands of miles in the summer, I end up complaining about
having too many people to fit in.
I’m gonna take your lead and stop complaining.
Life IS good and we have loads of people to share it with. Even if we don’t
get our family at Christmas.

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Sorry to hear about your grandparent. Just this past October I lost my second grandparent on my dad’s side. I lost my grandmother several years ago. Christmas wasn’t really the same after that.

My family and my husband’s family live TEN HOURS apart, and every year so far, we’ve gone to both places! There are going to be a lot of unhappy family members when some kidlets enter the picture and we tell everyone that our kids are going to wake up in their own house on Christmas Day. It’s exhausting to travel all week, and there is no way I’m doing that with kids!

You hit that right on – the holidays are all about family and friends.
What what a super thing to have to ‘complain’ about.

Sorry to hear about your grandfather – time helps soften the hurt,
but it truly never disappears. I found that I remember my mother at
Christmas by sharing stories of some of the wonderful and/or funny things she did
with my dh and sons – that really helps.

I only wish I knew how that felt…no sob story intended, but because there is no family (besides hubby, the kids and I) it kind of gets sappy at times.

My husbands family died 9 years ago (1 month apart); father and mother…no siblings.
My family (2 sisters and my mother) disowned me, my children and my husband because we “weren’t at the same level of Christianity” they beleived we should have been. So when it comes to the holidays we get kind of depressed. We try to stay happy for the kids and everything, you know, showing our happy faces to them but when it’s just my husband and I, it’s enough to bring us tears. We are just sad because the one thing we want more than anything is family. We want, need and miss that family gathering during the holidays.

I am sorry to hear about the loss. I lost my father 19 years ago (at age 16).

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and Happy New year!!!!
-barbarabaker :)

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