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Stop, Drop & Spread That Holiday Magic

As I mentioned before, I am one of the 50 blogs participating in the amazing HP Magic Giveaway. In case you forgot, you can win $6000.00 worth of HP & Microsoft gear. I’m serious. See it?

(More on the specs here.)

And I know I’ve taunted you with dates. And made you guess. And wonder. And wait. But I’ve been nice and continued to link to live giveaways. But guess what? It’s our turn! That’s right! Stop, Drop & Blog is now LIVE with our HP Magic Giveaway! Sound the alarm! Roll out the hose! It’s a four alarm giveaway, folks!

First and foremost, I need to tell you this: while our giveaway is based on a random chance, I want you guys to understand the reason our site decided to participate in such an amazing giveaway. I’ve been blogging all this week about the reasons we are so grateful this holiday season. I will continue to do so throughout the rest of this week. FireDad and I have recognized how truly blessed we have been in the past few years. We have two healthy, happy children. We have a house. We are having a Christmas of our own. We are in love with one another and with our family. We are so blessed. And as such, we want to share that feeling with your family. But we don’t want that feeling to stop there.

We know that we wouldn’t be as blessed as we are if people wouldn’t have taken time to share things with us along the way. The table my parents gave to us when we got our first apartment. The meals the ladies of the church brought to us after LittleBrother was born and I didn’t have enough time to shower let alone cook a healthy meal. The leads for freelancing jobs that others have shared with me because they felt that I would be best suited. The friendship others have extended to us over the years. Without those little bits of sharing, we wouldn’t quite be the family that we are today. And that’s why we believe so intently in the true meaning behind this contest: sharing the magic. While we can’t demand that our winner share the package with anyone, we’d really like to promote that idea. I won’t tell you who and how to share but I will delete all entries that say, “Gimme gimme.” I reserve the right to do so!

All that said: I’ll need you to visit the whole list of rules for the giveaway, of course, but here’s the rundown on how to enter!

1. Leave a comment on this post explaining what winning this package would mean to you and your family in these tough economic times and how your sharing of this package would contribute to the true meaning of the season. This counts as one entry. You may only leave one entry in this fashion. IP addresses are recorded. Obvious spoof IPs will be disqualified.

2. Tweet this contest with this tinyurl ( ) and the hashtag #SDBGiveaway. You may tweet up to twice per day. Come back to this post and paste the URL of each individual tweet you post. (I will check every single one at the end of the contest so do not delete.) Each tweet, up to two per day, will count as one entry. (How to get the URL of each individual tweet? Click on the “time” that your tweet was entered. It follows your actual tweet. “3 minutes ago” is an example.) And, not necessary, but feel free to add me on twitter. I’m FireMom!

3. Digg, Stumble or otherwise promote this contest via some form of social media (other than the twitter entry above). Come back to this post and paste the URL of each individual promotion along with your username in case things get confusing. Each promotion will count as one entry. One promotion per social media site.

4. Blog about this contest on your public blog telling your readers a longer version of the comment you left in entry option #1. Meaning: Blog about what this contest means to you and your family this year and how sharing it would impact friends and family. Include a link back to this post. Please come back this post to post the link to your permalinked post just in case my blog doesn’t pick up your track back. You are allowed to do this once and it will count as one entry.

All entries will be entered into a Google Documents spreadsheet. Your name, email, method of entry, date, time and IP address will be recorded. Upon close of the giveaway, I will double check the list for any blatant errors. I will then pick a winner via Winner will first be contacted via email on the evening of December 16, 2008. Winner has 12 hours to contact me by email reply before the giveaway moves on to the next random winner. Winner will need to provide me with full name, shipping address and telephone number but can choose whatever name they wish to use for announcement on the blog. No personal information will be shared with my readers. I will announce the confirmed winner (hopefully!) by noon here on Stop, Drop & Blog. Winner will be provided with a form for tax purposes so that HP may reimburse you via check for the taxes on this $6000.00 prize package.

Now that we’ve got the entry methods out of the way, I must insist you read the Official Rules of our giveaway. Your participation in any one of those entry methods is an acceptance of the Official Rules. And, let me tell you, #5 is quite possibly the biggest rule.

I am looking forward to meeting some new readers, reading your tweets and blogs and otherwise helping you get in the spirit of giving this holiday season. I encourage you to keep reading this week as I continue to blog about the reasons we are so very grateful this holiday season. In fact, I encourage you to swear of whining for a week and blog about the positives in your life, too! It’s quite refreshing!

Ready? Set! WIN!

ETA: Contest is closed as of 6pm on December 16, 2008. Winner will be announced on the blog tomorrow! Thanks for all of the entries, stories and awesomeness that you have shared with me during this amazing opportunity.

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I would keep the HDX for myself. I am still limping along with a 450 MHz pentium III with WinXP, 512MB RAM, and a 12 GB HDD.

I would give the TouchSmart to my wife, who has an even older system- an HP Pavillion Pentium II with Win98. She would finally be able to publish the book she started writing several years ago.

I would give the Mini 1000 to my son, who is 14, and has never had a computer. His interest in multimedia is limited by the slow capabilities of our family’s machines. He’d also get the Kung Fu Panda DVD to share with my other kids.

I would give the Pavilion dv4 to my mother- and father-in-law who have never had a computer of their own. It would be worth all the gifts just to see the look in their eyes when they received it. They would be able to listen to internet radio and news programs without having a time limit before someone had to take back their machine, and send e-mail and pictures of their grandkids.

Winning this contest would mean a lot to my family because we have endured quite a bit of hardship over the last 2 yrs. Our plans to upgrade our computer equipment have been pushed off every time due to unforeseen events making anything set aside for computers unavailable. I commend HP for offering such a giveaway in these times.

I love rule number #5. We don’t allow it at our house either. Whine, ya get double duty! Actually, we too have alot to be thankful for. Simple things, none of them relate to money except it is the catalyst for providing for our needs. We have a house filled with love, we have our health, and we lack for nothing. So, why do I want to win? My husband took a new job recently and it thousands of miles away while we wait for God’s perfect timing (ie. our house to sell.) Hubby is very lonely. We weren’t prepared for God’s timing not to jive with ours. The perfect plan humanly speaking was to all move together. As it is, we are stretching our dollars to fund his living expenses on top of ours. I am thankful we have dollars to stretch. Lives little for extravagances though. He hasn’t furnished the apt with the basics, yet he wants me to find him a laptop pronto so he can connect with us via webcam. His loneliness would be more bearable (though I keep encouraging him to be content.) My brother’s family has also seen hard times and is currently without a computer at all. I’d love to bless them with one, and all the other ‘stuff’ minus the mini that would help me keep my sanity when we do move, would be donated to one of several local charites, depending on their needs. “Jacob” of Jacob’s Hope is the child I refer to in my blog post.

Why I should win this contest?

I am a young boy, and since I have a passion for graphics and photos, I would love to be using my hands for it on a touch screen. The printer would help me print my photos.

My sister needs a small laptop when she will begin at a boarding school next year, so I would love to give her that as christmas present.

I have followed this blog for a long time, and I do really love it.

My parents are paying for a new bathroom, so we don’t have that much money for christmas. I would love to be the one who gives away this christmas to make a memoriable day. It would mean a lot to me and my family.

Not that i even have a chance of winning i might as well try and enter.

I dont have a sob story and im not going to lie about how im going to give everything away to the needy, charity begins at home and if i win i would like to donate the 15? notebook, HP Photosmart C6380 Wireless AIO Printer, HP 564 Series Photo Value Pack, Microsoft Office Home & Student 2007 and Corel VideoStudio X2 back to this blog so they can put it back up for grabs to someone else who wasnt as lucky as me to win.

The touchsmart i would love to have that as my PC as mine is an aging celeron system with crt monitor, the 18? notebook i would give to my father as he has done a lot for me over the years including doing without things so that i could have what i wanted, sounds selfish and it probably is, i already have bought him a lot for this christmas including the phone he wanted but the notebook would be the icing on the cake as his Acer laptop is on its last legs.

The netbook i would want to keep for myself as i work in the field of IT and i would love to have a mini notebook instead of having to use a PDA that doesnt have a keypad that i had to supply myself.

Finally the Mediasmart i would give to my father for the front room, i bought him one of them crappy hard drive caddies that plays back divx and xvid and the software on it is dire, it only supports very few formats and the HDD inside is on its way out clicking and grinding.

Thanks for the opportunity.

As a student I can’t afford very fancy presents but if I won I could make a lot of people happy. I would keep the netbook because it’s great for school. I’d also keep the touchsmart and mediasmart as I love to play games and me and my girlfriend are movie-freaks.

The rest of hardware would go to friends and family. I have planned a good place for each item. They would replace old and aging computers etc. I would make them to giveaway their old computer in order to get a new one so I could make as many people as possible feel the magic.

Winning this contest would be helpful for my sister and I, who are in college, and my dad in two brothers who are back home. I would give one of the laptops to my brother who doesn’t have one, and I would give the printer to my dad so that he could make beautiful prints of our family.

i am from the philippines, a third world country. whatever kind of poverty you experience, we have it here twofold.

we have an organization in school, we really do need the money. and the student council does not have that much funds. maybe some of the readers can donate to us so we can at least have something to raffle off?

i do not know how to tweet. but maybe i can upload on friendster? i dont know.

This would be awesome to give to my family. I mean we don’t usually exchange gifts, which is a long story but who would not want to give 6 grand to their family.
Actually, I would prolly give just the TouchSmart to my family, keep the HP Mini 100 for myself and gift the rest to a few students at the school where my mom teaches.
So now not only will my family be happy, a few other families will be as well.

Here is the tweet:

If i were to win this competition i would firstly be over excited and overwhelmed, because i have won nothing in my life. Besides i have had an extremely bad year since the beginning, firstly we were asked to leave our house, so we needed to leave immediately, then in June my father passed away because of cancer, then 2 months later my aunt passed away, she slipped and fell in the bathroom, then again 2 months later i lost my job. So my winning this it would really make me and my family happy, and before this year ends it will make our Christmas special. I would also share this with children of the Don Bosco Boarding School, their are appox around 6 to 7 boys here who have not much in life and life has nothing to offer them, i want them to have a laptop so they can learn about computers. Secondly i would like my wife to have the HP Mini, cause she is doing a 4 month course in Sales & Marketing and at the moment she is writing everything down on paper which is a difficult to manage so much of it. The Movies i would like to give to my cuz cause they love kung fu pander.

So lets hope for the best

Thank you.

Peter Franco

If I won, I’d like to keep the TouchSmart for myself. I have a desktop computer that I’ve upgraded many times, the last time a few years ago to an Athlon XP 2200+, which was sufficient for my uses. Unfortunately, it developed serious problems work, and it’s unclear whether the problem is with the power supply, CPU, or motherboard, or even worse, a power supply problem that has damaged one of the other two. I’d give the two laptops to one of my sisters and my mother, who currently share a Pentium 4 desktop. (Although sharing is generally a good thing, it would be nice for each of them to have their own computer.) I might give the Mini to my older brother. I’m not sure what I’d do with the rest of the items.

Winning this prize would mean so much. Not only to me but also to my family because I am granting this prize to my brother and his new family. There is nothing more precious & more fulfilling than seeing a loved one fill-up with joy even in the hardest point of their lives. My brother & his family is just starting their life as a family and with their first baby coming soon they need all the support and love from us. I hope we can share with them our support, love and the touch of Magic in this coming holiday season.

Good luck to everyone!

Hi, i want to give this contest so i can update my PC and use the touchsmart as a multimedia center for my home. Here on argentina its very expensive plus the jobs pays only 500 USD on average so, you can see that buying a brand pc its really imposible….
I would like to give my sister one of the notebooks (she really can’t afford to buy one) and the other to my dad. The hp mini is for my wife, so she can use it to teach at the university.

What a great contest, HP is being very generous, and Mrs. FireMom, you’re doing a great job promoting the true reason for the season.

The mini laptop would go to my uncle. He owns a business that up until this week employed me and some close friends – oftentimes “rescuing” us from less than ideal positions. Unfortunately the money has run out and he’s on his own again. He travels 5 days a week, and the ancient large laptop he has for himself only adds to the burden I know he’s carrying around having to lay off employees at Christmas.

My mom will be getting the HDX 18. She never gets anything “new” – always hand-me-downs from her kids or my dad. Her current laptop is painfully slow (it pained me this weekend to use it for 10 minutes) so she deserves this (and so much more) after successfully raising three children.

My wife gets the wireless printer. She always has to ask me to transfer/print photos of Avery since our own old all-in-one is hard wired to my computer.

Avery gets Kung-Fu panda!! (in a few years, that is).

Sorry, but I’m keeping the touchscreen. Too cool!

This is a great contest. I don’t think it would be a major improvement to my life, but it would to other members of my family.

I would give the printer and mini to my wife. She works for an arts organization and takes home lots of work, and travels to lots of meetings. These two items would be a great asset for her.

My sister is limited in her mobility and does crafts work from home. Her laptop just went belly up, so I would let her pick which of the two laptops she would like as a replacement.

I would give the touchsmart to my parents. They have never used a computer before, and this looks to be a great first PC for them. We live 350 miles apart, and it would be great to have video chats with them.

I would keep which ever laptop is left as a replacement for my 4 year old thinkpad.

OK, wow, I cannot believe there is so an amazing give away. In order to enter I have to explain why I should win. For me it is fairly easy. My husband and I separated about 2 months ago. We have 3 children (7,6,2) so you can imagine the complexity. Being so unbelievably blessed by many things included the book-LOVE DARE, we have found a love like never before. This particular package would truly be amazing in helping us to begin our “new” life together. Since he quit working 2 yrs ago to go into the music ministry things have been, well, extremely difficult down to having $91/mth to feed a family of 5. Anywho, this would be a tremendous blessing to us and just the opportunity to enter is phenomenal. Thank you so much.

I would like to keep the HDX 18 for myself and I’m going to share the rest with some of my friends. One of my friends is in a need of a laptop for his study and job, so one of the laptops would go to him (he want a 17″ laptop so probably I have to let HDX 18 to go to him). I’m not going to keep the touchsmart PC since it’s very big and heavy (I’m still renting so keeping big stuff is not a really good idea).

Honestly I don’t know what to give to my family. I live just with my sister here. My parent is back in my home country. Also they don’t really need any of these so I think it is better to share these to those who need them. Don’t worry I’m going to give my family something else.

First, I adore the way you’ve structured the contest. It truly is in line with your heart and family values.

Second, I thought about how the items would need to be distributed and it’s simple: to others! My younger sister is without a computer during her final semester of college. She’s been trying to scrape up the money for yet another fix, but it’s just not going well. My husband has been doing his home office work sitting in a beach chair whilst pounding away on a 15 year old computer so that I can have the “nice” one for my school work. My youngest sister could use a pick me up as could my brother’s scholarship foundation. That would be a toss up.

I know, I know: first world problems.

Still, nothing would please me more than to brighten a few lives…you never know how they’ll pass it on!

This package would add some much needed fun and excitement into my family and provide some help to a couple organizations on my wishlist. I am feeling optimistic, so here is the rundown for when I win. I would give one of the systems to my local church (, one to my aunts nonprofit organization in VA that helps animals (, and I would keep a laptop for myself. In all three cases, we either have no computer or a very old one needing replacement. Obviously because of these tough economic times, its hard to justify such a purchase, which is why it would be great to win. I would also plan on giving the mini to my son to make homework more fun and have fun in general. Unless you have a large family and or business, I do not know why someone would keep all 4 systems and not give them away. This is definitely one of the times in our lives where we need to help our neighbors, if we can (and that is not always a monetary help either). Anyway, Happy Holidays. Good luck to all. Thanks for the contest.

Okay. I don’t normally enter contests because I never win but gosh this would be awesome to win :)

Obviously I have no need for a bunch of computers just for me. If I won, I would definitely give much of it away that would be able to make better use of them. It just makes no sense for me to keep a wealth of computers when there are others who could use them. I’d likely donate to the Ronald McDonald House at the nearby children’s hospital. I am a childhood cancer survivor and as a kid helped raise money to build the RMH near the hospital where I was treated because it would been a lifesaver for my parents. I’m sure they could use a computer or two for the residents to use to keep in touch with family members.

Anyway, here goes nothing. I’ll be back with my tweets and my social sharing :)

The sheer size of this giveaway is amazing. It is far too much for one person. I would divide giveaway as follows:

1. I would keep the Touchsmart to replace a fairly old and cranky Compaq Presario 6000. We are a family of 5 with two working computers, which I know is more than many people have. I use one computer in my freelance writing work. My children use the needs-to-be upgraded Compaq computer, which is slow. My oldest daughter’s middle school teachers require her to do research online and type papers at home. She has approximately 2 hours of homework per night.

2. I would give one notebook computer to my husband. When he leaves his current position he will have to return his laptop.

3. I would give the Windows Vista, MS Home, MS Windows, Mediasmart Connect, and Corel Video to my son’s former preschool. His preschool is run by a church and has a very small, if nonexistent budget, for computers, etc.

4. I would donate the other notebook computer, the HP mini, and the Kung Fu Panda DVDs to Children’s Hospital in D.C. Children’s Hospital treats many children with life-threatening illnesses or traumatic injuries. These HP products might brighten the day of a patient or parent.

Well everything that comes in the package is probably on the wishlist of not just me but everyone that i know of who is even remotely interested in technology.. having said that its probably out of the budget for most of us too.. so that probably is it… so winning the package actually means a lot.. it would fulfill my dream.. and it’s my birthday today and i figure, its my right to dream today… hoping for the best birthday present ever..

Here’s my entry:

Well, I’m not gonna make the crying story about me being Mother Teresa, but I will do my best, and I will write the truth. My redaction may be a little short, ’cause I don’t speak the english THAT well and fluid.

I will tell you what I wish to do with each one:

OK. The HP Mini1000, I have to say it, I will keep it. I mean, nobody who I know knows what the hell is that thing, and It may be useful to me.

The Touchsmart PC is gonna be useful to my family. I have a notebook, and the “old” PC is for my family. A Windows 98 Hardware’ed with low RAM memory, and XP running pretty forced, I have to upgrade that. But, if I win it, I will give my PC to my local library. A 80GB Drive would be an “OMG” to them, they are through an economical crisis, and their computers are… well… old. I would give one laptop to them too.

HP Photosmart C6380 Wireless AIO Printer: My mom will use this in her job (BTW, it’s a teacher in a charity school of the mos’t poor, actually, called “Mother Teresa School”).

The laptops: I already mentioned one in my third paragraph. The other notebook, I think I will give it to my father. He worked every hard to get ME a computer, so I am too grateful. It may be handy for him.

The HP MediaSmart Connect, I don’t really know who needs it. So, if I win, I will see. I can’t say anything now. Sorry.

Microsoft Office Home & Student 2007 & Corel VideoStudio X2: I will share this with my school, and other school that may need this (like mom’s). The Corel VideoStudio is very helpful, so they will be grateful (that sound songy =P)

And, last, but not less important, the Kung Fu Panda DVD’s: I already mentioned the school where my mom works. There’s another organization, connected to the school, to take care of children who are poor, in their first years of life. I mean, it’s not a n orphan, it’s like a kindergarden for very poor, semi-homeless kids. I saw the movie, and it may bring joy to them. I’d like that. One of the DVD’s for them. The other, to the Mother Theresa School, again.

Almost no one has Blu-Ray player, so I don’t know what to do with that. If I sell it, the money goes to charity. Promessed.

Thats it. I’m sorry for my english, if something is wrong or repetitive. I would really like to win the prize, and share the magic.

Thank you very much for doing this. Regards.

Marcelo Lynch.

This package would mean so much to our family. Especially my mom. Right now we live about 5 hours from my family. We only get to visit my mom around 3-4 times. I used to email her photos of my daughter but the computer that she was using (my old one from college) finally died. She can’t afford to get another one so she is stuck relying on me to send her photos through snail mail. Unfortunately, I am really bad at remembering to send them out (oops.). I would love to be able to give her a laptop for Christmas, especially one with a webcam. That way she can get more photos of her grandaughter and also interact with her more through a webcam. (my daughter loves the webcam!) Just imagining the smile on my moms face if she got one makes me excited. Thanks!

What an amazing giveaway. It will be a fabulous blessing to whoever wins!! To be honest I can’t even imagine $6,000 worth of computer equipment. We have always made do with whatever computer a friend or family member was giving away when they updated. And to be honest we felt blessed to receive that!! We are currently using a computer with Windows 98, but I can tell it won’t be lasting much longer.

I use my computer for several things. My Home and Garden Party business which helps me to stay home with my young children, finding deals and printing coupons which helps to stretch the money a little further, and most importantly I visit and help with a fantastic Christian forum which shares the true meaning of Christmas!!

Each of these things is very dear to my heart and are becoming hard to do on a dilapidated computer causing them to take more time from my family.

I can’t really say how I would share the equipment offered as I can’t even comprehend the amount of items. But I would find someone who could put some of the items to good use that couldn’t otherwise afford it. Perhaps the youth at my church would be a good place to start.

And I love the No Whining rule!! I’ve listened to about as much whining as I can take. So win, lose or draw . . . no whining from this direction!!

God Bless You and everyone involved in this fabulous giveaway. I’m off to spread the word!!

I would donate one of the laptops to a place that helps underpriveledged students with after school tutoring and events to keep them busy and off the street and promotes them to graduate high school. It is a married couple who took out a second mortgage on their house to open and renovate and old church into a facility for the students.

I also would give one to my wife who is a high school teacher and could use a much better laptop to do who work on.


This is a fantastic opportunity for all of your readers and then some! So amazing to think of all of the folks who will benefit from the contest!

Having said that – should I win, I plan to share the gift with my good friend Liz who, after 20 years of marriage and 13 years of staying at home with her daughter, has found herself divorced and living with her elderly parents without any marketable job skills and no PC to help in the efforts.

Liz and her daughter have been through a lot over the last year and if anyone deserves this gift, it’s them.


THis would be a great prize for my family. Mt laptop is on its last legs and I need a new one especially since I am out of work and need a new comp to start freelancing. My old computer cannot handle the graphics program I need. I would shre the loot with my sister who does nothave a computer at home. THen I would donate a computer to a homeless shelter where I used to work. I know they are having hard times and need new computer so the clients can use to find work etc. THanks,

Hello FireDad and FireMom,

I believe in the giving spirit and the joy it brings to people who are unable to provide even the simplest presents to their kids. This giveaway would bless not only my family but the family of others, if I win I will gladly share the prize with others who are needy. This would allow me to give a laptop to my daughter who will be going into college next year, the family computer is old enough that it does not meet our needs. I do not believe in hording things that I do not need so the other equipment will go to our local woman’s shelter.


Thanks for the chance to win. My wife’s family has adopted twins, brother and sister, that are seniors in high school and will be going to college next year. We would love to help them out with computers for school.


Why do I deseve this giveaway? The first thing that come to my mind when they posted the giveaway was a brand new TouchSmart and HDX 18 in my room aside my MacBook for Christmas last year. I would give all the rest away to my family even though when I wanted the MacBook and they couldn’t afford it, they got it anyways. I would like to make this Christmas memorable for my family by exchanging the favor, a couple brand new laptop with a printer!

First, thank you for this contest. I have entered almost all the HP giveaway contests out there because I am that determined to win.

For as long as I can remember I have been surrounded my heros in everyday life and I believe it has turned me into one. While my aspirations have all yet to be reached, I do strive daily for excellence in family and business.

When my husband joined the military, I really didn’t know what to think. We were both young and like all young people, we “went with the flow”. 4 months after entering the Air Force, right out of college, 9/11 hit and the world changed drastically and so did our new marriage. Now my husband was on trainings and trips and school like we had never thought before and it was whirlwind for years. But we settled into it and were able to be a part of something great.

At the end of 2005, my husband was taken to Afghanistan and left me in a city alone, with no family or friends, to care for our then 10 month old. But rather then crawl in a hole, which some days I felt was the only option, we worked together overseas and created a charity for Afghan orphans. I worked diligently over here in the states to attract attention for the program, sometimes emailing and getting on the phone for hours and hours a night, trying to get news attention, and my husband worked in Afghanistan, finding out what we needed to do to complete our ideas. Eventually the project was picked up by some local media and it spun from there. We were able to collect over 1200 kites around the world to send to orphanages in Afghanistan to give those children a small glimmer of hope. Through the military and the US embassy, we were able to ship them over and have them passed out. Ill never forget the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. Unfortunately, with my husband now on his way home in 2006, without a liaison there, the project was impossible to continue.

I spent the next two years launching myself into project after project online and quickly became a ‘go to guru’ for help with moms wanting to start online boutiques. I created countless resumes for strangers, websites for strangers, and help create and launch several online businesses. Throughout all this, I wanted something that was for myself, my own. I had dabbled in a bit of everything and finally found something I loved other then just being a consultant. I started my own business in fall of 2007 on eBay, that eventually moved into a full time store online where I was able to work from home. I invested in my products and hand created everything. Single handedly I was able to get my product into stores and sell off my website. But then a fire struck in Jan 08 and I lost all my materials, we lost all our brand new Christmas presents, our couches, our mattresses, our linens, everything in the kitchen…the list goes on and on. Worse, we were exiting the military in a few weeks, and with only the clothes on our back. The items that made it through the fire and soot damage were sent to a professional cleaner, where they spent several months “restoring”. Meanwhile, I moved in with our daughter to my mother in laws, while my husband too his first civilian job in another state.

Eventually the rest of our household goods arrived, and the good old military managed to break half of what made it out of the fire. It just seemed to never end. But the great thing was that we could all move together and my daughter and I were able to meet up with my husband, find a place to live, and literally start over. New household goods, no military, new state, new job….

I started my business back up again and it has been great. I cant afford all the newest technology to keep it running as effectively as I would love to, but I am blessed with what I do have. I also started a blog and have been very fortunate to meet with and spend my days with mentoring and connecting with other women with aspirations like myself. I have been trying to do my best to create content that assist women that were in my position and realize that things just happen to us, that we cant control everything, but we CAN control how we feel and react in life. It would have been easy to pack it up so many times, but NOT doing it, is a testimony of strength.

In the upcoming year, I am expanding to include a nonprofit. My past has inspired me to know that what I need to do in life isn’t done. All my experiences have given me an amazing idea that I am going to go forth with and should be ready in January 09. This equipement IS the start of this new project for me. It could be the foundation of the new office and being able to start with zero debt and create from get go, would be incredible.

I feel like life is a journey. Something that you cant count on everyday to be the same, but you can create and mold what you get out of it.

What I would do with the other computers is pass the magic. There are so many ideas for the other computers. I have people in my life that have touched me and could use them, but I honestly want to take one into public, go to a mall, and stop people and ask about their years, their life, how they have been affected the last year and then LIVE reward someone in front of anyone that walks by, and change their Christmas with a computer right then and there. I would love to take a camera and capture someone’s joy with a random act of kindness from a stranger and share it with the world on you tube. I hope it could inspire others to pick an angel off the tree and give as well.

I also would like to take one computer and give it back away to someone on my blog. The reason is because we did a Christmas of dreams giveaway and I was able to solicit over $2500 worth of items and give it to three people that really needed it (one to a woman that lost her husband, one to a growing family that has been through some hard times, and one to someone to hand out to the local hospital where her child was at), but there were so many more deserving stories and lives. I would like to pick one more out and give one away.

The last computer I would like to keep as the first donation to the charitable foundation I am starting. If I won, not only would the equipment help in launching, but be the first actual donation that would go on to be something greater. Its just amazing to think about.

I hope this story shows you that I am someone whom tries her best to be a part of something bigger and beyond who just I am. I will continue to give and know that I will be blessed in return.
Thankyou for the chance,
Trisha Haas

I would give two of the computers to my Aunt and her two girls, Rachel & Erin. I know you know their history from my LJ – and I worry alot about Rachel being a teen whose father has left her, and has a handicap sister that demands a majority of her mother’s attention. I would love to bless them. Erin would get the movie – she would love it!

The other computers would go for my husband’s company he’s starting. The laptop he bought off someone local is now a desktop as the screen is dying so he really needs something he can take on visits to schools. He has developed a new computer network & system for schools so they can get more bang for their buck essentially.


Holy Cow…what this prize package would do for my family (and friends) is beyond explaining…It would boost our morals, pull in the holiday cheer and help celibrate the “magic of giving”

…this is all that’s on my brain lately. The what if’s, if I win’s, who I’d share it with,etc…you could hardly imagine the thoughts rolling through my head lately. I’m like a kid in a toy store…I want, I want, I want!!!

I’ve got three families in mind (if I win) and let me tell ya…it’ll be fantastic to see their faces, their joys and their “holy Crap, how’d you pull off getting a gift like this” bit…seriously, they would never suspect us, the bakers, to come up with something like this. It would definitely be a “priceless” moment for all eternity!!!!

Thanks so much for the opportunity.

-BarbaraBaker :)

PS-I’ll be back shortly with my tweets, blurbs and other extra entry earnings :)

I have a VERY dear friend who is on disability and doesn’t have a computer. She is a talented writer, having gone to Emerson to get her Masters when she was almost forty years old (takes guts). I’d love to win in order to give her a computer so that she can start writing again. My thinking is that with a laptop she can write in her spare time and then to to a free wifi spot to transmit her work. I’m hoping that it will help get her out of the hole that she seems to be in.

I also have 2 (yes, two) in college – they use the computer lab at school & a home computer for each of them would be awesome.

Me? One of those Mini1000’s would be SWEET! I could maintain my blog while on the run.

My proposal:
“I would donate the desktop (TouchSmart) and both of the notebooks to NorthStar Youth Ministries in Birmingham, AL ( My girlfriend has worked directly with that non-profit organization, and she has relayed to me how desperately the camp needs new computers. Both the staff of NorthStar and the children who go through the program could benefit from the use of these cutting-edge computers (I firmly believe that one of the ways out of poverty is good education, especially with computers).

I would also donate the software too, of course. I personally am really only interested in the Mini and the printer.”

I’d like to share a computer with my brother, who is going back to school for his Masters in Psychology from Pepperdine University. It’s a private school, so it costs an awful lot of money, but it has the specific program he wants, so he can’t really go someplace else. He has a decent job, but it’s with Washington Mutual, and ever since they got bought by Chase in September he’s been hesitant about making any purchases.

He didn’t often buy new things for himself even before that, particularly computers. He’s still plugging away on an old old OLD Dell desktop that he got before his freshman year of college, in 1999. I’d like to be able to give him a laptop that he can bring to class and use for notetaking, but also something that’s powerful enough that can crunch any statistical data he might need when he starts his practicum working with soldiers coming back from Iraq dealing with PTSD and other issues.

It seems times are becoming much more difficult, be it the struggling economy or our fast paced lives. With this giveaway I would share it with my family and boyfriend because they have definitely been the people that have been around through all the struggles and hardships we have had to come through. What better way to give than to share with the people that give all they have to you. Thank you for this great opportunity, and good luck and happy holidays to all! =)


When I first heard about this giveaway on your blog, I immediately knew I wanted to win a computer for my dad.

I am the oldest in a family with five children. I am in medical school; I have two brothers in college (one in public, one in private); I have a brother who is about to graduate from high school and matriculate into (private) college next fall, and I have a baby sister who is ten.

I was born a week after my parents graduated from college. My dad spent a year at Purdue working toward a PhD, but ended leaving his program. Both of my parents have always worked incredibly hard and have instilled a strong work ethic in all of us. I worked hard enough in school to receive a full scholarship to medical school, and all of my brothers have worked two simultaneous jobs at some point in their lives. We work hard to have the things we need and want.

My father has worked three jobs for the last two years. One of those jobs is his own company and he has been in need of a laptop computer for years now. I have gone through two laptops, as has one brother. The middle brother is on his first. When I was buying my new laptop, I planned to give my old one to my dad. As my new computer was being shipped, the power cord stripped the power jack out of my old computer, and it went down fast.

On top of everything, my dad lost his primary job on the Monday after Thanksgiving. He is trying to decide if he wants to hunt down another one, or if he wants to devote all of his time to his own business [which would make a laptop even more necessary!]. In the midst of all of this, when asked what he wanted for Christmas, my dad said he couldn’t think of anything he wanted or needed.

My dad has always provided everything that we have needed, and I want to be able to provide him something he needs. In addition, as I mentioned, my youngest brother is going to college in the fall. I am worried that my dad would give his laptop to him, so of course I am going to give him one of the other computers. I would like to donate the fourth computer to my mom’s classroom; she teaches in a fairly poor district, and I think the children need as much exposure to good technology. If it has a built-in camera, I would love to be able to video conference with them about writing.

I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t be excited about getting a new computer, because I would. But every time I remotely think about the excitement of winning this prize, I am thinking how exciting it would be to sneak it downstairs to put with the Santa presents for my dad.

I would share this giveaway with my family. My younger sister is a college kd and my older sister is a stay at home mom with 3 kids. I stay home with my two kids. We are all doing okay,but we have all had to cut back ths year.

This would be so great to have and to share!

WOW! What a generous giveaway! Ok, I would give one of the laptops to my husband because he just enrolled in school again to finish his bachelors degree and could really use that…as well as the printer. I would give the PC to a single mom at our church, she has 4 kids and is going to school on top of that! I’d give her Kung Fu Panda too :-) And then I would give the other laptop to my sister-in-law who is also a single mom going to school, and I may keep the mini for myself because it sounds kind of fun :-) Thanks again!!

Thank you for the giveaway! If I won, we would help out my sister-in-law; she is disabled and can’t hold a regular job, but with a good computer she could do word processing and web editing when she feels good. We would also gift our neighbors who have had a rough time recently.

While times have been tough, our family is managing to pull through. Both my husband and I are working and even though it’s been tight, we’ve been managing. With four kids there’s always some new expense added each month. The company my husband works for has been in bankruptcy and the union just voted that every route driver take a $125 a week pay cut beginning in February, so we’re working now on tightening our belts in anticipation..that’s pretty tough since we’ve been on that last notch of the belt for awhile now due to the economy. I’m a police dispatcher and while no job is ever safe, I’m still working but a raise doesn’t seem very likely. Despite everything, I’m happy and very grateful…we both do have jobs, our kids are healthy and doing well in school. We have a house, food, and there’s enough left over to care for our two hairy dogs. Now if that puppy would learn to “go” outside, life might just be pretty near perfect!

That prize package is spectacular but it’s way too much for my family. Should I win, I would keep the HP HDX Premium Notebook PC for my husband and I. I’ve never owned a laptop and I’ve always wanted one. I’d also like to keep the Microsoft Office because I teach police dispatch classes a few times a year and I’d like to use Office to create a great PowerPoint presentation for that class. The VideoStudio XS would also be kept for creating a video presentation for that class. Of course, we’d also have to keep Kung Fu Panda for my youngest daughter.

The HP Pavilion Entertainment Notebook I’d gift to my oldest son. He’s 25 years old and on his own now but just started a new job. Funds are limited and he really needs a new laptop; his current laptop has some kind of cooling problem so it shuts down on its own whenever it overheats.

The rest of this great prize package I would donate to GLSEN (Gay-Lesbian-Straight-Education-Network). There isn’t an organization more dear to my heart than GLSEN. My middle son, Jared, become affiliated with GLSEN while he was in high school. Jared became the Mid-West Co-Chair for GLSEN National and they flew him to conferences around the country where my son taught seminars on starting gay-straight alliances in schools. When my son left for college, GLSEN-Cleveland honored him by giving him a small scholarship to help with college expenses. I know their chapter here in Cleveland struggles for funds and every year holds a raffle for their scholarship fund. I’d donate the rest of the package to them and they could either use it in their offices or use it for their raffle to fund their annual scholarship so another high school student is afforded the same opportunity my son was given.

Well, as someone who’s been unemployed for a while, it would be great to be able to win this. I would really only keep the TouchSmart for myself, everything else would go to Christmas presents for family (and my brother and parents are in desperate need of a new computer right now too).

This would really make our christmas. My husband was laid of in september because of all the financial craziness. He worked as a printer, printing the hangtags for autodealers. The business he worked for was sold and is closing their doors. So now he needs to find employment. The computer would allow him to be able to browse the internet at home and possibly do some computer work.

I would use the computer as well to be able to work on my work while at home and taking care of our daughter.

It would just be awesome if we were able to get a computer that is not ancient. ;-)

Our photo printer died last month, so the photo printer would replace the one we had that we can’t afford to replace. We got a new Apple laptop with our tax refund earlier this year, so we might keep one of the machines, but all the others would be given away: one to the Crisis Nursery (a local non-profit that helps with families in crisis, especially with child care); I’d give one to my mom because she is on a fixed income and can’t afford a new machine, and I’d give one to my best friend and her family, she expects to loose her job in the new year, and her current machine belongs her work. I’d probably keep the DVD for my girls, age 1 and 7.

This is a difficult time for me to buy new tech equipment. But I’m not greedy. So from this hp giveaway I’ll keep only the HP HDX 18 and the printer. I’m doing this because I really need a more powerful computer for my university. The rest of the package I’m going to give it away. One laptop will go to my young sister, probable the hp mini, along with the kung fu panda! My mom is a primary school director and I want to give the rest of this huge package to this school to help children learn, using new shiny computers.

Running 4 blogs, contributing to many others, and managing a family of 5…it would be very helpful for me to have the latest and the greatest of the best of the best. Not only would I benefit from it, my children would as well. Would absolutely have to give the mini to my mom who could never afford one.

I think everyone would benefit from this extremely generous giveaway so it will be great to see who wins and how they’ll use it.

If I win, I would like to give all of the computers and accessories to a women’s shelter. I would love to have the HP Mini laptop… but I have enough money that if I budgeted, I could buy it.
Like you, FireMom, I feel like my family is very lucky and very privileged. We have a home. We have an income. We have each other.

At this time of year, my thoughts shift to people unable to meet their basic needs. I live in a third world country stricken by abject poverty despite incredible wealth of some of its citizens.
I would ask for the computers to be shipped here, as there is incredible need in this land. Charities are underfunded in ways that those of us from the Western world can scarcely imagine. But, shipping computers overseas is pricey business and carries a nasty carbon footprint. And honestly, computers are luxurious compared to what people here need.
Instead, I think the right thing to do is to donate them to the women’s shelter nearest to you, FireMom.
I thank my lucky stars that I have a loving, caring spouse. My heart breaks for women who find themselves in a shelter at Christmas, beaten by a spouse who was meant to love them and without the means to provide the basics for their children.

So… if I win, I want every last prize to go to your local shelter where the women can use them to search for jobs, print resumes, and try to gather their lives together again.

I have a contest running on my blog right now too, giving gifts to a great Christmas charity. I encourage everyone to come enter at my site too!

Wow. I don’t know that I can say I *deserve* to win anything. My life, like yours, is also so very blessed. I have a husband and a son and i am expecting our 2nd miracle baby next summer. I really have all that i need. I can’t really ask for more.

But what I will say is that if I am blessed enough to win this prize pack, i will pay it forward and be sure to spread the love. We are a family of 3, we for sure can’t make good use 4 computers :)

The last few months have been hard ones for my family, putting off stuff until the new year and whatnot. Winning this contest would so great. DH and I aren’t doing presents for each other this year so to have something under the tree, something that he would love as we’re both electronics geeks, would be so awesome! He is in love with the TouchSmart PC, and seeing as we’ve never gotten a “new” desktop, always just upgrade the old one, it would be totally sweet to give him a brand spankin’ new sexy desktop. As he loves typically expensive electronics I’ve never been able to get him something that he’d really want and just once I’d love to surprise him with something great. Also for selfish reason maybe him getting that would put his plans on hold for a home theatre PC. Free outweighs $$ invested in something I think is stupid :-)

I work with two organizations that would benefit from me winning this contest. First, my local community resources center would get their pick of what they need. They might need the PC to process the ever growing needs of families here in central ohio.

Next I would offer the printer and photo package to the School for Young Children. This nationally accredited preschool is one of the few in our area to offer financial assistance to families. They might use the printer themselves or auction it in their silent auction to raise money for scholarships.

Off to twitter now…

FireMom, What a great way HP has found to bring the true meaning of Christmas back into the lives of those less fortunate. And what an honor I’m sure you feel to be a part of it.

I’m not joining your contest or any of the other HP Giveaways. My husband and I are very blessed to have what we have and there are so many others in need. Sure I would love new computer equipment – I don’t even have a laptop. But I see how much more joy it would bring to those who have opened their hearts out to you.

Sometimes I think the true spirit of Christmas is lost. From your story of the girl by the tree to expressing how truly blessed you and your family are, you really are someone’s angel.

I will stumble the contest for you and twit.

Good luck everyone and I hope you all have a very blessed Christmas.

Wow, what an amazing giveaway! I have never entered a contest in my life, but could not pass this chance up! I would keep one of the computers and the Kung Fu Panda (for my 7 year old). The rest would go to family members and my sister works for a non-profit organization that helps women get back on their feet and they would definitely know someone who could use a computer/software. Thank you for the chance!

I can’t say how much a package like this would mean for our family! We are really struggling to pull off Christmas this year for our six sons. Our oldest son (13) struggles in school and a computer would be HUGE for him. The 9 and 10 year old guys could also use a computer for their education and various school work. There are a zillion things I could do with a package like this … including being able to bless parents with babies in the NICU by making one available to them there. I’ll be blogging about it too, and will come back to leave a link soon!

I want to share the joy of the holidays with many people with this prize. I would give my dad one of the notebooks because he has yearned one for long but we won’t be able to afford one this year due to the economy. He has given me so much and I feel this would be one reward. Another laptop would be given to this short-term crisis prevention hotline that helps the Charlottesville community. They need a new computer to use for day-to-day operations and for volunteers to use. The rest would be given to random people with me going around being a sort of “Secret Santa”. The joy that it brings me to bring a smile to someone’s face would be priceless. I could document the whole process and provide stories/pictures of the process for the blog. I would only keep one of the notebooks for myself.

This is an awesome package. I would give the mini notebook to my husband, he is in the technology field, and has wanted one of these. In the spirit of giving, I would contact the director of an organization at our church, a kids mentoring program through the local school, and see what families could use items from this package. Our church did a Christmas store, where we donated gifts for parents to buy a reduced rate, and many of the families are experiencing layoffs right here before the holidays, so it would be awesome, to bring some joy just because in this season.
I have two young children and we are teaching that giving is truly better then receiving and this would be another real life reason for the season.

Hello again! I just recently became a single mom. I’m supporting my parents, who live with me, and my ex still lives in our house until he can find an apartment. Things have been super stressful for a while on my end, but I would share mine with several people. My aunt has 5 school-aged children and she doesn’t have much money. I think the kids could make great use of one of the laptops. They could use the student software to do their reports and use it for research purposes. I would give another laptop to my daughter’s paternal grandfather. He travels all over the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico for his job. They put him up in a hotel (with free wireless access) but he only has a cell phone. He’s gone for weeks at a time and who knows if there will be good phone service at the hotels he stays in. I’d love for him to be able to use one to keep in touch with the family. I want my daughter to have the HP mini. It would be a great learning tool for her to learn to type on. The keys are smaller which is better for her little hands. I’m not actually sure I’d keep anything for ME personally at all. Maybe the Media Connect if I figure out exactly what that is. I think those three other things are well deserved by the ones I’m intending on giving them to. I know they’d be put to great use for good things.

This isn’t going to be a save the world story but I hope readers will
still be interested. I will start with how this package will effect me since that’s
the least important. Okay, I will attempt to stray away from the sob stories.
Anyways I am 19 years old and I never went to college, I couldn’t afford it and
My family moved way too much for it to work out, recently though I have been getting
into classes on line, I’m attempting to become a network administrator but that requires
me to have a working computer, my current one is horrible. It crashes randomly, and I am
constantly asking tech support forums for their help, having a new laptop would just enable
so much. I can not even begin to tell you how much. I have a desk top now and the portable
does not exist, when I heard about these give aways that was the first thing that came to my
mind, then I realized what else I could do if I won the package.

My sister is 22 and she just had her second baby, she is doing very well taking care of
them, but she can not afford anything not absolutely necessary. She has a computer now but it
is horrible, ads that have flash cause he computer to crash, she can not go on a lot of the
sites that she introduced me to, it’s not a very fun thing to know. If I win this contest, and
I know I won’t :( she without a doubt in my mind deserves a new laptop, on top of that I want
her to bhave the printer, she loves taking pictures of her babies and being able to print them
out would be amazing. I want to be able to give her something but I know I’m not able to.

The touchsmart, which I guess you could say is the most notable piece here; would go to my
Grandma, my grandma is almost 70 years old and everything she watches has a website. She loves
watching animal planet and Hgtv. She has asked me to show her how to use the computer so she
can go online but her eyes aren’t the greatest so she can’t see the little pointer, and she
has arthritis so using the mouse can be painful at times. As of right now her life is probably
less than what she would want, she eats/sleeps/watches tv. She used to be extremely active.
She is %100 native American and she grew up on a reservation and she dealt with racism and
she worked her entire life, this is something she more than deserves, it would mean everything
to her. Not just as a new item in her life but as a connection to more people than just her
neighbors, she has been wanting to look up one of her brothers who moved to Hawaii a long time
ago and if she had this it would put her on the right track. This is probably the most important
part of the package, I wish you guys knew how much she has been through and how much this would
effect her.

The Hp-mini, would go to my step mom as a Christmas present, she is always on the go and hardly
home but can’t afford more than a note-pad. Her and my Dad are trying to start a restaraunt and
catering buisiness and this would help them a lot. They are always writing stuff down and this mini
would be a portable godsend for them.

The mediacenter would be for my Dad, without a doubt. We don’t have a lot of computers or anything
but this would be a very nice addition and he would love it. I am aware they’re just computers and
it may seem like they wouldn’t have sucha large impact, but this package would likely give my
family a nice boost, and hopefully help me finish getting my ‘degree’, thanks for reading.

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– ron

It was a cold, frigid morning. My cousin was on her way to class, without means of transportation, trudging through tuffs of snow when she came upon a patch of ice. She slipped, fell back, and crashed down, flat on her back. Worst of all, she had cracked the screen on the brand new laptop she had labored so gruelingly for by working overtime at the local grocery store. She persevered, continuing her trek to class, arriving, sitting though algebra, pants soaking wet, picking bits of glass out of her elbow, notes illegible through the jagged cracks on the screen. This is the perfect time to deliver a reversal of fortune. This would be the perfect opportunity to turn her luck around with a newer, bigger, and better notebook. The feeling of being able to turn someone else’s luck around so powerfully would be enough to inspire me to want to do it again and again, a feat that would be made possible with a prize package of this magnitude. What lies behind door number one can affect the lives of not only myself, but the lives of friends and loved ones around me.

What I would keep? The Touchscreen PC, the high end laptop and the extender. That’s ALL.

I would be giving away the rest and more! That’s right, my current computer desktop (AMD Athlon64 4000+, 2GB RAM, Windows Vista Ultimate) would be donated to my totally deserving friend William. William suffered from meningitis when he was 15, and that caused some severe brain damage. Now, Will is about the nicest person I’ve EVER known. He gives freely and asks for nothing in return. He however, badly needs a computer upgrade. He has expressed interest in my desktop computer many times, so I plan on giving it to him, along with the 19? dual widescreen monitors I have. My laptop, a Hewlett Packard dv9000t (core2duo t7200, 2GB RAM, 17? screen) will be donated along with the aforementioned contest materials to three needy families. These needy families will be determined by the local Salvation Army, United Way and my church (Grace Episcopal). I figured this was about as fair a way possible to give things away, because they really KNOW who needs. I would love to be there when they are given away because I would just want to see the looks on those families’ faces.

Why not give any to my family? Well, they don’t need it, but I could use a desktop upgrade, and with what I already have, I’m planning of making good use of it to people who can really use it. After all, William really is more like family to me.

The HP package would be distributed to my brother and sister and most importantly my mother who is living alone just recently and she can view her 2 grandsons via web cam when not visiting them. Of course I would have to show her how to use the computer.

Happy Holidays,


This HP contest is not only fun, but is really getting people into the sharing mind frame. So here is my comment entry!

First, I would replace our aging family laptop, but more importantly I would give one to my wife so she can finally have her own computer. (Neither is in the Christmas budget this year.)

Secondly, I would see if anything would be of use to my (fire dept.) – I am guessing the photosmart the guys would have a lot of fun with and actually use productively. (Well sometimes.)

Last, I would share online as well by having a contest of my own on – not only would it be a blast, bring a lot of new readers, but someone I don’t even know would have a better holiday season as well.

If I were to win, I would give my mother and stepfather in Louisiana one of the new computers because theirs crashed and my stepdad was recently laid off from his job. I would give another one of the computers to my dad and stepmom here in Georgia because the computer they have now was bought at a refurbishment place for $150. I would give another computer, the printer, and the media connect to my fellow interns at the theater that I work at because we’re all just starting out in our careers and it’d be nice to share that with someone to help them along. I’d give Kung Fu Panda to my little brother and his friend. The only thing I would keep would be one of the the laptops, and the interns and I would share the photo pack so we could print out some headshots. Thanks so much! :-)

What with I do with all that? So much. Keep the Touchsmart for me, to replace the computer I’m working on which is prone to crashing. One laptop for my son, who I homeschool. One for my [ex] Husband’s GF, they have a 9-month-old baby together, and she wants to go back to school, but that’s hard. And another would go to a local women’s shelter that helps women find jobs. I’d use the printer to help get my VA business kick-started. And all of it would be used to help my ultimate goal of starting a local housing foundation to refurbish abandoned houses and sell them at cost to low-income families.

Holy mackerel….this would mean that I could use the computer other than at work! I would just love to be able to have a computer in my home! After my one computer, I would donate the rest through our Adopt-a-Family program at work for kids receiving cancer treatments at a local hospital. We provide for over forty families that have children living with cancer in them, and I would love to be there when these kids received such wonderful gifts. Here’s hoping!!!

OH the wonders of what I could do with this giveaway. The first thing that comes to mind is our local Pregnancy Care Center who reaches out to ladies in the local and surrounding area who need assistance with their pregnancy and care after birth of both mom and baby. They do so much for the community and it’s all done by donations and is not funded in any other way.

1) My family doesn’t have much money. Never have, probably never will. We’re still happy. Except during the holidays. Try as we may to keep up the happiness, getting slammed in the face every day with ‘if you loved them you’d buy them this’ commercials tends to wear on our nerves. Most of my family just ignores it and goes on with life, but it really bugs my dad. He has depression (and he’s bi-polar and has ADD) and it really affects him during the holiday season. He gets into moods where he’ll be extremely bleak for weeks leading up to Christmas because there is so much he’d LIKE to do for the family but cannot afford to. This year is even worse than normal, as his business has been reduced by at least 30% because of the tough economic times that everyone is enduring (he has a flea-market business).

I’m not telling you this to whine a sob story. I just wanted to let you know the background so you can see why getting these computers would be such a big deal to my family. For once it’d be nice to feel like we weren’t ‘doing without.’ I know it would improve my dad’s mood to know that there is still magic in the world.

As for the specifics of how I would share it: 1 laptop would go to my friend Rob for being an amazing friend to everyone. The mini would go to my sister that just started college and is already editor of the newspaper. The touch-smart would go to my mom, the owner of a small business that is really struggling a lot. I would use one laptop myself when I start teaching in the next year or so at a public middle school in Pittsburgh. The blu-ray & Corel I would donate to my local library. I think it’d be nice to donate the SmartConnect to a local fire company for them to raffle off (since this IS a fire-blog). My mom would also get the printer, the photo paper, and the dvd. Thankyou for giving me a chance at some magic.


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I have blogged about this giveaway here:

This could mean so much for so many. being a military family we have friends and family all over the world now, and being given the gift to give would be fantastic! We would help both friends/family and a local school here that one of children attends. His teacher does so much already, that I know she could benefit from having new computers, printers ect.

Rule #5 is the best – thanks for putting a smile on my face.

In terms of what this gift would mean to me and my family: I am temporarily unemployed (working hard to change that!) and we need computers. So, I would want to keep the laptop and the desktop.

But in the spirit of sharing, and because there are always those less fortunate, I would give the rest of it away to a great organization. You read correctly – all of it except the laptop and desktop!

I volunteer with a great group here in New York City called Getting Out & Staying Out ( They help 18-24 year olds coming out of Riker’s with all of the challenges they face – housing, jobs, education – all towards the goal of avoiding recidivism and any other type of bad behavior.

GOSO is well and tightly run, but it’s hit a bit of a rough patch, given that – in lean times – most people will donate any extra money to more ‘family friendly’ charities (think charities for children, etc.).

So, long story, long…give me the HDX 18 series notebook PC and the HP TouchSmart IQ816 AIO Desktop PC, and I will happily donate the rest to GOSO!


If I won this, it would mean that I would no longer be using my dinosaur computer that I am using now and that I would not have to use the library’s computer for things that my computer cannot handle. I would keep the Touchsmart for myself. I would share a laptop with my son in grad school because he would need it for his job upon graduation this summer. His fiance would get the other computer. I retired from my job at the hospital after 35 yrs of employment and because they are a nonprofit hospital, I would give a laptop to the hospital. What an awesome giveaway, so many computers!!!!

My name is Kevin VanGelder. I am a Student Helicopter Pilot and part time Website Developer. Because Helicopter Lessons are expensive (~$300 per hour) and I need around 200 of them, I can’t afford new computers as often as a Website Developer should.

Also, to minimize cost, I live at home with my parents and 12 siblings.. My dad had to go back to Teaching at a local school this year because his job as a salesman of Automotive Training Software has not paid well this year. A few new computers around the house would be a wonderful blessing to our homeschooling family.

Weather we win or loose, please thank HP for putting on this wonderful giveaway!
Kevin VanGelder

I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason, and during these tough economic times when one thinks that things could only get worse, a rainbow just appears out of nowhere. This is how I felt when I stumbled upon a link for this contest by HP & this blog :).

Winning something as random as this would be such a blessing and indeed a gift–of which I would definitely be sharing with my family. Yes, the economy may be in turmoil, and lots of things to stress about, but there are always, always people out there who try to make things better for others…and I can’t help but be grateful for these people. So to win or not to win, that is the question! But I am given hope, and that is enough…:D Happy Holidays everyone!

If I were to win this contest, it would mean that I’d be able to give the computer to a friend of mine who is badly in need for a computer. He’s been accepted into a graphic arts program at BCIT but the only computer that he has is an ancient machine that runs Windows 98.

A laptop would go as a present for my younger brother who’s still in high school and have been wishing for a laptop for over a year now. Other one to my father who really needs one for his business as he’s currently jotting down all the numbers on a printed out spreadsheet to be updated at home.

Having a new laptop for me would mean a very happy Christmas as well. This would be absolutely life-saver for my lectures.

Thank you very much for giving me this chance to win!

I’d probably keep the HDX myself, the rest would go to my wife who is a teacher in a school district that is cutting budget drastically! It’s so bad they only turn on the lights in the halls between classes. Her computer is a 10 year old Mac, that is so dirty I had to take the keyboard apart and clean it because so many of the keys were sticking. It locks up 2 or 3 times a day, almost doubling her time to do the most ordinary of tasks on it. Anything would be an improvement, these goodies would be like manna from heaven.

If I won, I’d keep the Touchsmart, one laptop and the printer to upgrade what my family currently has. I’d then be able to pass on our old desktop and printer to my Aunt, who owns a small business and could desperately use them. I’d give one of the new laptops to friends of ours who currently don’t have a computer of their own and are in no financial position to buy one.
I don’t know off the top of my head what I’d do with the rest, but we certainly don’t need it all for ourselves – I’d find some very deserving people to pass it along to!

I am 27 years old, father of 3 with one on the way. I am a programmer by trade, I enjoy working and playing with computers. If I win, I would like to give one of the laptops to the mother of my children(the mini), one of the other laptops would go to her father who desperately needs a new computer, along with the wireless printer. My brother could benefit from the extender, I would replace my main computer with the HP Touch, as my current one is about 6 years old. One of the remaining laptop I would use while I was on the train to work for my programming. One DVD would be for my children, and the other DVD could go to my brother for his new son, and of course he is a big kid so he can enjoy it for now until his son is older.

Winning a package like this would be amazing!

My current laptop is not doing so well and since I will be starting University next year, I have been trying to get enough money to get a decent laptop that will last me the 3 or so years I am there. If I was to win, I would keep one of the laptops for myself. The other one I would give to a family friend that doesn’t have a computer but has been planning on getting one when she can. The Touchsmart would be shared with the whole family and would make a great media computer. The wireless printer would also be extremely welcome as it would mean we don’t have to have a big desktop machine going 24/7 just to print over the network.

Thank you for this opportunity.

My oldest son is in 2nd grade and is attending a charter school. Each year, the school struggles to meet its budgetary needs while providing programs that will help the children grow and progress. This year, the school started a robotics program using Lego Mindstorms. There was enough money in the budget for the Legos, but they require a computer to program them to do their tasks, and there was no money in the budget for one. I would love to be able to donate the laptops to the school’s robotics program and give them the opportunity to really get the robotics program off the ground.

Always mean to comment on your general fabulousness but never seem to get round to it. Finally doing it this time, because there’s always a chance, however remote!

I would keep a laptop. I’ve had chronic depression from a young age. I managed well as a teenager but it’s come back with full force in the last two years and I’ve had to drop out of my PhD course and become financially dependent on my parents again, age 25. I’m trying to write a book about my illness and its treatment/mismanagement and the laptop would make such a difference. The one I was using for PhD studies died an untimely death a few months ago and since lost my stipend I can’t justify purchasing a new one.

I’m not great with gadgets and have no need of anything fancy, so I’d pass the rest on to the next person on the list.

Blessings to you and your family this Christmas

Since I had a leak from my bathroom down into my LR which leaked on my custom built pc and killed my Power Supply as well as my 8-in-1 smart drive, and my landlord could care less, I haven’t had a pc since February of this year! So since I have kids in middle school who regularly need to write reports at least a couple of times a week I have to take them to the library or a friend’s house to use the pc.

I’m a single mom so I can’t afford a pc; I can’t even afford a power supply to fix my current pc. This would really help me and my sister-in-law & brother, whose house was broken into a couple of months ago, and their pc was stolen, to make Christmas better. I also would donate a portion of the prize package to a Battered Women’s Shelter where I used to live about 10 years ago.

You can read my blogs here: and to read entries in relation to this giveaway, and how I would put it to good use.
Thanks so much! I’ll be tweeting this later and be back tomorrow to copy the links since I have to borrow a pc to do so. (I work on an Army base and all social networking is blocked – luckily I was able to get to your blog!)


I would love to win this. My computer crashed 2 weeks ago and I start college in the Spring so I could definitely use this for that…also I lost all my children’s birth pictures up to the now pics…even my 7 year olds…all my children are 7-15 months…4 of them…all lost…the pics…So I’d keep one of them and give the other one to a soldier my husband served with in the Army that is constantly going overseas to Iraq and Afghanistan…more there than here and has no contact with his wife and children while there because long lines at phone and no computer to write them…so this would mean the world to them!!! He is missing his little children growing up and he misses them dearly!!! and they miss him dearly too…this would mean alot to me for school but even more to him to have contact with his family!!!

This contest would mean an amazing change not only to myself and family, but also a couple other families.

I found your blog through one of many other mommy blogs I read and was enthralled. I’m the daughter of a safety officer at our fire department and a neice to a retired fire chief, so have been blessed to be around fire stations my entire life.

Currently, like many, my family is going through a hard time financially. We won’t be having a Christmas with presents this year….but we will be getting ready for our first child! I think this is by far the best present we can get.

But I’ve been following these contests since I first read it in order that I can help others who have children already and don’t have anything to help them with. A close friend of mine would get one of the laptops, as they are in school and that laptop would help them significantly with their school work. Another friend was just laid off from her job and would be able to do work from home, but doesn’t have a computer. My mom also works for the school district and I know she has several families on her list that could use computers.

Being able to give gifts would make a huge difference this year!

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What winning this contest mean to me? I’m from Dominican Republic, a Beautiful Island on the Caribbean. Our economy is very affected by the USA economy, and in this tough times is even harder for us to be able to get things we need.

My family lives in another city than my two sisters and I, so my mother ask me for a computer so that way she can be able to comunicate via IM or e-mail with us more constantly instead of making phone calls (in our country the telecomunication is very expensive)

I havent been able to buy one for her, because right now the money is not at hand for that. I want to give One of the laptop to my mother and the other to my sisters, that way it would be much easier and cheaper for us to keep in touch.

I also want to give the Photo Suite to my older sister, she just gave birth to my first nephew =D and she would appreciate having her baby photos with her and make presents for my parents, is their first grandson so is very important for them.

My family would love to win this. Although the only thing I would keep would be the touchsmart and printer. All the rest I would do much good with. I hope somewhere out there that there really is magic in this world. My computer is almost completely done to where no one can fix it. This truely would be a season to remember.

I would keep one of the laptops (I don’t have one) and the MediaSmart Connect. I’ve always wanted to watch digital content on my TV. As for the rest, I have decided to donate one of the laptops (and probably the printer) to the Angel Tree. The short version is that the laptop would go to some lucky underpriviledged child. The mini would most likely go to my nephew who recently lost his laptop (not as in mislaid but as in it’s no longer in his posession).

I would use all of the prizes on the Relay for Life Letcher County Committee that I serve on. Relay for Life is an event held yearly to raise money for the American Cancer Society. I have been a active participant of this event for the past 8 years since my daughter at the age of 9 was diagnosed with Leukemia. She is doing great now but my entire family is very dedicated to raising funding for the American Cancer Society so that hopefully one day a cure for all cancers can be discovered. The Relay for Life Letcher County Committe works to organize this county’s annual Relay For Life event and raise as much money as possible for the ACS. We have been unable to put our county and it’s event information, resources etc on a website as of yet due to financial constraints in purchasing the needed equipment (computers, printers, scanners, etc). I would donate the use of these prizes to that cause. Thank you for a wonderful contest.

My notebook is a good machine and has served me well, however it has a weak processor and 1gig of ram. The powerful HDX, the Media Connect, and the Printer would complement my needs. The TouchSmart would be perfect for my Dad a senior citizen who plays games, organizes photos, and listens to music. My girlfriend’s young daughter writes stories. She spends time weekly with each parent, the portable Mini is perfect for her. The Pavilion would find a nice home with a couple, who often call me for tech support, currently using Windows Millennium.

If I won I would share the prize with some really deserving people!

My older sister would get a computer, she is currently a homemaker (trying to get into absolute perfect health so she can have easy pregnancy)so as you might imagine she can’t afford a new computer, and her current hand-me-down laptop doesn’t even turn on!

I would give one to my mother. She needs a new desk top! the one she has now has crashed more times then I can count (including one time having us lose almost two years of home movies, everything from my sister’s engagement to a family vacation my grandmother went on right before she passed away.)

I would also give a computer to my brother in-law, Matthew. He and my sister just got married and their financial situation is tight. He needs a new computer, (He is recently unemployed and would like to become a self employed Graphic Artist). I believe a new computer will help his new career and better help their income.

Please Consider Me For This Prize. It will really make (a currently plain, as I am sure many people are facing because of our economic crises) a truly amazing Christmas my family would always remember.

All I really want from the competition is the Touchsmart. I have a functional laptop, and I have no need for anything else. Everything else I would be more than happy to donate to Child’s Play Charity, which is my all time favorite charity EVER.

Winning this would mean a lot to me and my family.
I would only keep the HDX (I currently don’t have a computer of my own), and share the TouchSmart with the rest of the family. I would give the Mini to my dad, who has always been interested in netbooks but never had the extra money to go buy one, and the Pavilion to my brother.

Stop, Drop & Blog and Hewlett Packard are giving away $6,000 worth of computer gear this season, and I’m entering to try and win the HP Touch Smart. If you saw the computer I work on you would fall over backwards from laughing so hard. Having lost my job a few months ago, I’ve been struggling to make ends meet by doing freelance work when I can find it. If I won the Touch Smart it would enrich my life so much, words cannot explain! I would also donate my current desktop computer (the one I’m writing on now) to my local animal rescue service.

I would donate all the remaining items back to the contest to be distributed to the other folks who entered this contest. Then it would be up to Stop, Drop & Blog to decide where the rest of the prizes were to go. Or, Stop, Drop & Blog could give the rest of the prizes away to their favorite local organizations. The bottom line is I don’t need all the items in the giveaway, I just need a better computer than the one I do all my work on. Also, it would be awesome to share the rest of the prizes with others!

Happy Holidays!

As my husband and I are both full time college students, trying to stay afloat through life in general with our almost 2 year old daughter–we can’t afford to update our technology as it is much needed. My lap top gets A LOT of use between school, blogging, reviews, emails, digital scrapbooking, etc. and is quickly approaching it’s end. Memory is filling up, my USB ports don’t work half the time. In fact, I don’t even have Microsoft Office, which is not good for my student career! My husband’s isn’t much better. My printer also died, but we can’t afford to replace it. Not good when I’ve got papers due!

If I won, I would keep the smart touch, one lap top, one printer, and necessary software but would donate the rest to a charity. I haven’t researched my area enough to know the needs specifically, but I do know there are local families that have lost jobs and can’t afford a Christmas for their kids, even within our church, and I would give most of the prize to those in need. Our family does live on a tight budget but we still have everything we need to stay afloat, so, I would hope that this prize would mainly go to benefit another family that isn’t as fortunate right now.

Thanks for the opportunity!

If I win, I would give the laptop (15in mini) to my husband as way of letting him know how thankful I am that he has allowed me to stay home with our two kids. Even though our budget is really tight. We are treating our 4 year old son biomedically. As well as having our daughter go to preschool (she is 3). He has been there for me more than anyone due to the trouble and heartache I’ve went through prior to our marriage. It’s just my way of thanking him. Even though he stated many times he doesn’t any anything for Christmas since the kids and I are his “everyday Christmas present.”

I am a simple girl who is embarking upon an exciting new journey. I am starting graduate school in January. In 2 years I will be a Marriage and Family Therapist, working diligently to keep families together. So, for me winning this would really make this endeavor a little easier. Currently, I do not have a computer at home and I am stuck using my computer at work during my lunch break…. not the worst thing in the world but something that needs to change. I am single and don’t have my own family yet, but I do have 13 year brother I would share it with! Thank you for your consideration.

Winning this prize package would be awesome because it means that I get to share it with my family and friends. Seriously. I’d keep the mini, give the dv4 and the touchsmart to my brother and mom respectively, and give the other laptop and stuff to some friends who I know could use it.

Thanks for being a part of this!

What a fun deal :) We actually have a 6 yr old computer that’s still going strong and a nice laser jet printer that works great so actually, I don’t really need all the stuff but it would be fun to win and either pass it on, or sell the items and give part of the money to others, especially some of our family/friends who are unemployed (it pretty much sucks to be a Michigander right now!). Thanks for entering me!

I am looking forward to give the notebook and printer to a friend of mine. He has helped my wife and I build cabinets and improve our house for nothing. Everytime we try to repay him he does another good deed. The last time he came to our house he cooked dinner for us. Their building business has been dry and his wife has had to work at Target to pay the bills. I would like to help cheer up their holiday by giving them some hardware for their children etc.

My philosophy in life is to pay it forward. Over the last week I have been helping my wife’s firm move into their new offices for no charge. While in Frys I met a Phil and his dad. They were having problems with a monitor they bought. I showed them a great deal that was to be had and showed them some ideas to improve the picture. I left them my number but they have not called.

I am not sure who to give all the equipment to but the main thing I would like is the HP Mini 1000. I travel a lot and my 8lb laptop is killing my back. Carrying that thing around is painful.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and New Year.


This contest has come not a moment too soon in my life! I am a single parent of two children. My sister recently died and left behind four children of her own with no one to care for them. I stepped in, and now have all six children in my home. It has been very difficult, because my son has learning disabilities and requires home schooling. I do not have my own computer, and so we make daily trips to the local library, but the time limits on the computers there are short at best. I am also a passionate animal rescuer and have fostered and adopted out many animals in the last ten years.

I am aware that the local animal control desperately needs updated computer equipment to better place the animals that so desperately need a home. Additionally, I tutor underprivileged children in Language Arts for the local school district. These computers could make a huge difference for them as well. If I win this contest, I will do the following: Give one computer to the local animal control, give one computer to the local school for the students, and keep one for myself so that my son can use it for his home schooling needs. It would also be beneficial for my sister’s children to have a means of using the new computers as well. Please consider my family in this contest. Thank you.

if i won, i would not be using any of these donations for myself.

i would try to split it fairly evenly between my cousin, Emily, my brother, Nate, and my step-brother, Joe.

Emily is currently 19 years old. She was in a car accident on August 8, 2007 where she was not wearing a seatbelt. The car rolled several times and she sustained serious injuries to her left leg. She was medi-vac’ed to Baltimore’s Shock Trauma and was in ICU for 21 days. She has had over 20 surgeries on her left leg which was degloved during the accident. She will need approximately a dozen more surgeries to correct her leg in the coming years.

As a result of this, she did not enter college when most of her friends did. She was due to be a freshman at JMU in August 2007. She may never achieve that, due to the financial setbacks the car accident has caused. She is currently working full time and attending community college part time. I would give the TouchSmart and accessories as well as the Corel software to her, as I know she would like to get more into her graphic design.

My brother has had a few tough years and would do well with the Notebook and Home/Student office software. He has had some bad luck and made some poor choices but he is turning his life around and I wish every day that I could gift him with something that would explain how proud and thankful I am of all that he has achieved.

My stepbrother is the youngest of 6 kids, and with me and my bio-bro in there, he is the youngest of eight. My parents have kind of run out of finances for the ‘kid fund’ so he has recently joined the US Navy. He has also recently proposed to his girlfriend, and as she lives abroad (in France). I would give him the Mini and KungFu Panda.

Finally, I would gift the Vista software to the church I grew up attending. The congregation are trying to update the facilities and they are having an extension added to the buildings, so that has left other upgrades to fall by the wayside. The computer system is pretty old and I know they will be getting new computers from a few members of the congregation, but the newer PC in the pastor’s office could use a software upgrade.

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If I was to win I’d donate the biggest prize to my brother who has always had the shorter end of the deal when it comes to anything. This will be a pleasant gift to him, especially seeing as I’m a student and can’t afford a proper gift, which is what he deserves.

A less than fortunate boy on my street would appreciate one of the laptops as his household doesn’t even own a computer. This will benefit him and his whole family and will be a nice surprise. I also plan on giving him the software, as my software is decent and I’ve no need to update.

For the other laptop, I’ll be giving that to the daughter of my dad’s girlfriend as the credit crunch has hit them hard, forcing them both to move out of their home and into a flat.

Winning this would mean so much to me. I have been trying to save up for the longest time to get my mom a computer, since I am a college student that is ridiculously hard. I had to move away from home for college leaving my family at home without a computer because I needed it for school. It would mean a lot to me if I could give this to my family so that they can have one at home when I am not there because I am at school. My mom was saving last year to buy a computer when I left for college and a month before I had to leave for school she lost her job and she couldn’t find one for 7 MONTHS!! She had to use the money she had saved up to survive on and since then it has been hard to recuperate that money even though she is working now.

BTW I love you blog!

Personally, I don’t have a use for any of the objects in the prize package aside from a couple of the smaller items. What I plan to do with it is sell everything except for the printer, photo pack, and DVD. I’ll sell them at low prices to give others a great deal for the holidays, and turn around and use the money I make for bigger and better presents this holiday season. I will likely also keep one of the computers for a giveaway on my blog, because that seems like a really fun thing to be able to do.

Goodness, there are so many deserving people leaving comments here, I feel a little guilty for entering, but this would still be so nice.

Our family is struggling, but we have our home, our health, each other, and we won’t have an extravagant Christmas, but we will be together. Still, I’m tired of seeing my husbands shoulders bowed over with stress and worry. I hate to see him work so hard and feel so helpless.

Should we be fortunate enough to win, I’d like to keep the notebook for me, because I hate being tied to a desktop for my writing. I’d like the touchscreen for my hubby, because he is a gadget guy and this would just light up his life. I’d like the mini notebook so he can have a laptop as part of the diagnostic process that his company performs-their current equipment is less than optimal.

All my motives aren’t selfish, though. I would donate our current PC setup, which isn’t fancy but is new enough to be very useful, along with the fun things in the package not needed by us (like the printer), to a charity organization here called Communities in Schools. They provide meals and clothing and even medical services to children who are either homeless or one step away from homeless.

Whoever wins, this is an amazing giveaway and I thank you for being part of it, FireMom. You’ve restored a little cheer to my year.

One of the laptops I would keep for myself to replace my current one which has a super-cracked screen that is getting worse every day. That will be a big help financially and also for my business.

The other computers I am super excited to give away! As I pondered who they would go to, it came to me that it would make sense to give them to aspiring Virtual Assistants – especially those who are financially struggling and can’t afford to buy the computer that is so integral to this type of work. To choose these people, I will reach out to the VA organizations I volunteer for and ask for nominations. I will give the computers to aspiring VAs (small business owners) who volunteer for these professional organizations selflessly and give of themselves without expectation of reward or thanks. I have met so many Virtual Assistants who have awesome potential and are doing everything right to grow their business – they just don’t have adequate tools to get them to the ultimate level they are capable of. Making a small difference in several people’s lives would be such a great Christmas present to myself. When you give, you get in so many intangible ways! Many thanks to HP and all the bloggers for being so generous!

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If I win this contest, I will donate one of the laptops to the victims of the latest floods in the south of Brazil, hoping that this contribution will help rebuild the lives of hundreds of families.

I won’t pretend I’m one of the neediest people reading your blog, because I’m certainly not. Like you, I’m very grateful for all of the things that I have, and I’m very, very lucky to be living a comfortable life. We are, however, putting alotalotalot of money into our dream of starting a family and regularly seem to be writing cringe-worthy checks to either our agency or our attorney. And because of that, there are no big purchases coming up for us. My husband’s car and a couple of beaten up computers are among the things that we’re hanging onto until it’s a lot more feasible to spend the money to replace them. This prize package replace a couple of computers loooooong before we’d be able to replace them ourselves. I’m sticking with what I’ve said in some other contest entries — I would share part of the prize with, a very worthy volunteer-run nonprofit that is dedicated to supporting patients going through treatment for cancer. Several young patients would love to receive those “Kung Fu Panda” videos, and I would think that the bigger stuff would either allow the Chemoangels administration to keep things running or would make some awesome raffle items to raise money. Either way, I’d be happy to share.

First of all, thanks for giving me the oportunity of winning all that! I think my family will be very happy, considering this economic times. If win I would share the items with my brother and my parents. My brother actually needs a Desktop PC, so I will give him the HP TouchSmart IQ816. Also I will give the others notebooks for my mother and my father and I will keep the, maybe, the netbook. Sharing is the meaning of the season.

The HP Magic Giveaway is a great opportunity for those who are wishing for an amazing gift to close the year.

With the TouchSmart, I will explore the new (and exciting) touch features, utilizing Vista’s touch capabilities, and allow friends to do some graphic designing on it. (Maybe some Folding@home?)

I will use the netbook for the bulk of my schoolwork and studies, learning, coding, and discovering things as I go. The HDX18 holds entertainment value on a mobile scale, and the dv4-1145go will allow me to stay connected via devices and communications.

The printer will be used for digital photography, capturing dear memories inside vivid photos. The MediaSmart will provide amazing and fulfilling home theater experiences.

I plan to spread the love and spirit of giving; many have done a lot for me, and I will return their favors, making their lives more rich with tech.


On the other hand, I might just decide to play with them, see what I like and what I don’t, and for those with which I have no use for, I might just decide to tweak them and hand them to someone. ;)

For example, like the TouchSmart. I already have a desktop PC (that is beloved by me), and I don’t need another. If I find its uses innovative but lacking for my uses (where and how would I use + need touch? that is, of course, until Windows 7 comes out ;) ), I will give it to someone or at least allow them to use it for the majority of things. My school has a bunch of designers that may just be itching to get their hands on something like this…

Also, the netbook. It’s not ideal for daily 3 hours usage. If I find the laptops will suffice, I will give it to someone else. In doing that, I would tweak it and hand it off to someone who would take care of it, especially to perhaps a good friend who cherishes his hardware, like Nic. :)

As for the laptops, I might actually decide to keep the better of the ones I test, and again, give the other away. Perhaps to my sister or another friend?

Everything else, I believe that I will keep the software, but perhaps give away the blu-ray movie (which I don’t have a blu-ray player) AND MediaSmart (if I don’t find a purpose for it) AND PhotoSmart (I don’t have a digital camera).

Reason being? I don’t really need them. ;) People other than me can use them to a better extent. And it’s about time I pay back friends and family members for their generosity :)

If I won, I would give the printer to my sister, a fellow college student, one of the laptops to my uncle who is very hard on laptops and has an older one. I would also give another computer to my mom, who just lost her job (and her company issued laptop). I would keep the last computer and the mini for myself. I would donate all of the software and dvds (except the one bluray and the preinstalled copies of windows) because I know someone else will use it more than me. I shall continue adding comments with my tweets (I will be doing 2 per day.)
I dugg the story on digg, my username there is sinembarg0. Here’s a link:
and here’s a link to my first tweet:

First of all, a big thank you for hosting this contest and to HP and Microsoft for donating such amazing prizes.

With a prize package like this, there’s no reason to keep everything for yourself, especially not at this time of year. It’s really good to see corporations running contests like this that will promote gift-giving throughout the world.

If I won this package, I’d keep the Mini for myself and give one of the laptops to a friend of the family that needs a new computer. As to everything else, I’d be donating it to the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada. I first learned of the wonderful work they do there almost 15 years ago when a friend was injured during a football game and needed extensive medical attention. Sadly, he passed away due to his injuries, but the dedication of the doctors, nurses, and other staff at the hospital was an eye-opener to me. They never gave up, even when things took a turn for the worse. Since then, I’ve tried to donate what I could each year to the Hospital because I knew exactly what I was helping to achieve (in my own small way).
I know the patients there, the majority of whom are young children and teenagers, would love to receive these gifts and I would love to see that happen.

Thanks again.

Winning this contest would mean so much to me and my family! It will help me in running my virtual assistant business (and replace the horribly old desktop I currently have!!), and it will allow me to share some laptop joy with family and friends! I think it’s a fabulous contest and thank you for allowing me the opportunity to enter (and a big THANK YOU to HP for sponsoring all these awesome giveaways!)

first off thank you for this wonderful giveaway…

I would share the prizes between my family .
1st. would be my mom.she raised us 4 kids as a single parent with no help from the state or gov. and my dad never paid a penny of child support.She raised us on a factory job 5 days a week and taught us all how to be independant and love family and god.We never had much money but mom was able to raise us in a home she helped build and we always had something to eat and she was there EVERY night to tuck us in.she would get the hp 564 photo pack(she loves her camera and pictures)
2.My son darrell.he and julie(wife) are starting out in their first home next week with their 6 month old little charlize mae.He and julie both enjoy a computer ,but about 7 months ago,mine crashed beyond saving,They gave me theirs!They refuse it back saying it is mine.Right now he is the only one working due to little charlie,and julie has relocated here from arizona.There is no way he can get them one now and this would be a godsend to be able to give this to them.They would get a laptop!he would get the hp hdx notebook.
3. This would be my daughter rita.She has 3 litlle kids ,6,3, and 5 months.She can not afford a good computer and billy(6) loves them already.He goes to the homework sites and the learning sites.He is top in his 1st grade and this would be a great tool for him and rita would have a computer to be able to communicate with others online after the babies are asleep.That is her 2 hours before bed.she and billy would get the touch smart pc. and the photosmart pack. grandkids-thy are the wind beneath my wings.I have some health problems but when i am with them,i remember what is most important.They are,they need me as much a s i need i stay as hopeful and optemistic as i can with things.They are my life,my earthly blessings.They get the dvd’s.
4.stepson zack-his mom left him with me when he was 4.he is now 16 and has adhd.He struggles at school but really tries.He has had a lot of nerve problems and i think the hp mini would be great for him… has always helped me when i had problems and iwould love to be able to give him the entertainment pack.he is a musician.
5.last but not least my sister.She gets the rest.She has went through lots of test lately ,medical for tumors,and she would enjoy that.

i thank you very much for offering me the chance to be a blessing to the one’s whom i love most here on this earth….
thank you and merry christmas!!!!


4 kids + a mom that blogs + 1 computer = computer crashing

I would love to share, not only with our boys, but also with our family. A digital photo frame would be a wonderful way to share ALL the pictures we can’t afford to print right now for our kids first mom. My dh works purely for commission – selling LUMBER for the non-existant construction industry, and our current and only computer is a hand-me-down from his office. It can’t run photo software, and I cant afford a new one to be able to do anything with the pictures of the boys I want to share.

So many people who deserve – my best friend whose mother died way too young after a way too brief battle with cancer, and then shortly thereafter had her mother’s house broken into and vandalized and in the process they stole the laptop left out to catalogue her mother’s few possessions. Laptop (and thesis in process) gone forever.

My sister who just found out that her son has a horrible eye condition that will require hundreds of dollars of therapy a month, not covered by any medical plan, or he may never read, or catch a ball or be able to function normally. And they were saving up to buy a computer printer after Christmas.

Wonderful, amazing organizations that help disabled children who need computers or laptops for school, and can’t afford one themselves.

:) its a great idea and I think this will be my only entry! :)

I am entering this contest in hopes of being able to give the gift of a laptop to my younger brother. He is an aspiring writer and wants to start blogging. Unfortunately he has never had his own computer, so its kind of hindering his passion. This would be a great gift for him! Thanks for the opportunity!

Hmmm. Everyone likes to win stuff right. It gives you that rush of adrenaline and that glowy happy feeling. Heck, I get that feeling with a $2.00 scratch ticket.

Times are tough this year but, for some of us, we started struggling long before this year. I guess it all depends on who you ask and what they feel a struggle is.

For my husband, his stuggle would be the Family business that has been steadliy slowing. Owning a bakery in a small town of retired folks is hard work. Pensioners are all tightening their purse strings and keeping tighter elastic bands on their wallets. It is a struggle normally to get through the winter for us business wise when our summer clientel is all gone but, trying to run a business on “air” is impossible. There are no loans to be had or qualified for in this Economic “storm”. The business is constantly weighing on my husbands mind as he tries to do his best to keep his chin up and keep plugging along best he can. Surely something in that package would make him smile for a while and forget about business for just a few minutes.

My in-laws are older folks. They don’t know a lot about technology. They are very helpful and very supportive of Us and our children. Certainly, we could teach them to use a computer to keep better track of their friends as they all age gracefully into retirement.

My two older Children have all kinds of struggles though you may never guess from seeing them. Having not been conceived nor birthed by me they did not have the best prenatal care and were exposed to alcohol in Utero. I do my best on a daily basis to catch and keep them up to speed with what they are trying so hard to learn. Simple things like small motor skillz are hard for my son but, he will plug away at printing or reading skillz for the reward of Computer time where he learns more about letters, numbers and phonics. We could really benefit from another computer in our home for them and their extra effort they need to put into their learning/ educational needs.

My mother and Father are having a long and drawn out divorce. Although I know they are adults it has been stressful on the whole family. Certainly anything at all would be nice for “family time” instead of feeling guilty over which ever parent is missing we can put the lightness and fun back into Family functions.

So, in short, lots of good things can come from winning Free Stuff but, we all know that.

Thanks for running the contest. Winning this package would mean a lot to me and my family: it will be the perfect gift for both us and our favorite charity: Teach for America. We would share part of the prize with Teach for America to enable their cause for improving education for all children (especially those in need) in America: we’re sure this would be the greatest gift for all children for the holiday season!

My first 2 tweets for the day:

I would share this generous package first with my daughters school by giving them a laptop and the mini. Next I would give the other laptop and printer to my mother who has done so much for me through the years. I would keep the TouchSmart for myself, I work at home doing a lot of freelance and I am making do with a computer that has an almost entirely full hard drive and has become impossibly slow. This would make for a really wonderful Christmas for my family, and would make our life better throughout the year as well!

Winning this contest would mean a lot to me, and not only me but some family friends. One of our neighbors is a family with two very nice boys that we have known practically since they can walk. This family has had a lot of issues, and the boys have spent a lot of time at our house as a safe and warm place. One of the boys is about to graduate high school and the other is just entering it. If I win any of these contests, I plan on providing each of them a computer to use for their school work. They have never had anything like this in their lives, and I think it would really make their Christmas magical.

I am still in school and my father recently had to relocate to a new job, starting from scratch, since his old company shut down due to the economy. My family is on a rather tight budget, and it would be wonderful to be able to not only update our home computer (it’s starting to show its 7 years) but also to give such wonderful gifts for the holidays.

We would most likely keep the desktop, giving the rest to friends who have helped us in innumerable ways through the years and also donating a part of the package to our church, which is very small and not in the best financial situation. The community is not very numerous, but certainly very warm, and they could use some new technology to help them better run the programs they organize throughout the year. It has done much to keep the traditions of the “old country” alive and also helps family who move to the US adjust and network, and new equipment could help them better accomplish these services.

Thank you (and HP and Microsoft) for this great opportunity!

Hi, Firemom!

I am a firm believer in Pay It Forward (“3 people helped each day, “paid forward” by each person helps 4.7M people in two weeks.”). Should my number be drawn as the winning entry, I would like to share a portion of the magic with the Rochester School for the Deaf The school has been in existence since the late 1800’s and has given so much to families with hearing impaired children (from birth through school) that I would like to give back to them.

Part of the package would be shared with my daughter’s family. My son-in-law’s 5 brothers and 1 sister are chipping in to pay the costs so my daughter and family can come home for Christmas this year. It will be their first trip home since her company relocated them 4.5 years ago. Because my daughter has to take frequent business trips, having the HP Mini to take with her will make it easier to stay in contact with her family while traveling. The computer my granddaughter was using broke so having a replacement would certainly help her and her sister in school.

The HP MediaSmart Connect would be put to good use at home since our TV doesn’t have a digital converter, making it unusable come February when the Congressional mandated change goes into effect.

Crossing my fingers and wishing everyone luck. (Remember, no whining. :) )

Since I just started college, winning would help me out immensely. Everyday, I bus to/from school for about 2 hours and it’s really a pain to not have access to work on my computer since it’s at home. I live with my mom and younger brother and we often both need to use our computer for school simultaneously. That’s the computer that this prize package would be replacing. With my mom’s unstable housekeeping job, financial aid’s the only reason school’s affordable. I’m going to school in hopes of a brighter future for her so that’s where my money committed; not a new computer.
I’m not going to lie, I don’t need this entire package (who would?). A family of 3 doesn’t need 4 computers. However, I know someone whose parents’ incomes were “not low enough,” didn’t qualify for financial aid and can barely afford college now. I’m aware she’s not a part of some charity, but I’d also like to help her with her college endeavors with gifts from the prize this holiday. Like me, she’s unable to purchase laptops or computers on her own.
Lastly, I’m a part of a group called Dream Project where a whole bunch of us college students get together with high school students to help them out with the college application process. When I was a high school student, the same group helped me complete and send in my college application. I don’t know if I would’ve been able to finish my application without them. Anyways, every time I meet with the students, we’re unable to edit the papers on a computer since none of us have the money to afford a laptop. This year, the group has grown to about 120 students when it was just 6 a few years ago. With so many students working with us, it’s very difficult to secure a sufficient amount of computers. It would be so much easier to help them write their papers and fill out apps when I have a computer I can actually bring around.

12/11/08 Tweets…




I don’t need a computer. I have one, and I know how to use approximately .0000024% of its features. Sure, it’s always good to have a second back-up system, but hey. Other people need HP’s magic more than I do. Here’s the peeps I have in mind:

My son, Johnny Pie. His computer was stolen just before Thanksgiving. He’s a tech guy laid off from his job. Yeah, yeah, he can use a library computer to apply for jobs. But c’mon. A person with so much technical talent should not be without his computer lifeline.

My daughter, Annie Pie Bananny Pie. She’s on the Dean’s List in college, and aspires to Teach for America. Her computer crashes. And crashes. And crashes. Enough already.

My friend, Vicki Pie. (Okay, I don’t really call her that. She’d slap me.) She suffers from post-polio syndrome, and multiple chronic health problems. She’s going to have to quit her job. She SHOULD have quit a long time ago, so she could stay home and take care of herself, but she hasn’t the money. She has no computer of her own. I believe she could stay home and earn a little money from her computer, and try to manage financially on disability.

The rest would go to my hometown community theater. They rely on contributions. Given the economy, I worry they will have to shut down after forty-plus years of delighting our community. Their computer system is pathetic. Because they aren’t a “life or death” charity, they may not seem as worthy as other charities presented here. But our society needs the arts as desperately as we need antibiotics or oxygen.

The good news? Now that he has the time, techie Johnny Pie could set everybody up with their new systems.

The End.

P.S. Thank you, HP MagicPie.

Winning this would be amazing. I would give my sister whatever she wants. She is in grad school and working at a children’s hospital as a caseworker. My kids, of course, and my nieces all would benefit. I would also give one of the computers to our local county foster care board. The need is great there.
Winning this would give my sister the boost to finish grad school, hopefully, my son to hang in his freshman year in college, and bless the board to be able to organize as needed.

Hi, thanks to you, HP & MS for your wonderful generosity and good luck to everyone!
This would be such a blessing to win and share with my family who could really benefit from a gift like this.
First I would want to share with my brother and his wife and their 2 girls, Emma who is 8 and Annabelle who is 5. They are really having a rough time right now. They had to file for bankruptcy, let the truck go back and are 3 payments behind on their mortgage. What is really sad is that they both work full time. Through a few illnesses, they got behind on the bills and with this economy, it is hard to get back out of the hole. I know many reading this can certainly relate. My sister n law works full time as a medical transcriptionist and now she just got several new dr. clients that she will be doing their medical transcription work at home as a side job. I know that her pc is really old so I would love, LOVE to give her the touchsmart pc and the printer. They have had such bad news and hard times that it would be pure joy to see the happiness on their faces for this gift. They are great family and what makes giving them something so nice is that they alway’s are doing for others.
Then I would love to give one of the laptops and the MS school software to my son who is 21, will be moving out into his very first apartment soon and will be going back to school so this would be great for him and his new bachelor pad. ~smile~
Then I would give one of the laptops (probably the mini) to my dear, sweet, fantabulous mama who alway’s does for others and doesn’t do enough for herself. She has alway’s wanted a pc to do geaneology on so I would love to surprise her this Christmas.
The last one I would like to keep for myself. I work in the technology field (total beginner so I am online 15 hours or more a day sometimes so I definately could use a new one. My brand new pc was hit by lightning this summer and totally fried so I am using and old laptop now until I can save up for a new one. So you see, this prize would definately not go to waste here. Thanks again and Merry Christmas everyone!

I would keep the netbook for myself. I would then give away everything else to my co-workers who were recently laid off. I want to bring some Holiday cheer to them!

I’ve already written a post about this, but I would be splitting the prize package up. My coworkers and I are sponsoring three families through the United Way’s United Christmas Service, all of them single moms with kids. I would keep the TouchSmart to replace my desktop, and the printer would replace my ancient Canon printer, both of which would be donated to charity, as well. As for the MediaSmart Connect… I wasn’t sure what I would do with it. I don’t have a TV compatible with it, nor do I really need it or know anyone who does. After some thought, I think I’d donate it for fundraising purposes… the company I work for raises money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation every year, and this would be a great item to include in the next silent auction!

My husband and I have endured multiple hardships in the past 1.5 years, enough to make a marriage crumble or a person fall to pieces, but we have made it through and feel incredibly blessed. The Lord has been with us through it all.

The Lord has also blessed us with amazing family members who have supported both emotionally and financially in our time of need, and I would love to use the contents of this package to try and give back a tiny of portion of what they have given to us.

Upon hearing about this contest and the sheer magnitude of the number of prizes given away, including the four computers, I looked towards those that were truly in need. I turned to one of the community programs that I volunteered at as a place where these gifts would most be appreciated. The program was to keep children off of the streets and to influence them to think independently, instead of influence from peer pressure. I would probably keep one of the laptops at the very most because I feel that others need it more than I do.

Winning this prize package would be amazing. I’m using an old Presario 7000 that I’ve done my best to keep it running well by doing regular maintenance and updates but it’s reached the point to where it can no longer be upgraded or have its parts replaced. I would probably keep the TouchSmart to replace my current computer & I’m hoping such a computer could meet my school needs by allowing me to operate AutoCAD and any other program that I regularly use. I’d also probably keep one of the laptops for times I’m at school for long hours or away from home for days. My current setup I would give to GoodWill.

The rest of the computers would be given to family members who I know could use one. My brother doesn’t have a computer and would like to have a laptop to take with him for traveling. My niece could benefit from having a laptop for her schoolwork, recording her music, and writing poetry.

I think my 7-year-old nephew would enjoy getting the Kung Fu Panda DVD so that he could watch it any time he wanted. I don’t know of anyone who could use the MediaSmart and any other software, so I would donate it if I can’t find anyone who could benefit from it.

I am on a non-profit committee working on outfitting the first-ever library for an inner-city K-8 grade school that has been around since the 1940s. It was so hard for me to imagine that the school had existed so long without a standalone library. They had a couple of shelves of very old, very worn books in the back of their gym. We are buying them books, furniture, etc. It would be nice to have some extras to throw in, too.

I would like to keep one of the laptops for myself. I’ve only ever used Mac desktops so I would be curious to see how HP/Windows compares. And it would be great to be able to be so magnanimous with such a huge prize package to show my kids what the holiday spirit is all about.

Wow, what a great giveaway! Me and my husband have been very blessed financially through the years. He recently lost his great paying job and has been a little overwhelmed since, but thankfully we are in a good position that this has not impacted us in many ways. We are still doing fine and it seems like we will continue to do so.

The person that I would like to help would be my brother. Well rather I would like to gift this to his two little girls. They are the same age as my boys. My brother claims that he can’t work because of his back (his back is badly injured but he also has never had a desire to work.) He lives in another state but now has to move back to our state to move back in with our parents with his wife and 2 girls into a small 3 bedroom house. My parents are retired and this will be hard on them. I would love for my nieces to be able to learn with the computer. I see how much my sons learn from them and it is definitely something that they will need to do well in school.

So I would really love to surprise them with this. I wish I knew how to twitter so I could enter more. I am going to look into it.

Thanks for the opportunity.

Hello my name is Pamela Vest, and this is my entry email. To begin,a little about me. I am a stay at home mom with 2 minor children at home. One is 16 and the other is 11 both girls. I also have a 21 year old son. I am a blogger as well. I have been diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS, fibromyalgia and RA. As you may have guessed I am disabled. But I manage to get by and I am do not wxpwct or want anyone’s pity.I feel blessed that I have the abilities that I do have for it could be alot worse and for that I am so grateful. I enjoy helping others as much as I am able to. So far I can still get around on most days pretty good. I would love to win this package to help my children and also a child at my daughters school who recently lost everything in a home fire. Their home was a total loss. I can’t afford to buy my son and daughter computers and both are in great need of one. My son (Buck) has social disorders and can not function well in large crowd settings. He is hoping some day to take online course to get a degree. My 16 year old will soon be going off to college and a laptop would be awesome for her classes. She is a bright young woman who has over come disabilities of her own. She was born with hearing impaired. She has no hearing in her left ear and hearing loss in her right one. Despite this disability she has become an honor student at school. She works so hard and is already looking into her college options. I am so proud of her for her achievements. I would love to give her something to help her on her journey. She is hoping to become a physcotrist, great career choice I think. The little girl at my other daughters school has lost everything she has. I know first hand what she is feeling,because in 2000 we lost our home to a fire. I was in the spring, I know how lost I felt with only the clothes on my back. Her family is facing the holiday season with nothing. How sad and hopeless her parents must feel. I could put this package to such good use. Please consider my entry. Thank you for your time.

I would give one notebook to my son thats in the USAF, one to my daughter thats in college and has been getting by borrowing one. I would keep the touchsmart for my kids that are still at home and the final one I would give to a single mom that I know who is struggling to make ends meet while putting herself through college.
This is an amazing giveaway…a nice way to share with someone who really needs it.

These are the People/Organizations I would donate the specified items to.

AAA Pregnancy Counseling Center:
HP Mini 1000
HP Photo smart C6380 Wireless AIO (printer)
HP 564 Photo Value Pak
The best cause I can think of! AAA Pregnancy Counseling Center provides support and planning for mothers to be, all completely free. They are solely run off of donations and in this economy, they are facing a shortage of donations. Another major part of AAA’s role is to go out and spend one week each semester in the local schools teaching abstinence. In this town, we have one of the highest number of STD cases in the country. AAA counselors work tirelessly educating students during the day and parents at night. AAA Pregnancy Counseling Center could greatly utilize the HP Mini, HP Photo smart Printer, and HP Value pack. Because they are on the move so often, their counselors could benefit from a Laptop, they could present power points and picture/videos at schools, while answering emails to those in need even when they are away from their desks. A printer would be another great device they could fully use. With many forms and paperwork a second printer could always be used.

Thanks-Giving Lutheran Church/Corner Stone Christian School:
HP Touch Smart IQ816 PC
A fairly good sized church, under some tough economic times. After a survey finding that only 20% of the congregation donates money, the church is having a difficult time coping with paying staff and debt from a recent addition to the building. Wanting to reach out to congregation members while in the lobby, Thanks-giving Lutheran could greatly benefit from an HP Touch Smart. Allowing members to view the latest updates and sign in. During the week while not in use at the church, the computer could be used for the Small under-funded school that utilizes some of our classrooms. currently they have over 10 classrooms, and 5 computers; all of them being tan!

Lutes (L-oo-ts):
HP Pavilion dv4 series Entertainment Notebook PC
Kungfu Panda
Office 2007
The Lutes, already having two children decided they wanted a third child. To their surprise Mrs. Lute became pregnant, but not with one baby, as she soon found out she was carrying 4! With six kids to take care of, Mrs. Lute stays home while Mr. Lute provides for the family. As you can imagine, 6 mouths to feed is a lot, and money is tight. With the quads now in 2nd grade I would like to give them an HP Entertainment Notebook Pc. As well as Office 2007 and Kungfu Panda. With four children all receiving the same assignments, computer time is precious and with the new addition of a Laptop and Office 2007 the children and Parents can all take their turn.

My husband and I are dealing with some pretty big debt. He’s going to have to deploy if we ever plan on resurfacing from it. This would just make our day, our week, our month, heck our year. We made stupid mistakes that young people made with our money and its going to take us a while to come back from it but we are going to. A nice surprise along the way would be great! It would also be great for the deployment. Last deployment we had a laptop and a computer and he took the laptop and that is how we communicated. But the computer crapped out so now its going to be a lot harder to talk like we did.

This is such an awesome giveaway! Here is to hoping!

I’m blessed, even though it’s been a tough time. This could really help in my plans of going back to freelancing or working at home. I can also give the rest of the computers to my girlfriend and my family, and get us all connected. I’ve been working hard to make ends meet, and an amazing giveaway like this is a dream.

Wishing and hoping!

Me and my family have needed new computers for a while now, this would be the ultimate present for them if they found it under the tree. Their faces would beam of joy.

Thanks SO much for the chance to win this.

I would give my dad the entertainment laptop and the MediaSmart Connect. He has some health issues that have affected his mobility since his retirement and I think they would be good toys for him. The netbook would go to Oakland Children’s Hospital.

The other laptop I would keep. The TouchSmart and software would be set up for household use.

Two of the three movies (maybe all three) would be used as gifts.

Hello, I’m a collage student and most of my classes are based on digital notes so I have to either print out about 500 pages worth of notes per class, this semester I had 3 classes that did this to a great extent so that added up to way too many pages to keep organized or to even carry around for finals, not to mention this much printing gets expensive as well. I’d love to have a small laptop to carry around so I don’t have to print everything, just think how many trees that would save!

If I were to win I would give away one of the laptops to my brother, who has recently lost his job, perhaps it will help him find a new one! Another one will go to my parents. I’ll give away my current less than 2-year-old computer to my friend’s little sister, who is in high school right now.

Thanks for the opportunity,
here are my two tweets from 12/12:

If I won the incredible HP prize pack, I would share it with Healthy Marriage of New Mexico ( which is an organization that works to strengthen marriages.  This is done by giving couples tools to help with communication, conflict management and other common stumbling blocks that can create difficulty in marriages.  Divorce, in addition to the emotional toll on the family, causes great financial stress on a community as well.  Healthy  Marriages of New Mexico is a faith based initiative that is currently looking to expand its operations out of Albuquerque into the southeast corner of New Mexico.  I’d like to give them a head start on setting up an office to help my community.

Ok…no whining, I promise.
But this Christmas is going to different from all others in the past…because I am unemployed, after 24 years of employment with the same company. Like so many others, they decided to close. Although I am currently on unemployment, I am on my last extension and finding a job is nearly impossible. Although I have years of experience, I do not have a degree and I am now nearly 50 years old. Makes it a little tough.
So, what would I do with these goodies. First, I have been having to use the computer and printer services at the local library because I don’t have printer and my computer is slow…so I would donate my old computer to the local women’s shelter for their use.
And the other items….honestly I will use what I have a need for or share with my children, grandchildren and whatever we already have will go to our local women’s shelter, which is new in our community and desperately need anything…so we try to help them when we can.
Thank you for the opportunity….happy holidays everyone.

Oh my. This is a huge giveaway. It would really help our family out in this difficult economy. We are a one-income family and with the price of everything going up there really is not any extra money left over for anything other than necessities. We really could use a new computer set up, as our old desktop PC is about 10 years old and our printer isn’t too much newer. Besides running my blog, I am a volunteer webmaster for our church and for a local charitable organization, so it would be amazing to use some newer technology. We are so far behind the times with some of this technology that I don’t even know what some of the items are used for that you are giving away in this contest!

However, I must say that we are blessed to have what we do have because I know many have even less. My parents are one example. My father is getting to retirement age but his health continues to worsen. I am not sure how they will afford health insurance if he needs to retire early (my mom can’t get insurance at through her work because it is a small local business.) Their computer situation is much worse off than ours. Their computer is so old that half the time it doesn’t even boot up correctly. They tried to buy a new printer but found it nearly impossible since most of the newer printers don’t work with their operating system. My mother volunteers for a local charitable fraternal organization and needs to submit forms and such over the internet. She’s often forced to do this at her work because their computer just isn’t reliable.

Lastly, I’d love to donate one of the other laptops to our church to use as a fundraiser or give to a church family that needs some extra help. Times are tight for the church just like everyone else, and they are barely able to meet the budget this year. They are also in the process of calling a new pastor. It would certainly provide a spark to excite the congregation and encourage fellowship. I can’t think of a better way of celebrating the true meaning of Christmas – Christ’s birth and the spirit of giving. Thank you for this great opportunity.

I would love to win this to share with my mom, who is handicapped and depends on her computer for so much!

As a longtime grad student I’m almost always on the receiving end of generosity from family and friends. Winning the giveaway would provide me with a wonderful opportunity to give back for a change. I’d give one of the computers to my wife who’s been holding off on replacing hers due to cost; donate one to my synagogue to replace the clunker they’ve got in their office; and give one to my mother as a big thank-you for being so supportive!

Hi, Winning this entry will be of great help to me. Working abroad (BAHRAIN Middle East) and being away from the family (Philipines) is really hard. Especially when you are from the other side of the world. I work and live only because of them. Since my father passed away, I took the reponsibility of being the breadwinner of the family. I maybe single but with great responisbilities. If I win this giveaways, I would like to share them with my families. This will help me stay connected always with my loved ones from the Philippines. I would like to keep the Touchsmart with me, HDX18T and the MediaSmart. The HP MINI will be for my younger sister who is now on her highschool, the other notebook will be for my MOM (dv4t) including all the rest of the package. Thanks…

Well… :-)

Who would I give these things to?

First (this is not a bribe at all) you. I would let you pick what you want from the pack for giving this gift. It’s an amazing gift for anyone who gets it.

Second I would let Thanksgivingmom pick whatever she wanted out the these gifts as it is hard to believe that a blogger and first mom I care about so much doesn’t have a home computer.

I may keep one…as my computer is ancient, has a virus and is slowly dying and I write for a living.

After that…I would probably just hold on to the rest to see who needs it. But I know a few adoptive single mom’s have recently (as in last week) lost their jobs and can’t provide for their children for Christmas, I have already bought gifts for their kids, but can’t afford gifts for them…these would be awesome gifts :-) for them.

Most of all after a cruddy year that kicked my patoot…and being blessed with so many people giving me love, help and support…I would love the opportunity to give to someone else! That would be amazing.

We would like to enter your contest as an organization.

At Mommy Gossip—GNO, our goal is lofty: to change the world one mom at a time. Our mission is simple: to help moms improve their lives and achieve personal and professional success so they can, in turn, better their families, better the community around them, and ultimately, better the world. Changing the world can start with just one mom. But, we would like to help four moms in our community—moms with generous hearts, giving spirits, but limited resources and/or significant challenges. Just imagine the ripple effect these women could produce if they had a little magic…

Love your blog and I follow you on Twitter. I actually love all the fire department things on here, but don’t tell anyone. I have an image to keep up with my coworkers at the fire department :)

We’re doing pretty good at my household, but purchasing computer equipment just isn’t one of the things on our list of near future purchases, so it would be so cool to win this.

I would keep the Mini Note for myself. I’ve really been wanting one of these to take on the road when blogging for plus it is small enough to carry around and sneak into work at the fire department (full time job).

The TouchSmart definitely would have to go to my son. He has been begging for one of these, but we need to keep money to the side for all the summer programs he goes to.

The notebook would go to my sister in law. She’s a teacher and my brother is a firefighter and they are just closing on their first new home. They really don’t have any extra money, and I know this would help her out with her job of teaching middle school kids.

The printer would be donated to my daughter’s school for their silent auction to raise money.

Thank you for hosting!

I would like to give one computer to my neighbour who moved here from Kosovo; her kids are learning to use computers at school, so they’d love to have one at home, and I would teach her how to use it so she could keep in touch with friends and family back home.

I’d give the MS Office to the local PEO group so they could support their next scholarship winner with a nice extra.

I’ll give another computer to Hope International — they might like to use it in the field for water projects in Cambodia, or they might find it more useful to auction it for money to fund their good work.

Wow! This prize would be life changing!! First of all…thanks for the amazing chance to win this HP prize!
First and foremost, I’ve been blessed beyond measure in my life – I grew up in a loving home, I have a supportive and hard working husband and two beautiful, healthy children! That alone is worthy enough to shout about! Many things will come and go…but my family will always be there!
As for this prize and how it will help us and those who we’d share it with…this would be, as mentioned before – LIFE CHANGING. No joke!

For the first computer – the Pavillion – I’d give that to my mother in law, who has worked extremely hard her entire life to provide for her family and take care of her ill husband. Just less than a year ago her husband past away and she finally decided it was her turn to do something for herself – so she is going back to school! I’m so proud of her! This computer would help her not only in school work, but in the aspects of moving forward as well!

For the second computer – The Mini – I would donate that to my child’s classroom. It would be a great tool to keep in the actual classroom as a means of promoting learning in another way! What a prize it would be if children could play onthe computer and learn educational things while having free time in the classroom!

For the HDX – I would give this to my dad. He’s been slowing progressing his way through grad school, but has had to take the slow route in order to also send and afford to pay for my siblings to go through college. As he tries to complete his degree and start on a new adventure in his career…this computer would be a huge blessing to him…and a wonderful surprise! He never asks or is in need of anything…a humble man.

And then for the Touch Smart – you have NO idea what this would me to my husband and I!! We could finally get our business off the ground! I’ve been in the works for several years trying to launch my business of web design and other paper/digital products, but just haven’t had the means or funds to get new equiptment! THis would literally be LIFE CHANGING to our family!

I wish good luck to all who enter the contest!
I have my fingers and toes crossed on this one!!! Oh please! :)

Thanks for a great giveaway!

I would give it to family members that are computerless. It will make it easier to stay in touch with each other, since we’re spread across the country.

This package would mean that my family of technofiles could have a new pc for once. Every machine we have had has been cobbled together from bits and pieces of machines someone has donated. Nine children with six being school age means lots of term papers, research, college applications & essays that need to be done. The two laptops would go to my teens, one who is a graduating senior and off to college next year. The other attends high school and college simultaneously. Having their own pc’s would mean not having to stay up nights writing papers. Our family size often prevents my husband and I from giving the children all of the things they would like for Christmas or birthdays but this would definitely change that!

I would be so excited to win this giveaway. I have a friend who has started a non-profit agency group home for juvenile offenders. She has four kids. In order to make this dream a reality, she and her family have moved from their spacious house to a two bedroom house that is nextdoor to the home that will house the boys. That’s sacrifice! I know these computers would benefit their new agency tremendously. Thank you so much!

We’re pretty blessed this Christmas too. But winning this would give an opportunity to share the love even MORE.

Our neighbours have had a tough year. The Father had a brain hemorrhage in June and has been in the hospital up until a week ago. He still can’t walk or talk yet, but he’s slowly getting better. The family has 3 kids, 3, 6, & 13. So that’s one adult and 3 kids the Mom has to care for. She had a lot of help at the beginning, but that sort of thing often dries up after months and months right?

It snows a LOT where we live. Last year 13 feet of snow fell from the sky. I know, it was horrifying to me too.

So, our Christmas ‘charity’ this year was to pay for them to have a snow removal service. I figure it’s one LESS thing the Mom will have to worry about.

I would love to have a look at these wonderful HP products and really try and match a family (or school) with them.

Thanks for running this contest!

I do not feel that I deserve to win this any more or less then anyone else, but if I would be lucky enough to win all the great equipment, I would share it with my family and it would be a very merry Christmas thanks to HP and Stop, Drop and Blog.

Winning this contest could make the difference between D’s and A’s or B’s for me in school. I could use one of the laptops to keep up with my assignments – I use Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and InDesign and don’t own a computer that can run those programs. I’m currently using my sister’s computer and can’t kick her off it whenever I like.
Winning this contest would make life easier for my mom, who’s using my old HP Pavilion which runs Win98. She can’t enjoy some of her favorite websites, and the wide screen would be awesome for viewing purposes (she’s 70).
Winning this contest would benefit my two nieces, who would get the other laptop and the HP mini 1000 for college.

I would love the notebook, but most of the other items would go to my teen boys and my niece. My boys have been thru so much in their lives and have come out of everything as very strong and kind-hearted young men. These items would make them so happy.


I am a 18 year old boy from Istanbul who started university this year, which is away from my hometown. I mostly spend my time on internet, writing technology news to my blog at, and I do some graphics and web design works freelance.

As much as I would like to win this giveaway, I would not keep all these shiny new things for myself. Because my father was a judge who worked for the goverment for 40 years and he is now retired, we don’t have any luxury money to spend on things like computers or consoles and such. I and my older brother are using the 8-year-old computer that our uncle had bought for us. It is P4 machine with 2 gigs of ram (I have added 1 gig to the original 2x512mb after seeing the slowness) and does help in doing our homework or studies but it is really getting old. It went to maintenance for 3 times now and I am afraid that one day it may not be repairable anymore.

So, if I win this giveaway, it would mean that my family will not need to buy me a small laptop to do my assignments and homework with when I am at my dormitory which has no public computers for use. That would take away the burden of buying a new computer at this economically hard times.

I would replace the old pc with the HP touchsmart, making it the general pc of the household. Then, I would keep the HDX for myself, because I do a lot of design work and need a powerful computer with a big screen, and also because my university is away from my hometown and I stay in a dormitory with no public computers to use, I would mostly use it to do my assignments and homework at the university. I would give the Pavilion dv4 to my brother, who needs a computer to research and make his thesis for the university and also for his degree. The netbook would go to my mother, who really wants to learn a computer but is afraid to give any permanent damage to a expensive thing like that. The netbook would be a good pc to learn to how to use one. The media smart connect would help us keep our pcs and network in touch. The printer I would give to my neighbor, who is my childhood friend, because he does not have a printer. He would print his homework and his father who is an accountant would print out his work from there too. Also, I would give the Corel VideoStudio to my friend’s grandfather, because he just loves to shoot clips of family meetings and I think he would love to make those memories golden on his computer and watch them together as a family. I would give the Office pack to my brother because I am used to using OpenOffice for my work.

I thank you all who made this chance possible and I wish everyone a great new year with brilliant things to look forward to.

Thanks for the wonderful contest. I’d definitely share these tools with family members afar – like my brother in Hawaii, to make it easier to contact his daughters in CA and TX, and my wife’s brother who’s traveling a lot right now but doesn’t have a portable. Thanks again.

For me this package means a better computer for school and a light weight netbook for meetings and class notes when I don’t need a more powerful laptop for design projects like websites and print design projects for class. But just as importantly, to me, is an extra computer and printer that I can donate to the Hays County Food Bank.

I have enough printers already, and the dv4 laptop, while nice to have, would be kind of redundant so I would like to donate it to the food bank so that they can raffle it off to raise money for the needy in my area.

While I hope I win the prize, both for the above reasons and because I am a real tech nut, I wish everyone good luck.


With this gift I could replace my computer that won’t even recognize the cd burner or play regular computer games without freezing up.
I could give said computer to my brother who has a dinosaur computer (still running windows 95, Not Kidding).
I would use this gift for my husband’s billing and for writing on my blog.
I would also love to use photosmart and finally do something with the thousands of pictures I have of my kids on my computer, and would also play around with pictures of my neice and nephews.
This would make our holiday so special because as it is we don’t have much of a budget for Christmas (as is the case with most people this year), and presents are going to be slim.
Thank you FireFamily and HP for making this giveaway possible.

Marissas last blog post..What In The World Is Going On?????

The current economic conditions impact the groups below more than me. My commitment is to disperse the bulk of the HP Magic to more needing people:

Seniors Opportunities West Senior Center
1220 S. Seventh Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85007

Recipient #2

William R. Sullivan Elementary School
2 North 31st Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85009

Recipient #3

South Mountain Community College
7050 South 24th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85042

I’m approaching my retirement in 2009. I instantly envisioned the HP Magic Giveaway as a way to launch three projects as I transition. Some of the HP products will be given to support long term activities. Some donated for fund raisers and some kept for personal use as I retool. Here are My proposals:

Small Call Home

7th Avenue and Buckeye Road in Phoenix, AZ! In the 1970’s the “60 Minutes” television show once described this stretch of inner-city Projects as “the most dangerous mile in America”. Today, much has changed and, as they say – much remains the same. At this intersection sits a high minority-populated, economically challenged Senior Adult community center. This is where I will house my HP Magic project. Many of the Seniors have family/grandchildren living a distance away. With the HP Magic gift I will plan and establish a regular on-site schedule where Seniors can call home using internet webcam and VoIP/Skype technology. With the permission of family members grandparents can virtually visit with their children, connecting with grandchildren classrooms as school projects and, once comfortable with the concept, even visit online with other Seniors who are tech savvy. There is life beyond Bingo.

Software for Sullivan

The software and server will be donated to a needy elementary school to complement its computer lab. W.R. Sullivan is a Pre-K through 8th grade school located in the heart of Arizona’s desert and the “shadow” of the Arizona Capitol. This area is high in crime and unemployment and lacks expected amenities; there are no libraries, parks, and shopping centers. The school is part of the Murphy Elementary School District, which ranks third highest in at-risk students of the 20 districts comprising the Phoenix Metropolitan area. Nearly 96% of the students qualify for free meals. The school’s tax base consists of few homeowners and almost no business or industry sector. The significance of these conditions is that Sullivan School must educate nearly 1,000 of the city’s most underprivileged children with only meager monetary resources for instruction and maintenance.

HP Scholarship Drive

One laptop will be donated to to my employer, South Mountain Community College, to be used as a raffle prize. 100 tickets will be sold at $50 each with all proceeds donated to the general scholarship fund. $5,000 generated from this activity will support a full-time student’s tuition for one year.

I’d love to win this not only for my family, but to help out one other family and to help out Cordy’s school.

At the moment, Aaron uses his laptop for his contract job and freelance writing. We have no steady income since he was laid off in June.

His computer screen will only work (not flicker) if a chip clip is clipped onto the screen at one point, blocking part of the screen view. But without doing that, his computer is useless and we can’t afford a new one for him.

I’d like him to have one laptop, and another laptop for my friend Lisa. She’s a single mom of one little 4 year old boy, and she e-mailed me over a week ago to tell me she was laid off from her job. (Which wasn’t a high-paying job to begin with.) She lives in Section 8 apartment housing and has no college degree, although she is only missing a few classes for her degree. She’s decided to go back to school since she’s unemployed, but could really use a computer so she doesn’t have to spend more time away from her son at a school computer lab.

The TouchSmart would go to Cordy’s special needs classroom so her teacher can finally use a piece of technology younger than 2000 to help her students learn. The printer would also go to her so that she could print things in the room instead of printing them at home.

Thank you and thanks HP for this contest!

Christinas last blog post..Haiku Friday: Smile!

Honestly, this prize would not affect my family much. We have a house, food, pets, toys. We have all the necessities and probably a lot more than other families this holiday season. If I won, I would keep one of the laptops, probably the mini, and not much else. My kids would probably be happy that I could keep up on my email and blogging on the go, like at the park or in the backyard. But the rest of the prize package would be given away to people who need it more.

I am on a non-profit committee working on outfitting the first-ever library for an inner-city K-8 grade school that has been around since the 1940s. It was so hard for me to imagine that the school had existed so long without a standalone library. They had a couple of shelves of very old, very worn books in the back of their gym. We are buying them books, smartboards, computers, furniture, etc. Our committee is also building mini-libraries for two area family shelters and they are not slated to receive computers, so it would be great to be able to provide them with some technology. It would be nice to have some extras to throw in, too, like the printer and MediaSmart Connect.

hi i just moved in with my wife i still dont have a work permit so i cant work
i need a computer to study im plannin on takin a windows certification so i can work
but i have a laptop with the sata port broken and windows wont boot out of usb only linux
i havent been able to really study just the books no hands on so i would like any type of pc
so i sell my laptop and get the test and hopefully a job

thanks for reading

Hi, my name is Daniel Alvarez, I am a developer from Argentina, and my computer is an AMD Sempron 2800 +, running on an MSI mother and 1Gb of RAM and a 120Gb disk. My idea of winning this competition is to replace my desktop computer with a good notebook, because now It is a little slow in performance and I can not buy another at this time. I have 2 godchildren (7 and 8 years old), which I think help by offering a notebook for each, which will help them with their education and their approach to computing. My wife is also in need of a computer, which will help in their daily work (she works as a beautician, and there are several programs that she could use on a laptop)

I would be sharing this with a few people,
I’m not exactly sure of their computing needs
so I’d check on what they may need.

First, my brother two boys,
since they don’t get much in the way of cool new gadgets.

Second, I’d share something with an organization called Fellowship Housing,
it is a organization in the NW suburbs of Chicago,
they help single moms that need to get a little help to run their family
usually as a new single mom.

I’d also like to have a laptop of my own, so that would be a treat for me.
I’d include my wife, but she likes her Mac iBook just fine.

Thanks for the fun.

Our computer is 7 years old. That’s ancient for a computer.
Money’s been tight and so we’ve just made do. We stopped Skyping the grandparents because it would make our computer crash. And my husband has to reboot several times as he does extra work each evening. We could use a new computer.
But we don’t need 4. We’re not alone in having a tight budget. I would love to take my children with me to give 2 of the computers to those who are down in their luck. Many of the people in my neighborhood are loosing manufacturing jobs and could use a computer to help them learn new skills to find a new job.

Winning this package would be a blessing in so many way.
I currently have a family of four (added t in-famile 8) & their 3 critter
(added to in-famile 2 dogs 6 cats 1 hamster) living in my house. They were
evicted last week, without much in the way of warning and are now fighting
to recover their belongings. It wasn’t right, there were no deputies, no court
papers, etc (unfortunately, I know how this works…childhood memories..I’ll
leave it there).
So we took them in. Two teen boys, 14 & 16. One goes to school w/our eldest,
the younger boy home schools via internet. I rebuilt an eBay shell for them
but its not as good as it could be. I’d like to make sure he has a good
system for school.
The parents are older than us by a good bit, so aren’t very puter literate.
I’d give the mother a laptop do we could help her learn the art of surfing.
My eldest is 16, in high school -I’d give him a system, and my other partner
has been sharing puter with me or Diva for all of our 5 years.
My sister in Texas wants to take online courses -has no puter, I’d give
to her and her twin brother is leaving for the Middle East 12/13. He
would get one because he was my first son. Between us, me & my 32 yo sis
raised those two from 3 days to 17 years.
These are plans we’ve had for a long time, but never been able to afford
to do. My daughter’s system was a cheap buy and my younger boys have
an older system I begged off Diva’s dad. Both neded work but they’re set.
This is what this package would do
for me: I could help a family in need as well as my own.

PaisleyRavens last blog post..iPhone Ringtones for download

In case my blog didn’t post here before. I have also posted about the contest on Facebook in hopes to encourage more participation. I am very new to stumble, but am going to give it a try and will post back the url if I figure it out!

Dee Dees last blog post..HP Magic Giveaway Contest

If I win the HP giveaway, I’ll be giving away all but one of the computers to members
of my family. My father, for example, has a 10 yr old PC that can’t even play
Flash videos that the news sites he visits are incorporating more and more. My brother
loves to take pictures on his digital camera so I know he’ll really
find useful the printer. One of his sister-in-law is going to start college soon, and
one of the laptops would be great for her.
As for me, I like to develop software and keep current with software technology, and
a new more powerful PC will help me in these tasks.

First tweet link of the day:

I am so excited about this contest. I did blog about this but I am not sure if I linked it back to you. If you want I could e-mail my blog link to you. I didn’t want to share it on line.

In a nut shell I would love to win the touch smart for my Mom. All of the things she has done for me and my brother.

I am entering this contest because I would like to further support the School for Arts in Learning (SAIL) in Washington, DC. SAIL is a unique K-8 public charter school providing multiple creative environments, opportunities, and experiences for inner city youth through arts-infused academic programs. They take underprivileged and special needs students and use the arts in order to help them through their immediate situations, many of which are quite dire. By using a special arts-infused method of teaching, SAIL thinks outside the box in order to come up with innovative methods of serving children and youth with differing learning styles. They have developed a specialized curriculum using the arts to help children learn in ways that match their learning styles, paying special attention to individual learning styles and specific need. Their focus is on developing the whole child, intellectually, emotionally, physically, and socially.

This school is unique because they take kids that society has given up on and they give them hope. Through a rigorous education schedule and intensive, artistic training, they turn these kids into good students and good citizens. The school also engages the community in pretty unique ways. For example, one can submit a picture of their pet to the school and, for a fee, one of the students will create a work of art based on this picture. The artwork is shown first in a public gallery, before going to the owner. This unique system teaches the student responsibility, creativity and the results of putting in a hard days work. I have been to one of their exhibitions and it is amazing the quality of work that these students can attain.

However, this is a public school and is heavily dependent on donations, which are increasingly few and far between. Because they are not for profit, there is a constant struggle for resources. Times are tough right now and not many people are donating, including my family, not because they do not want to, but because they cannot. As the year draws to a close, their donations are down significantly.

While traditional art practices, such as oils and watercolors, are important, the SAIL school also wants to provide their students with more cutting edge, computer based education. I would like to help them significantly in this effort through the donation of computers and software. There are not words to express what this would mean to the school and scores of children. These kids have lived through harder times than most of us will ever see and they deserve this second chance. They deserve the opportunity to explore themselves and the world around them through art and intellectual curiosity. Please help me give an amazing present to these kids; one which will resonate through generations of students.

Wow, I mean that’s the kind of gift you’d like to receive for Xmas. Of course, their is way too many things to keep all for you and for that reason, I will share it (if I win) with people that are part of my life, that I love or that I have a great respect for. Continue to read, you’ll understand. I’d like to offer the Blue-ray movie to my library. I’m living in a small town and let’s just say that the library doesn’t have big $ to spent on things like blue-ray movies or in fact, any movies. I would also like to give one of the notebooks to the library, so that students from my town would be allowed to rent it and use it at school for some projects. I’d also like to give a laptop to one of the retirement houses. I think that old people do benefit a lot from being in contact with computers. There’s many good way to use these high-tech machine to help them interact with each other and permit them to follow up with the rest of the world at there pace and in security. I would give them the printer as well, allowing them to print picture of the kids and family. I would probably give the software to cousins as a Xmas gift. All of them are teenagers and going to school. That would be helpful. I would also like to give a laptop to my brother, who might be ask to travel a lot if he’s accepted in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. I don’t even know yet if he’ll go in Ontario for his study or even further, but with a laptop he should be able to contact us (family) once in a while. I’d also like to use a laptop at school for taking notes, but a touch screen is not bad as a personal computer. Paired with the media smart, I would have a nice entertainment system at home to relax after a day at university.

Thanks to Stop, Drop and Blog for this great opportunity.
and merry Christmas all of you.

Winning this contest would mean I’d get a laptop for my home business so
I could work somewhere other than my bedroom. It would also mean I could give
my husband something we could never afford, the Touch, for his graphic design

The rest of the items would be given to local charities including: Pregnancy
Care Center, Boys and Girls Club, and Children’s Advocacy Center.

Also, I would be thrilled to review the items we keep on my technology blog!!!

To me, the magic in my life is my family. I have a great wife and two wonderful grown sons! I am truly blessed.

That is why, if I win this generous contest, the HP Magic Giveaway I will share the computers with my family. My oldest son (32 years-old) has had a jagged year. He is in the middle of remodeling his home and a contractor really took advantage of him – left him high and dry. He is just now getting back on his feet. I would gift him the desktop. That way he can have an awesome computer to come home to when his house is finally finished.

My youngest (30 years-old) is now putting the fourth engine in his work van. He is a small business man (plumber) and desperately needs his van for his jobs. His engine just broke again yesterday. Through it all, he still has a smile on his face. I know a Christmas laptop would keep it there.

My wife of thirty-four years is recently retired and starting her own business. She started a blog and wants to do updates to it on the run – she would receive the best laptop with wireless capabilities. I would keep the computer that is left over.

This year has been rough financially for my family, but it has not dampened our love and loyalty. Winning four new computers would be a magical way for us all to share in a magical launch of 2009.

Winning this contest would not only hook me up with some amazing technology which I would love to have to help me in my writing ventures, but I would also be able to give back to my son’s school, my parents, and a special bloggy friend who desperately needs a computer to keep her blogging business going.

Mandys last blog post..Christmas Letter 2008

It is amazing because I was just thinking today of how I can make 2 families christmas brighter this year. Times are hard and I am so thankful for my husbands job, our home and our 3 almost 4 healthy kids. we have had hard times and remember the stress of where will christmas come from. This would be such a shock and surprise for these two families and I thank you for the opportunity.

Wow! What a giveaway! I’d give my hubby the touch screen, he’d love it for his photography business! I would give my Mom the printer, she has none and keeps talking about wanting one! I think I’d give the mini to my 8 yrar old neice, she’d love it! The DVD would go to the library my Mom works in! Thanks for the chance!

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I would share this prize with my family. First off, each one of my sons would get a computer. Also my husband has his own building consulting business and needs a laptop that he can bring into the field with him – so of course he would get one of the laptops.

However, I would also use the HP Magic Giveaway to fulfill one of my personal goals for 2009. I hope to do a blog next year that centers around the Camping World Series West. I believe a interactive blog design is new and innovative in the NASCAR Circuit and could propel itself to the leading edge within the first few races! My major drawback is that I do not have the equipment, most notable a wireless laptop, capable of doing the job. The HP Magic Giveaway is an awesome opportunity for my family and I thank you for this opportunity to share the magic.

Here is my lengthy post explaining why I chose my cause and what I plan to do with the package.

IN short, first off the parts I’d be keeping for me and my boyfriend here in our home would be a HUGE help to our businesses, as we are private contractors and both of us need some serious upgrades we can’t really afford at the moment.

But, in the spirit of sharing, I’ll be donating 1 laptop and the printer towards helping out autistic children because they hold a special place in my heart. And I’ll be giving the Kung Fu Panda stuff to a friend, who I offered to share the package with first, but that was all he picked as something for himself. He’s an unselfish person and yet right now he’s going through some hard times. I’d really like the chance to give him something to cheer him up, but as things are really tight in my home at the moment I realized I probably wouldn’t be giving out Chrismtas presents other than baking cookies for some friends this year. Too much outcome and not enough income, I say.
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This contest has been really great. It’s been so nice to hear how everyones
so caring during these times. I know how myself can help a lot of people and
bring smiles to everyone. I know how I would really love to give a computer
to my dad. He’s worked so hard over the years and it would really help him
with his engineering work. I know how my brothers are soon off to college and
a new computer would really make their college life easier. I know of a
friend who recently lost his job. I want to give him a computer and teach him
new skills in the IT or Tech field so it would improve his chances of getting
a new job.

Hey guys,
If I were to win this giveaway, I would surely donate a majority of it to people that need it much, much more than I do. I would donate the HP TouchSmart to my brother in Egypt because he has finally become a pilot, gotten married, and bought a new apartment all in the same year. I would love to congratulate him this Christmas. The HP Mini, HDX, MediaSmart Connect, 564 Photo Value Pack, Office, VideoStudio, and DV4 would be donated to this great organization that really touched my heart, called the Soujourn House. They help refugees that have come in to Canada by supplying food, shelter, clothing, water, etc. These refugees have very tragic stories: some cases dealing with rape, political problems, and other issues. I would love to give them something to help them learn English and to get in touch with their family back home, if possible. I would only have to keep the printer because I have no printer at home and it is inconvenient and expensive to go to the library whenever I have to complete my work for university. And lastly, I would give Kung Fu Panda to my 9 month old neice back in Egypt.

well, i made the top #20 on another site for this contest, but cheating is going on w/ the voting, so
i will just do this one very honorable and hope i win


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If my family were to win this awesome prize package, we would be able to retire this old computer that seems to be on it’s last legs! I would than divide up the other computers and prizes and give to the local charities around here that my family takes part in, most surrounding our Veterans!!!

Wow! What a huge giveaway! Honestly, we are doing OK in the technology department but stuff changes so fast that I am sure it is really out of date and I am just behind enough not to realize it. My husband does not have a personal computer. He only has his work laptop. For most things this is just fine but he would like to eventually start his own business and he is not able to use his work computer for future personal business so one of the computers we would use for that. Another one I would give to my mom. She really needs a laptop, especially when she is watching my daughter so that she can be in the family area of the house. Our kids are too young to use computers so I would I would give another one away, probably to a missionary family at our church who is leaving soon.

What this package would mean to my family and friends is:

* Better grades for the kids! A computer that is fast and reliable will speed up the homework process greatly :)

* Pictures for Grandma! My mom loves to have pictures printed, so I would have to give that part of the prize package to her :)

* Home business success for my best friend! New computer equipment will go a long way toward refining and maintina his home business. What would be better, in this financial chaos, then being self-rliant and not having to worry about getting laid off from your job? :)

I, like everyone here, could list ways that this package will help out lives, so I’ll keep it to just those three :) Good luck everyone! And put this tech to good use :)

Chis last blog post..** ALERT ** Contests Ending TODAY – 12/12

During the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, there is little time to pause and reflect on the meaning of Christmas. We place a great deal of expectations on the holidays. As children we looked forward to the joy of the season: all the presents we would get, all the great food and treats. The spirit of giving seems to be diluted by commercialism. This year the harsh economic times has touched my family. My husband was one of the half a million people laid off his job during the holiday season. In spite of this we plan to celebrate the true meaning of the holidays. We are looking at ways in which we can give from the heart to family, friends, and our community. We know that tough times will come and go and it is up to us to find a way to meet the challenge.

Winning this giveaway would touch many lives. Not just mine, not just my family, but the lives of my students. We are just one of many families who have been touched by these difficult economic times. Many people in my place could say that they deserve these computers by virtue of their great need. I would also ask that you examine the impact that these computers would make on the lives of my family and students. I have been teaching for seventeen years and I’m very proud of my students and want them to succeed. Let me outline just what kind of impact this win would make below:
I would love to donate one of these computers to my school. I have been teaching for seventeen years and I’m very proud of my students and want them to succeed. We were recently recognized by the US News & World Report as a Bronze Level High School. This is in spite of the fact that 52.2% of our students are classified as Disadvantaged (a measure of student poverty usually based on the number of students eligible for free or reduced lunch). Check out our numbers they will amaze you. Many of my students still do not have access to current technology and winning this package would allow me to help in that respect.

I would like to share at least one of the computers with my son Michael. Michael is attending college through his service in the Army National Guard. He will soon be taking a break from his studies to be stationed in Iraq. I would love to be able to buy him a computer so he can keep in touch with his family and friends as well as take classes online. We can’t do that right now because my husband just lost his job.

Michael is an outstanding college student with a personal commitment to volunteerism and enhancing civic life in his community. While serving his country he embodies the true spirit of civic engagement and volunteerism as well as a commitment to academic excellence.

My husband can use a new computer and printer to assist in his job search. This recent round of lay-offs is the worse they have seen in twenty eight years and my husband is going to face stiff competition for jobs that are available. Having a resume that is polished and professionally produced will help him obtain an interview.

I think it is an amazing thing that HP is reaching out to people during the season and
delivering such a wonderful technology package. It is nice to see a company
trying to enrich the lives of “regular” people during the holidays.

Thanks HP


son needs a laptop for school- not he wants- he is required to have one on less than a month so I am trying to work on something for him.- college is expensive enough but now this, oh well. We are functioning with one computer right now that actually works- the other fried so we have one that is old and husband is disabled and works from home so it would be nice for him to have an uptodate working uncontimanted computer. There is a lady I know who has a husband overseas and goes to the library to chat on the internet with her husband- I bet she could use an extra computer and chat from home and get a camera so he could see her and the kids anytime.
Winning this would be a blessing so wee could get more listed, and more than one could be on the computer and noone would have to wait while the computer cools down. I am sure there is another family who could use one that is in just a tight a bind as most of us all are..thankyou.

Winning this contest would mean the world to me. We have been financially strapped for many years as I am battling MS. I cannot even begin to tell you what having a laptop would mean to me personally. Just the idea of being able to be on the net from the sofa or bed when it is tough to get up because I hurt so bad would seem like a slice of heaven on this earth.

My husband could use a laptop too for his work. And he also would like to put some of his artwork on the net too.

My son would really benefit from having a laptop because he is currently trying to become employeed fulltime as a highschool english teacher. I am very proud of my son as he worked his way through college.

I know many people in need these days..unfortunately. Job losses and still no available work to chronic illness and disability I know I will have to seriously decide who to give the other comp too.

The whole family would seriously benefit from the photo shop and software. This is a true gift of an opportunity and if I win I will be so surprised and seriously blessed.

Thanks for the opportunity.

Winning this package would be one of the best things to happen to me this year. My computer is decent, but it would be nice to have one more around the house for the kids to use for homework and school activities.
I have always been a giver and if I were able to give something so awesome as a new computer to someone who really needs it, well, that would be just about as great as getting a computer for myself. We have a limited budget, just like so many other young families, so we’re not able to contribute to asmany charities or organizations financially as we’d like, or help out our own family members as much as we’d like to.
I also think it’d be one of the best examples of sharing and contributing to a good cause that my children could be a part of. My kids are not spoiled by any means, but they’re like other kids in that they want the coolest newest gadgets. By sharing something like this, it shows them it’s okay if you don’t have the latest tech toys. You can give a new computer to someone who really needs it, and guess what? Even though you don’t have THAT computer, you’re life’s not over. You’re not left with nothing, either. You’re left with a really good feeling because you know you did something good. And that feeling will stay with you long after the latest gadget you just had to have is considered obsolete.

What I would do with all this great HP and Microsoft equipment? My daughter in her first year of college would get the HDX 18 Notebook. I sent her off to college with an old P3 notebook. My mom and dad would get the Pavilion dv4 Notebook to replace their old Gateway notebook. The lodge I belong to would get the HP Mini 1000 to help support our charity work. I would keep the TouchSmart PC . My old computer would be given to my friend’s kids to enjoy. My daughter’s and parent’s old notebooks would be given to my mom’s church. All this hardware would make my family and community very happy this Christmas season. Thanks again for supporting such a wonderful giveaway and best of luck to all.

I am the third of four children. My mom and dad work so hard to give us a nice life. Winning this would provide me an opportunity to “pay it forward”. By that I mean I would share this prize with some of the needy students at my college. I go to an inner-city college in NJ, and I see a lot of my friends doing without things. Winning this would mean I could share the prize with my closest friends in need, and I could also share it with my family.

Well it would mean a lot to me and my son because now we have to take turns using the computer and when he uses it, you have to restart it because of the games he plays, somehow it makes the comp run much slower and it is irritating. Besides, being a single mom with limited funds, it is very hard to just go buy another one. Money is tight for many of us in the good ole USA.
Love to win!

I was married 30 years, when, on my then husband’s 50th birthday, (10 yr’s ago), I gave him his birthday card, he said, “Thanks – I want a divorce; be out of here in 60 days.”
I had put him through college and worked on and off during the marriage for family vacations, second cars, etc., but I had never worked to support myself. Suddenly, with my family grown and out of the house, I was on my own at 50.
That’s when I found “The Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center.” Faced with being a displaced empty nester, (the name for this “Baby Boomer” phenomenon), I found their adult re-entry computer education program. It not only helped me get a job; it got me through one of the most difficult times in my life.
The Center changes to meet the needs of the community, but their goal remains the same – to provide opportunities to improve lives.
Now at 60+, I’m still on my own but I’ve had the same good job for 8 yrs and I just started blogging. I know Mary Rigg gave me my opportunities.

Here is Mary Rigg and me

If I’m your winner, since my computer is 6 yrs old and reconditioned, and I take meeting notes, I’d like the PC, the Mini 1000, and the larger notebook – everything else, please send, with love, to Mary Rigg.

I would absolutely be willing to share. The non-profit I work for provides housing and supportive services for persons living with HIV. I’d use this package to update our systems at our group homes. I might keep a laptop for myself but the rest would go directly to homeless addicts with HIV who are living in a congregate living setting.

It would mean I could help out my brother who is still recovering from a severe stoke he had two years ago. A computer would open up a whole world for him, and a touch screen would be ideal for someone like him with limited mobility. What a Christmas present that would make!

If I’m lucky enough to win this great prize package I’ll definitely pay it forward! I have two organizations in mind – one is the Charlotte Rescue Mission located in, well, Charlotte where I currently live. I know this group operates on a shoestring budget, so any upgrade of their technology would be most welcome. The second is the Caring Kitchen, a food bank/shelter/assistance ministry in my small hometown in Ohio. My parents still live in the town and are avid supporters of this organization. Our family personally knows several families who, in times of crisis, turned to the Caring Kitchen for support. Beyond that, I’d consider giving to the school where my niece and nephew attend or upgrading my dad’s old computer to a brand new HP! Thanks for hosting this great giveaway and I hope I’m lucky enough to be able to be part of the holiday magic this year!

I have a couple of special people that I would like to help out this holiday season.

First is Wayne and his family. They lost their house, as well as all of their belongings, in a fire about a month ago. We have been trying to help out here at work by donating clothes and raising money for essentials, but that doesn’t count electronics. In these hard economic times, work is slow, and its hard to raise extra money. Wayne and his wife, have a son who is 13, and a daughter who is 17. Given their ages, I’m sure they are missing their computer time. I just think this would be a great Christmas gift for them.
Second is my friend Liz who lost her partner to cancer on Thanksgiving. I know the holidays will be tough on her, and I thought a big surprise would help put a smile on her face. As, the fact that her notebook won’t boot is another reason she needs some computer help.
It would be wonderful to share this prize with them. This is a great contest from HP, especially promoting giving. That’s what this season is suppose to be about….giving not getting. Even though it sounds like a cliche, you truly do get more out of giving than getting. :)

I would love to share this gift with my parents. My dad is recently
retired, and he is watching his future income dwindle away. He is always the
first one to help out anyone in need, without question. I’d like to do
something huge for him. He’s always using outdated, used computers because
it’s all he can afford after helping family members. Really.

Also, my mom lost her job and her home and had a stroke, all in the last few
years. She had to take a job out of state, far away from all of us
(including her only grandchild) in order to make ends meet. She always
feels guilty about not being able to give anyone anything financially
(even though we assure her that we don’t need anything). She also uses
old computers that often have problems. I would love to give her a point
of brightness after all her darkness.

What would winning this contest mean to me?

It would mean one completely awesome gift in our family’s gift exchange.
It would mean a new computer for the kitchen to replace the broken laptop, which is now a laptop processor/keyboard, with a dead battery so it’s plugged in permanently and with the old monitor removed and replaced with an old full sized monitor from the basement.
It would mean a laptop for my stepdaughter as she heads out to college next fall (and that we didn’t have to figure out how to afford a new/used/refurb one for her)
It would mean an extra computer to share with someone in need.
And a printer to print out PTO & scout flyers, homework and so much more

It would make this holiday awesome!

That’s definitely too much hardware for a single person so I would share the prize with my family and friends. I’d keep the HP TouchSmart IQ816 and retire my old Athlon-64 desktop tower and CRT monitor, which would save me a lot of much needed desk space in my cramped room. The Photosmart C6380 printer would come in handy when I print my PhD thesis (I’m a researcher in Developmental Biology), and the HP Mini 1000 would be great for writing it on my daily commute to the lab (and hopefully I would finish it sooner). The HP HDX 18 would go to my cousin, Armando, a struggling landscape architect who’d appreciate the large screen real-estate and horsepower for his CAD work. My parents are a little behind the times so I would give them the HP Pavilion dv4 so that they can finally get on the internet (I’ll admit that this would not be an entirely unselfish gift, I would be trading “tech support” for Mom’s cookings). In don’t have room for a TV (or much time to watch it anyway) so the HP MediaSmart Connect would go to my friend Sara (giving me an excuse to visit her more). And finally the Kung Fu Panda DVDs would go to the kids in the family.

As you can see my story isn’t particularly funny or moving and probably not the most altruistic one either. I’m really just participating this giveaway for the chance to update my aging setup and to share some joy with my loved ones. Whatever the result, let me say thanks for the chance to enter this contest.

What a very generous giveaway! Such a blessing for the lucky winner…although this giveaway makes me think that we all certainly have things in our lives to be thankful for. Whether it’s a special person, a roof over our heads or just enough money to get by…blessings can be found. If this prize fell into our family, I’d share it with our friends. We’re a military family and our friends are as well. The husband/dad of this family just got stationed in Spain. The mom and two kids stayed here due to school and work issues. It’s was a touch decision and, of course, being apart is very difficult. A new computer for them (on both ends) would make their distance apart seem just a little bit less. Thanks for sharing this wonderful opportunity!

She is always on our minds and in our hearts, but for two reasons, we think
about her even more around the holiday season. First, we know it is an
especially emotional time for her. It reminds her of many losses she has
suffered throughout her life. And second, since she first called us on
December 7, 2003, our first conversations – the ones in which we were all
most nervous and tentative with one another – took place against the backdrop
of the holidays five years ago.

If we were fortunate enough to win this contest, we would give most of the
equipment and software, to “Momma L,” the birth mother of our oldest son. She
is raising a daughter, almost entirely on her own, trying to work, dreaming
of a better life. Though a computer wouldn’t solve everything for her, we
know it would make a huge difference in her quality of life. And, selfishly,
it would allow us to keep in better, closer contact with her.

She’d definitely get a laptop and the printer. Maybe it would inspire her to
make that leap of faith and go back to school as she has wanted to for so
long. Her daughter that she is parenting would get the Kung Fu panda dvd. :)

The other equipment would be distributed amongst our children’s grandparents. We
One set cannot afford even the most basic PC and would greatly appreciate it
to be able to keep in touch with family all over the country. The other set
is missing us even more since our big move from the Northeast to the Midwest
this year. Their ancient computers can barely handle basic wordprocessing, let alone pics
of the grandkids.

So, I guess for us, the theme of our participation in this holiday contest is giving to family. Using technology to keep us all connected, despite the miles between us.

I work at home and this package would benefit me, of course, but with such a wonderfulasuch a wonderful assortment of products, how could I not share. I would give some
of the prizes to my family, but there are people in my apartment complex who
very hard and would be appreciative of an electronic they could never even
consider buying.

This is a an incredible contest with an incredible prize. Thank you.

I would share this giveaway with my three teens and husband.We have only this
one computer.Since we have 5 people that use this 1 computer,I have to place
a time limit on each of us.Make it especially hard when I have to be on and
one child needs to be doing a school project.Plus after I bought new ink for my
printer it no longer works:(. This is one awesome giveaway, and to win would
make me say “this has been best Christmas ever.” Congratulations on being
picked. Happy Holiday !

Like others, I really don’t have a sob story to tell nor am I a part of
some needy organization, but I would really love to win this amazing
assortment of prizes for me and some of my family members. First off
I would keep the Touchsmart for myself, my current desktop is very
outdated…the cd-rom doesn’t even pop out when it should! I would
give all the laptops away because I have one I greatly adore. The
laptops would go to three cousins, the older one who clumsily spilled
soda on hers and is now in the shop (who knows if it will ever get
repaired). The other two laptops will go to a college age cousin and
one in her last year of high school.

First I want to say, I really do hope all that enter see the real meaning of this giveaway and that its not sold on Ebay or Craigslist… if you win you “MUST” share the wealth somehow.. seriously people its not all about “US”. Think of others and you will greatly be rewarded with that JOY that you can only feel from helping out someone in need!

First off I want to say that what HP has done with this giveaway is amazing, this contest lets me believe that some companies are out for the greater good!

The reasons I’d like to be chosen:
I’m a Mother of 3 children (2 at home, 1 in another state with the Ex-Husband)

I am planning on going back to school online for Business Management or Early Education ( I want to teach!) and I’d like to do this from my own home due to the fact that I’d be able to spend quality time with my 2 younger children. The laptop, printer, and software would help tremendously with this.

I would be sharing too, I have a son who lives 18 hours away from me, he’s 4 years of age, we don’t get to have much contact due to him not having an up to date computer to talk via webcam or even send digital pictures! This would help with my communication with him.

My husband is in the US NAVY and is constantly away from us during training missions and deployments, for him to be able to use one of the laptops would
be beneficial to the children and I, we’d be able to keep in contact alot easier.

I want to start my own work at home business so I can again spend time with my 2 youngest children, this prize pack from HP would help tremendously.

I plan on homeschooling my children and these days computers and printers are very helpful in the educational field.

The reason I say from my own home alot is because yes childcare is a factor when you work outside of the home or even go to school, and this costs lots of money.
My husband does okay enough to support us but the extra work wouldn’t cover childcare, gas, and all the other extra added expenses.

I also have Crohn’s Disease which isn’t in remission half of the time and its harder for me to get out and successfully perform at my best work wise and to even be in
a college class room would be difficult, so it would be easier in the comfort of our own home.

My husband wanted to add that he’d give away whatever we wouldn’t need to a local program for children most likely the Ronald McDonald Charity here in Norfolk,VA (school program, church program, headstart, Armed Services YMCA, something of the like) who would really benefit from the use of this great technology! My parents stayed in a Ronald McDonald House while I was sick/first diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and it was an easier transition for all of us at the time.

Happy Holidays & Good Luck!

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Part of the fun of Christmas for me is giving and this year I am unable to buy gifts for anyone. Winning this would be great for me in the sense I would have so much fun surprising family members with these different things. Plus I could update my own computer system which would help me get more work which would in turn help my own financial situation. I’d love to see the look on my son’s face in particular if I won, when he would be able to play his games on the computer.

If I were lucky enough to win, I’d be thrilled to upgrade our desktop and laptop computers at home. I would also be crazy thrilled to share the prize package with my brother and dear friends who are really having a hard time making ends meet. Thanks for the opportunity.

This prize would mean a lot to me. My daughter’s beau needs a computer,
and the rest would go to charity. Christmas should be about giving, not
just receiving, so by giving to a charity I am truly celebrating the
spirit of Christmas.

okay. now for a more substantial post. if i win this, i will be giving the price to three entities. i will give a laptop to my parents, so that my newly retired father can learn about the internet and get going on some projects he’s wanted to do for awhile.

i’d give a lot of it to my sister, who is a single mom and whose computer is pretty rickety. i’d like to see my niece and nephew have some quality equipment to use.

lastly, i’d give the rest of the equipment to a non-profit organization i work with .. CHRIP, which is an organization trying to get independent, low power FM radio in chicago. i’m really excited about it and i’d love to help us with some new equipment.

yay for giving!

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We work in a company and there are about 15 tea boy working over here,one of them who I happen to now for about 5 or 6 years is Reza, he is in his late 40 years old, married and has a little son who is in second grade, actually he is not in a very good economical condition and is struggling to pay his rent for the house every month,about a year ago he was asking if we knew where he could buy a cheap PC so that his sun gets acquainted with computers and stuff, so me and some of the other staff over here tried to gather some money so that we could buy a very cheap second hand PC for him but we could not raise enough money to that.

So , My is to provide him with the latest gear so that both himself and his son could start using that, as for himself, I am thinking that he could learn to type in word or maybe other do other stuff so that he could upgrade himself from being a tea boy and as for his son , I think growing up learning the new technology will give him the knowledge , perspective and motivation to try harder for the better future.

I am thinking of giving him the HDX laptop and so that Reza and his son can start using it at home and I want to use the HP TouchSmart desktop and HP dv4 Pavilion in the office to make a workshop so that all the other tea boys in the company can use I can can start teaching them the basics of using windows,web,e-mail,etc.

I have one younger brother who is mentally challenged, he goes to a governmental institution where they take care of him and other students over there, it is not a wealthy institution so their facilities are really basic, they teach them to make small handicrafts and some cheerful practices as well, they also teach the boys how to sing , so if I win , I will donate the HP printer to the institute so that they can print and give the lyrics of the songs to the boys to read from it at the time of singing , I know that will improve their singing and make them very happy.

Best regard and wish the best for anyone who wins all these perfect gifts,
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Winning this prize package would really allow me to help my Sister this
holiday season. Her and her husband have been going through some tough times
this year and it looks like Christmas will be pretty lean indeed.

Their three children will not have much in the way of gifts, and if I won
this bundle I would give them laptops and the printer. I’m sure it would put
a smile on their faces as well as their parents.

I would be truly blessed to win this package because I would not otherwise be able to afford it on my own. Of course my plan is to share this package, because who needs 4 computers at once! I plan on keeping a couple of the computers and giving the rest to a friend, married with 4 kids. He just started going to college online and I am sure this would be very helpful for him!

:) Hi there, some fabulous HP giveaways going on! :)
If I were to win this magical giveaway, the DVD’s would go to the grandkids, the Series Photo Pack, and the Photosmart wireless printer and the HP Mini would go to my step daughter she is very much into photography and these would be very useful tools for her. The Corel video studio would go to my daughter. A entertainment notebook to my youngest son(because he doesn’t have a tv and loves watching movies), and my eldest daughter would get the preminum notebook, and the rest I think I would keep for myself, oh think I would give the mini to my step son!
Winning would mean everything to the family members that will receive these gifts. Only the ones that are really struggling will receive these gift, relatives named above. The step daughter hubby and I moved out when she turned 18(now 19)and that house is heated solely by wood, so yea she’s got to gather would, start her own fires and all. Guess what she didn’t even let the pipes freeze last year, she is doing well with it.

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Well if God blessed me enough to let me win this, I have a couple people in my immediate family on disability who could REALLY get some use out of these items. I would of course, keep something for myself also. Thanks so much for the chance, I’ll definitely keep my fingers crossed for this one.

Stephen Saunderss last blog post..Merry Christmas!

Winning this contest would be so much for those closest to me. I would love to share the prize with the two most important women in my life. First would be my mom. For the longest time, I have always been the one to help out my mom with anything “techie”. I’ve set up her VCR and stereo system, I’ve helped her with the DTV transition, and there have been many times when I have fixed her laptop. I would give one of the new computers to her, as the laptop she has now is very old. A new computer for my mom would be a great way for her to keep in touch with my brother and sister-in-law. They live in Philadelphia and my mom would be able to share the wonderful moments of when the two of them have their first baby.

The other important woman in my life I would really like to help out is my girlfriend. She is a senior in college studying accounting. Her laptop is also really old and is always crashing. This was especially evident in these past finals and it put a lot of added stress on her. A new laptop would go a long way to helping her finish school.

It really hurts my girlfriend and I this holiday season because last week I was laid off from my first full-time job. It’s going to be hard Christmas on all of us and I would love to share the magic with them and make them happy. Thanks for reading.

Thank you so much to you and HP for this great giveaway.
The Economic down turn has hit a couple of family members that really need
a new computer to assist with job searches and updating resumes. Then I know
a person that has a home based business and has to go the local staples to
print and fax. My church needs a new computer so the youth group can be more
productive in their works. To be truthful I would love to have a new laptop, but then
again I could give mine to another person that needs one. Believe me
none of it will sit around and would be welcomed with open arms.
Happy Holidays.
PS been following your blog and I too am blessed with family and friends contributions.
I would love for it to be my turn to give back. It gives you such a complete lift.

Our printer and home computer are near falling apart. It would be awesome to be able to replace them–something that’s just not doable in our budget right now.

More importantly, I’d be able to share the bounty with two non-profits which are near and dear to my heart. One supports African schoolchildren and the other assists homeless families in our town. I don’t know their specific needs, but I’m sure they’d find a use for at least one of the items!

This is so cool that HP picked you to do this!

Heathers last blog post..Inconsistencies

I have great plans for these computers. I’m 59, and my whole life for the
final third of my life is lived with the goal of helping make the world a
better place by helping people one person or group at a time. To me this
is the reason for life, not only the reason for the season.

One of the laptops will be given to my church. It will be used along with a
digital projector (which we will obtain separately through money we have
raised by recycling inkjet cartridges.) This set-up will be used for our
church’s Trinity Events program. This is a program of classes, activities,
and events that we offer to the community. Our “community” is very big.
People from as far North as Kent, Washington and as far South as Eugene, OR
travel to attend classes we offer on money-saving topics, crafts,
card-making, how to succeed on eBay, how to write for publication and so
forth. We do these classes and events for little or no cost, and a special
focus is on helping people in these economically difficult times. We are a
small and struggling church averaging less than 70 at worship each Sunday.
But we have a big goal of helping people through tough times, because we as
a congregation have survived so many tough times ourselves. We know how to
help people in their time of need because we have lived it.

The HP Touch Screen computer I will keep for myself as I begin my book to
encourage churches in need of renewal. The book is the culmination of 30
years of experience and research and will be titled “Choose Life: Hope and
Help for Struggling and Stalled Churches.” This computer couldn’t come at a
better time because my old one is very unstable now and is unreliable.

The rest of the computers will go to disabled friends who don’t have
computers and need them to stay in touch with family and friends, and to
pursue possible home businesses.

I thank you and HP for sponsoring this contest. Thanks for reading and
evaluating my entry.

Wow! What a giveaway! how would winning this package impact my family? We, like a lot of families are struggling to keep our home and neither my husband or I has steady work. Both of us are looking to go back to school, him to learn a new trade and me to brush up on some new graphics software, since I have not been in the marketing and graphics field for 15 years. My graphics degree is pretty much irrelevant at this point because of the advances in software during that time. We have one computer that is on it’s last leg and winning this prize would really take the pressure off of both of us fighting a dying old computer while trying to get through school so we can support our family. It would be such a blessing to have new technology to go along with my new classes and skills! As for the other 2our gratitude is to share what we have with others, whether it be our time, our love, our resources…whatever. What a great life lesson it would be for them to be able to donate some computers to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital for the kids that stay there. No matter who wins, I hope these prizes make a big difference in their lives! or 3 computers? We were just discussing service and gratitude with our boys tonight and how when we are blessed, the best way to show

I stumbled upon your blog while conducting a google search (now entering it’s 8th hour online). I’d like to say first and foremost, you are so very blessed as I can see from the posts I’ve just read on your blog. It is amazing you have been given the additional blessing to be able to give to a random stranger for this holiday season!

This has been a tough year for our family. My husband is now in his 6th year of graduate school and finances have always been tight ($1800 per month for a family of four in an area where the cheapest housing is $1600/month). We promised ourselves we would not take aid, but we have been humbled to allow our children to be put on state medical insurance and to register for food stamps to feed our children this holiday season.

My husband goes into work at 4am each morning and works 12-14 hour days to pay our bills, all the while completing his PhD degree that he has so earnestly worked towards. Last Christmas all of the extended family members scraped up enough money to buy him a cheap laptop so he could work from home to spend more time with our family. Unfortunately, that Acer laptop burned up and literally melted down – the motherboard was fried along with months of his data from school/work. It not only took a financial and spiritual toll on our entire family, but it set back his progression as well and made it harder for him to work AND spend time with our family (we have a 2-1/2 year old and 14 month old).

So to make a long story short, if you choose our family for your giveaway, you will be in essence providing a family with not only a reliable set of machinery, but also with priceless blessings – time with my husband, our boys’ father being able to read that extra story to them at bedtime, and helping a man to complete his dream of earning his PhD in physics.

Whatever your choice, I guarantee you will definitely make someone’s heart a little softer this season, make their lips smile a little more, and give them hope that encourages them to become a more giving person. We do not have much in the way of material things in this world, but we do give all we have to each other and others. Have a Merry Christmas and a beautiful new 2009!


Ambers last blog post..Stores closing…

Hello there,

well, i just wanna be completely honest with you here: Currently i just don’t have the cash for all those amazing gadgets that exist out there. Especially the HP-Gadgets do have the best design, thats why I always wander around their webpage and start dreaming of better days :-) As I don’t need all the things personally, I’d keep the Mini and one of the laptops for mobile gaming, give the other one to my sister, who is just writing her master thesis on an old old Desktop PC. I don’t own a printer, so i’ll keep this one. The Touchsmart…. well, i’ll find someone on my family for sure, who will need it most :-)

Maybe this contest will be my ticket to those better days, thats why I want to participate.

Thanks a lot for HP & the blogs that are supporting this,

This year has been a terrible year for us financially. We are having a very lean holiday, and are cutting back in ways the kids really notice. This win would be a great way to end a depressing year.

My 29 year old son is a computer tech and has been able to fix up discarded/replaced computers and pass them on to friends and family who have not been able to buy these things new, but who really needed and appreciated them. We currently know several single parents who are working hard and struggling to get by, who could really use computers for their teenage kids for schoolwork.

My husband and I both work out of the house and his job as a videographer depends on his PC> It is obviosly about to die, but he refuses to get a new one because of budget issues. He is spending extra hours getting work done but is keeping mum because he doesn;t want to spend the money and take away from our kids christmas gifts. It would mean the workd to me to be able to get him a new pc of such magnitude for the holidays.

I am a mom first and foremost, but I am also a CPA. I have made the decision to only do bookkeeping clients so that I can be home for my kids. I want to win this contest so that I can share it with my nephew. He was having a party celebrating the end of the semester last May. He had about ten other school buddies at his apartment. He was attending the University of Memphis. In order to join a gang in Memphis, you have to commit a home invasion (break into a home while the people are home). There was a knock on the door and since it was my nephew’s house, he answered the door. Four guys with guns stormed the house. They hit my nephew on the head with a gun. Then they made them lay down on the ground, while they took wallets, cell phones, iPods, and since it was my nephew’s house, he lost his computer, stereo, TV, and anything else they could help themselves to. Police were called and my nephew was taken to the hospital. They had cracked his skull and it was pushing on his brain. He had to have brain surgery. So not only did he loose everything, but he now has $100,000 of medical bills. He is very scared now, and was not able to go to school this semester; however, he is ready to go back next semester. He has to testify and he is afraid that they will come after him again. We are thinking that maybe he should leave Memphis.

Wow, what a wonderful giveaway. Hp should be commended for giving a way so many computer packages at a time when so many are struggling. I’m blessed in many ways and one blesisng is a nice computer system to work and play from. The recipient of “my” winning entry would be the school that my children attend and my wife works and volunteers at. The Stone City Christian Academy is a small private christian K-12 school that has about 90 children striving to not only learn academics but many of the things public schools are now afraid to teach or are woefully inadequate monetarily and spiritually or just time constrained. My wife and I have already purchased one of six new computers obtained this year. What a blessing it would be for the computer lab of the upper learning center and the school office to obtain this whole package of computer goodies. My family might be the winners of the giveaway but the biggest winners would be the school “family” and what it would mean to them and the pride they would feel.

This would mean that our daughter, now attending a college, would have a computer at home to work on and software that will help her in her creative classes in school. We are very grateful, though, for the fact that she is able to commute to school (we can’t send her and it’s quite expensive) and that she was accepted into such a prestigious University. She was able to get a good scholarship, but considering the base tuition, it is still quite a large chunk of change. Getting this will just give her better tools to work with.

I also have a lot to be thankful for, and I love sharing.
If I win, this prize package will go to 3 continents: America, Europe
and Africa, to 3 people who are related (I am one of them!).
I wouldn’t like to go on about what we’ve been through… Let’s just hope
better times, for everyone, really absolutely everyone.
Winning this will certainly bring some joy yo my family.

Thanks for the chance to win.

Mary_Freebiess last blog post..Blog Contest: $300 Cash + Domains

“The HP-Magic Giveaway would definitely help students who aspire to be tech-savvy or just with a dream to learn more, but have been denied of that dream due to various reasons (underprivileged esp. rural kids).

Because I too am a student and definitely understand the situation, the dream in those little eyes of kids,

Given that chance I would like to make a few students dream a reality, I know there are plenty of passionate, aspiring and worthy students.”

I’ll be donating those goodies to the NGO “sikshana”, meaning education in Kannada. This NGO Sikshana foundation is working by Adopting, empowering and improving government schools

more Info here:


I’ll be content with the Touchsmart (been amazed with the touch concept) and the Photosmart (because I have no access to a printer as of now, I’ll be having a lot of print works for my academical projects).

That’s it for my entry. There may be other causes to consider, but still I’m optimistic. I’ll promise that these stuff won’t end up on ebay.

Winning the computers would mean a lot to me, my family, our business, one veteran and one patron of our local library. I plan to share the magic by giving a laptop to a veteran at the VA hospital, and I will give another laptop to someone who uses the library computers because they can’t afford one. We will replace our computer with the Touchsmart and use the HDX 18 for our family business. Our kids would get hours of entertainment and learning from the Touchsmart and the MediaSmart Connect. We would also be able to print all of our pictures in the camera with the printer! Thank you!

First i would thank HP for this give aways these competition would be great
opportunity for the poor people to get a chance to achieve one of there
magical dreams
If i had a chance to win these prizes i would share with my family as well
as with charity.Im living in village area so children over here doesnt
have the money to buy new computers or laptops ,so i would give them HP
touchsmart PC .Since im webmaster and im gonna join a college on coming june
09 so would be needing a laptop to manage my websites .
I would share the other laptops with my own brother currently hes is
working in a company so giving him a laptop would be really helpfull and also
i would share with my family so i can in touch with them and rest all of the
giveaways including Hp touch smart,mini would go to charity centers .
So that i can make this holiday magical to everyone in my whole area and also
make there dream come true .So whoever wins this competition share part of
the giveways to poor people .
Happy holidays and merry christmas to everyone*

Winning this prize would mean alot to my family of four. I have two daughters. One in college and one planning on college next fall. Money is tight, very tight. The girls could each get a notebook pc for their studies. I would share the Christmas joy with a friend of the family named, Robert. He is alone and is disabled. He has never owned a computer. He is currently working on writing a book about his life experiences. The computer would assist him in this endeavor. As i mentioned he is alone with no real close family ties and not in a relationship. I met my husband on and would encourage my friend to sign up for a dating site to bring new people into his life. He has been talking about getting a computer but cannot afford one on his meager ssdi check. I would give the kung fu panda to my step grandkids and give them a computer also for their use. They live in a single parent home and money is also tight in that household. My daughter, Melissa is an art student and the Corel VideoStudio X would be a good edition to a software collection for her. Overall, this a fantastic prize package and it would be shared with the holiday spirit of giving. Thanks so much for this opportunity and happy holidays.

These gifts would mean so much to my family as we could stay in touch and share pictures. I could give the printer to my parents so they could print out photos and share holiday memories. These are amazing gifts especially with money so tight this holiday season. It would all be appreciated and used by everyone. Thanks!

I would definitely put this package to good use. I would give it to my daughter and her best friend. They both need computers for school. They want to start college this coming year. I am a single mom currently laid off from my job. So buying a computer or anything that is not a necessity is out of the question. My daughters best friend is in the same situation. So winning this prize would be a blessing to two families struggling at this time. What a difference this would make in there lives.

If I win I will give everything to my sister. This package would mean everything to my sister. She has been looking for a job for the past three years and has not been succesful in finding anything in her field. She takes temporary jobs to have some money but doesn’t make enough to buy her family this kind of equipment. Her chldren are all computer savvy and very knowledgeable on computing. It would be fantastic to see how much the children would benefit from the computers. The current computer that this equipment would replace is over 6 years old. It was one that I bought for them for christmas in 2002.

This package would mean so much to my family. I am returning to school once again because the economy is so bad that our restraunt is not doing well. I am working but it just is not enough. My computer is outdated and this would help me help my family. Thanks so much.

I would probably keep the HDX for myself since I don’t have a laptop/notebook. The rest of the items would go to my sister and her kids. My nephew is currently a National Honors Society member and has the highest GPA in his high school. He really needs a notebook for school. My niece is very bright as well although her talent lies in graphic design. She is highly artistic. They all share an old desktop that was actually mine at one time, about 7 years ago!
I feel charity begins at home and that is why I would give it to them.
I contribute a portion of my annual income to various charities so I don’t feel bad keeping this one in the family.
I love giving so much more than receiving so this would make my Christmas as well.
In these troubling financial times, where so many are struggling, this would be a true dream come true for them.
If I could I would buy the laptop for my nephew but I too am struggling financially.
Thanks for the opportunity to win this magic giveaway!

I’ve been getting a small business going using pretty old technology. Much of this equipment would go far to get me a leg up. The rest will be donated to a local shelter.

This giveaway is so exciting and even if I don’t win I would be very happy
for the person that does.
If we were lucky enough to win such a fantastic giveaway I would be sharing
it with my children who are college students. Unfortanetely, the way the
economy is we had to take out education loans to help them finance college.
This would really be a wonderful blessing to win and help them out.
Thanks for the opportunity and Happy Holidays!

What would winning this mean? How can I start? I’m a homeschooling mom of two. My son is 15 my daughter is 71/2. The ability this prize would give to me to teach and to them to learn would be awesome. The challenges of home schooling your kids are nothing compared to the rewards but anything that helps in teaching only adds to the rewards and diminishes the challenges. As for sharing, I know some other families in our homeschooling group who could and would be truly blessed by receiving a part of this prize. Isn’t that the meaning of the season any way? Sharing? If God hadn’t shared with us, that gift in the manger, where would we be today?

Thanks for this opportunity.

What a way to pull all the family together around a set of techy gifts that will
continue to give all year. My grandkids and parents will come an stay longer
with us really connected with the cyber world.


This package literally contains something everyone in the family cannot only
use but use as a family together. I can actually have my 6 and 4 year olds
assist me with trying to finally put their baby books together with the amazing
software and printer,and get all my bill online. We have made every effort this yy
year to cut back by doing things at home as a family, and not surprisingly, we h
have really enjoyed our game nights, building tents in the living room, or just
being silly together. This prize would mean in addition to the love we already
have for one another, the girls would have something to work on their homework
with, play games, or just explore. Happy Holidays.

I would love to share this package with my extended family. This prize would benefit 5 different families.

My husband and I both work from home. He travels extensively and honestly I do not know how he has managed without a laptop computer for the last 3 years. We have been blessed with a nowhome , a baby and a used (new car to us) over the past 3 years but the laptop has been a luxury (necessity really) that we have not been able to afford. I work from home and care for our toddler but the convenience of having an hp mini would really help me as I try to keep up with my work, house and son.
If I win, I will be giving the rest of the prizes to the Atlanta Women’s Day Shelter. They profide a place for women and their children during the day to have shelter, look for empoyment and be provided with the basic necessities for life. The computers would help the women as they lookfor gainful employment and the entertainment system and DVDs could provide the children with some joy.

Renée aka Mekhismoms last blog post..Oprah, Tom Cruise and Suri’s Ladybug Shoes – Anything is possible!

If I was to win this fantastic prize, I would share it with my family.
They could really do with some new computers as the ones they currenty have are many years old.

What would it mean to me and my family to win this? It would mean like being able to breathe.
I am trying to start an on line business– art, writing, empowerment, while being a SAHM.
But my computer is too old, and even the one lent to me by my uncle can’t use many programs I need.
Having a way to make some money with my art means I could focus on my desire to empower other through art. I want to be able to teach classes and workshops to empower people. Write books. And I want my partners in this business, The Muse, it has a name, to be able to do the same, even if they don’t have regular access to computers, the way it is now.

So. Pick me! Or, let your random generator pick me! Oh, we could use it.

rowenas last blog post..In Process: Cape Cod Double Portrait

First I would like to share this
with my mother and my daughter. I know it is in the family, but my
mothers house burnt about a year ago. She lost everything. She has
rebuilt but she has not been able to replace some of her electronics,
especially her computer. Second I have been unemployed since January
and have gone back to school full time.
Not having an income I have not been able to help my eighteen year old
daughter who is a freshman in college.
She is wonderful hard working girl on her way to an Art degree.
Thank you and have a blessed day,

This is an unbelievable amount of computers and accessories for just one family. I would love to have the laptop; my husband could take it on deployments and it would be easier for us to stay in touch with each other. I would like to donate most, if not the rest, of this package to an institution like St. Judes, Ronald McDonald house or a shelter that could put it to good use. Thank you for the wonderful contest.

My husband and I are very blessed. We both have decent jobs (so far, at least), and we’re only in debt for the house and our single car. We can afford to buy Christmas gifts, go out to eat, and take very good care of our eight cats. We cannot afford to buy, or at least we can’t justify buying, a laptop computer. That’s the main reason that I am trying to win one of these HP packages. Also the Media Connect would be really cool to have.

I would like to give one of the computers to my in-laws, who don’t have a computer at all. Maybe it would be the desktop or maybe the HP mini would be enough for them. I figure they will mainly use it for e-mail with their three children and only granddaughter, and perhaps they’ll occasionally check out a website. They have complained that companies, organizers and the news media just assume everyone has internet access and they can’t follow the links to get more information or fill out forms. I’ll give them the printer, too, so they can print photos that are e-mailed to them.

One of the computers I will donate to Pensacola Little Theatre. It’s a non-profit organization, and I happen to work there. The computers we have are decent, but they are slow and sometimes lock-up. A laptop computer could also be used to run sound effects for the traveling shows we take to schools and the productions we do in our black box theatre.

The fourth computer in the package, I will give to a deserving young person. I will ask around at the theatre and contact friends who work at other non-profit organizations. I would like to find a young person who does well in school, is respectful and a contributing member of his or her community, someone whose family just doesn’t have the money to provide a home computer. Not only will the gift help that person, but it might show others that being a good person can lead to rewards “just because.”

When I was a child, Christmas was all about what I got. Now, I buy for myself most of what I want. I enjoy the pleasure of watching someone else receive something special. As I said, we’re doing okay financially, but I’m not really in a position to surprise total strangers with really nice gifts, especially not something like a computer. This competition would allow me to play Santa and give someone else a very special Christmas. You can’t buy joy like that.

It would mean alot. My daughters family is struggling in todays economy. I would share this with them. Their kids would absolutely love me.

I am a thirteen year old teenager who lives in Pennsylvania. There is a local community center in my area. Three years ago a generous donor gave them a room of computers which the community was overjoyed at having. Later that year the building burned down and all the computers were lost. They are hoping to rebuild a computer, but with the failing economy, the center had to devote their time and money to supplying people in need with food and a place to stay. I would like to give this center the two of the computers, the mediasmart connect, as well as all the accessories, software, and DVD’s to help them start rebuilding they’re computer center.

As a single parent of two college students, winning this would mean so much to us. I could give each of them a new computer for school and replace our old and outdated one at home. It would be absolutely wonderful to reward their hard work this way!

Winning this would really help our family. My husband is our main means of income
and I want to start my own home based business. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.


That’s probably the best word to describe what many people are feeling,
especially as the holiday season is upon us and many do not know how they
will make their families have a Merry Christmas.

I have a cousin who has not made all of the right decisions in life, and her
husband just ended up in prison, but she has two little girls. She has a very
low-paying job, and she’s just devastated. I would love to help her out with
this gear for the girls. They are old enough that they could really use a
computer to help with schoolwork, but they go to the library now to do it
after school.

Between growing up in foster homes, becoming an alcoholic, and many bad choices in general, I was never able to really provide adequately for my son.
Over the last few years, I’ve gotten my act together, and this package would make up for a lot.

No super gloom story from me. My sisters, Mum, and Girlfriend would love new computers.
Happy Holidays everyone!

My brother has CF and spends lots of time in the hospital. I would love to
be abble to send him along with a brandnew shiny toy (he is 34 so this is his
version of toy) to his next stay. I would also love to share something with my
first ex husband (yes ex) I have no hard feelings for him anymore and he is having
a really rough time right now. I of course would love to have some of it for
my house and my kids who are always hoping that they will have a computer of
their own (in the living room of course, bedrooms not allowed) Thanks for the chance@

A present like this would be very appreciated. I like technology and I’m actually studying telecommunications. I have a five years old laptop and my parents an even older computer. It would be great to give them a new computer this Christmas. This holidays I’ll be visiting my grandma and my uncle. He sometime ago asked me to look for any great offer for a new computer. But what if I can give him one of these great computers…? The other one would go to my brother. He wants to follow my steps so…
I’m pretty sure they’d be very very happy with these and they would save a lot of money, and not only in presents. Thus, making this Christmas even more specials :)

This is such a generous gift and will truly make someone’s holiday special. Browsing through this blog, I know I am truly blessed and there are many less fortunate and more deserving, but I would still like to enter. I would love to share this prize package with my parents. My father is a retired school teacher and my mom stayed home to raise us kids. Growing up, we lived a modest life, but were always happy. Since retiring, my dad has taken up painting, photography and photoshop, but his computer really isn’t up to the task. This would be a wonderful surprise for him. I also have some close friends who recently started their own multi-media design business. They are amazingly talented people, and I feel so privileged to know them, but they are struggling to get their business off the ground. I would love to share this prize with them as well. Thank you for this amazing give-away.

I need this! There is something going on with my notebook, the wiifi keeps going in and out and I’ve tried all suggestions! So, I do need a new computer, and HP is the best. I love their shiny piano covering on their notebooks.

How do I share with others — I was diagnosed with Lupus many years ago, and in the beginning, I was in denial. Finally, I was forced from employment and feeling sorry for myself. I was learning to live with Lupus. Today, I am proud to say, that I have gotten off that “pitty party” and I am telling Lupus to take a back seat. Yeah! So, I would like to share my story with others who are in similar positions. (I can’t do that with this notebook — it is time for a trade-in when no one can do anything!). But I want to help others; and I have read that “scarred hands heals best.”



ExhaleBabss last blog post..Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!

While I can say that donating to a charity is very honorable, I hope the contest pickers choose someone who can specifically share with people whose lives will benefit. Its nice to actually see where someone has gotten something and put it to great use, rather then just donating to a “large” charity. I believe helping the individual person is just as strong and needs to be considered and recognized. So here is my entry. First off, I would keep the desktop. I am a work at home dad trying to get my business off the ground. Like so many other people, I am trying to keep my head above water in this economy, as well as, make something great for my family. I work very hard, sometimes up to 15 hours a day, and its not easy, but I see that I can do something great. I am also an avid blogger, so having a great computer is worth gold to me. Not only in function, but in the fact that it limits my online time so I can still spend time with my family by not wasting time fighting with slow programs.

I would share the 2nd notebook with my father. 2 years ago he ended up in the hospital unexpectedly with diverticulitis. He nearly died from a staph infection he got while there and had a portion of his intestines removed. He still has massive scaring from it. He is a Realtor and has inspired me my entire life to be something great, to help others lives, and to be independent. While he was in the hospital, he ended up being there for over 2 months and because of that, his company pulled all of his listings from him and he came out of the hospital barely able to move, trying to get his life back, 100K worth of hospital bills, and all of his business gone. He has worked two years to just get his head up again, but the economy is so bad that its like fighting an upstream river.

Recently he has started taking his customer service online. Learning twitter, myspace, facebook, and a slew of other online programs and social networks. I would love to give this computer to him so he can continue to work on the trend and to reward him for NEVER giving up. The 3rd notebook I would reward to my wife. She has always been there for me through thick and thing, for the good and the bad. And has never doubted me. I would love to give her something nice for Christmas but due to the harsh economic times I don’t know if that will happen unless I win this giveaway.

The last computer I would pass on to my brother. His family hasn’t had the best of times lately and they need a little cheering up. I would love to be the one to give them a laptop and see a smile from them once again :)

Thanks for the opportunity and for this awesome giveaway!

I am so blessed with a family of 3 children, two grandchildren, a wonderful
husband, siblings, mother and extended family members. Our family is kinda
like this giveaway. We share, we do things for each other. I cannot ever
remember a time where all have not come together to help another or give
to another member who needed either. We also share our material items.
If someone’s car is broke one of us will borrow one out to that person, a
snowblower is broke someone will either borrow theirs to them or go on
over and snow blow their driveway. We give to each other for no reason
other than that one of us knows another would really love to have that
certain item.

With this giveaway it would be shared among my family.


jeannes last blog post..Barefoot Mommies WarmMe Warm Mouse Review and Giveaway – Exp 12/23

This would be such an awesome win, but you would have to be one very lucky person!
I would share with my family and other in need.
My son is an airman in the Air Force. Can’t afford a lot, so one of the computers
would go to him.
My oldest daughter and husband would get one also.
My son-in-law is 33 years old. Has already gone through chemo for colan cancer.
Due to all the medical bill, they had to start selling things just to pay them.
One of the things they sold was his awesome gaming computer.
He can’t work, therefore can’t afford to buy one. What a great gift to give them
for Christmas.
I would also keep one for myself
For the remainder, I would work with my church to find families that could benefit
but can’t afford to buy.
What a great dream, to be able to help others who can’t afford it themselves.

I do a lot of volunteer work and the laptop (an old Toshiba someone had given me) was broken when I fell down my apartment stairs last week. Needless to say I am like a boat without a rudder. I have been using my daughter’s macbook when she is gone but I can’t take it with me to Volunteer meetings or to event sites. A new computer would be a major blessing, I can’t give money to these worthwhile non-profits but I can offer myself and my time and part of that has been my ability to help out with letter writing, spreadsheets, one-sheets, press releases etc that I have always been able to do on my computer. If I win this computer, no worry that it will end up on EBAY, it will be put to good use helping others. I would also like to give some of the hardware and soft ware to a teacher, Miss Iyes, who was an inspiration to my daughter, she helped her get a scholarship to Cal-Arts for the summer because of her my daughter now wants to me an animator.
I know she uses some older equipment and some was stolen so I would like her to get some so she can inspire other children.

I would also like to give something to Diane who teaches youngsters musical theater. They put on a complete show each summer and then she works with 1-6 graders in an after-school program and I know she can always uses any help she can get

Thank you

P.S. I have a lot of events coming up in the next few months so I will keep you in the loop where the computer is and what it’s up to if I win.

My husband is a cable guy and works very hard to support our family of six
all by himself. He is very into teaching himself computer graphics and I’d
love to win this for him, because he deserves something nice for himself once
in awhile, but I can’t afford to get him anything like this. Winning this
and being able to surprise him with it would mean a lot to our family!

I am truly Blessed. I have a wonderful husband and 3 wonderful healthy children. I am able to stay home and support my husband in his daily life. We have a home and our pantry is full. Thank you for having this. I am a lucky gal and Thank the Good Lord Everyday for this.

As you said, there is much to be thankful for despite the trying economic
times.My family is healthy and despite my being laid off, we’re not in danger
of losing our house. I started blogging as a way to connect with other people..
I missed the “water cooler” aspect of having a job and frankly, I was a little
Not too long after starting my blog I took free Photoshop and Dreamweaver
classes just for fun. Surprisingly, I found I have a real aptitude for it and
the classes were really fun. It felt so good to be using my brain for
something other than laundry and grocery lists!

My father was so gracious and bought me some of the Adobe software. I didn’t have
have the heart to tell him the computer we had at the time couldn’t handle the
programs. That computer has since died and we have a new one. It can run
the programs, but I’ve decided I want to go back to school to really learn
more about graphic and web design. I’ve been helping a friend who is in
danger of losing her job come up with marketing and advertising ideas in the
hopes that it will make her more valuable to her company. Again, it’s been
so much fun to put my degree and job experience to good use. I’ve actually
felt more “useful” and that I have more of a purpose than “just” being an at
home mom.

I love my family and have really enjoyed being more “present” and available
than I was when I was commuting two hours a day or staying in the office until
six o’clock. But the classes, my blog and helping my friend have made me
realize I have something to offer that, given more time and training, I can
use to supplement our family’s income and give me the sense of fulfillment
that has been missing since I was laid off.

An HP laptop would be the first step towards becoming my own boss. I could
install the Adobe software that’s been gathering dust. I can set up the
laptop exactly the way I like without taking up all the memory and space on
our PC. My husband, son and I won’t have to fight over the computer. I could
meet with some of the members of the web design group I joined and follow
along with discussions and tutorials! Having my “own” space to work in would
be such a blessing!

As for the sharing, one of the laptops would go to a military family. My
husband is in the Nave Reserves. When he was active duty I always felt so
fortunate that we were able to support ourselves and live where we wanted
rather than “having” to live on base for financial reasons. Being a military
spouse is hard. Running a household and being a parent while your spouse is
deployed (often several times) is hard. And so many families don’t have a
computer to keep in touch with their loved ones. They can’t make use of
today’s technology like webcams and Skype to stay close and connected. Our
soldiers and their families need our support, especially around the holidays.

For the other computer, I’m torn between my brother, who is still in school,
and could use it for his studies, or our grandmother. She lives in Missouri. Her husband passed a few years ago and her nephew (who was living with her) passed two months ago.
She got her first cell phone for Christmas last year and was so tickled. Now
technology is her best friend. She wants a digital camera and was asking
about my iPod. I’d love to get her online. To be able to talk to her on Skype
and email photos (I have to send her prints) would be so awesome! She really
misses my son (her only great grandchild) and I want them to be as close as
she and I were when I was growing up.

I just realized I’ve completely hijacked your comments so I’ll stop now.
Thank you so much for hosting this great contest. Happy Holidays and good
luck to everyone entering!

Melanie @ Mel, ADramatic Mommys last blog post..My Son’s Favorite Christmas Song Yo

Like others, I really don’t have a sob story to tell nor am I a
part of some needy organization, but I would really love to win this
amazing assortment of prizes for me and some of my family members.
First off I would keep the Touchsmart for myself, my current desktop
is very outdated…the cd-rom doesn’t even pop out when it should!
I would give all the laptops away because I have one I greatly adore.
The laptops would go to three cousins, the older one who clumsily
spilled soda on hers and is now in the shop (who knows if it will
ever get repaired). The other two laptops will go to a college age
cousin and one in her last year of high school.


This would be a wonderful package to win for my family, we have a lot of old photos that need to be copied, repaired and edited.I would love to preserve these photos before they fade away.

Hi everbody.

First of all, I would give the HP Mini to my grandparents, so they can
surf the web and video-chat with their great-grandsons.
About the other 3 PC’s, I would give one to my High School, another to my
Music School, and keep the 3rd. one, although I don’t know yet how I would
split them.
I’d like to give them part of the prize because… well, by teaching me they
made me who I am.

Thanks for all!

The only twitt I’ll make:

Good luck everybody

Matíass last blog post..BOLUDO!

I have been unable to work for quite sometime due to ill health..(not whinning.. i am on the mend now and ready to get on with some positive work in new year)… while i have been unable to work i have been volunteering at the local pensioner rooms .. teaching the oldies how to use computers…it is very rewarding work.. they get real excited when they see that they can actually do stuff there grandkids can do..but we are working on crusty old machines using windows 98 .. so slowwwwwwwwww.. I would so love to upgrade for them and let them realise how user friendly the new gear is.. i am sure they could learn heaps more.. more quickly..after that i would love to share some of the exciting HP products with my eleven grandkids… i have not been able to give them prezzies for a while so it would definetly cheer up my xmas to be able to give to them.

It doesn’t matter how difficult things get, my family always keeps going, and that’s what I admire most about them. That’s one of the main reasons why I’d share the prize with them. I know them well enough to know that they’d make the best of it. Giving them part of the prize will be like sharing it with 10 or 20 people, not just because of all their hard work but because they already share their time with others by volunteering in places in which they’re needed. So, if I win, the only thing that I would keep for myself is the HP HDX Notebook. The HP Pavilion Notebook would go to my brother because not only is he a college student too, but I plan to ask him to help me some more with a youth group I volunteer for. The HP Mini 1000 would be for my sister who’s a high school student and is as gadget deficient as we are. The Touchsmart and printer would be shared by the whole family, and would stay with my parents once I move out.

What would winning this mean to me… WOW, it would mean so much. It would mean that i could help out quite a few families in need. It means that I could give back to those who have helped me through my difficult time… which is still going on. It would mean the world to me to win.
Thank you

Claires last blog post..My Last Post for a while….