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Life is Good: In This House

In keeping with my theme of positivity and whine-free-ness this week, I’m talking about things that I am grateful for, thankful for and otherwise counting my lucky stars for this year. I think, perhaps, with what the economy has done this year, I am particularly grateful for this house that is standing around me as I sit, comfortable in temperature and seating, writing this very post.

If this wasn’t a post about positivity and gratefulness, I’d be the first to list off every last thing that is wrong with our house. It would be a post that would take days to write because, as a perfectionist, I find fault at every last turn. Instead, I shall tell you some things that I adore about our house.

We have a red wall in our bedroom. I always wanted a red wall but neve got one because it wasn’t “my house” and something about living by their rules and, well, you know the drill. I think it’s gorgeous. I also love that we can decorate the half wall with the centerpiece from our Christmas-time wedding when the holidays roll around. It is as if it was made solely for that purpose. I love that the boys have a playroom even if I can still hear that very loud ambulance when I’m on the opposite side of the house.

I love our storage room and the fact that I am currently hiding Christmas presents in there (but recognize that won’t always get to be the case). I love our yard and how it’s just big enough for a playhouse, our slide and other toys. I love our apple tree and the pink blossoms it gives me every year for my birthday. I love our kitchen and the fact that I can make my family good meals within it. I love the refrigerator with all of the letter magnets and school projects and pictures and newspaper clippings and so on. I love our new programmable thermostat that FireDad lovingly installed to save us a little money. And I love the fact that we have heat (and air) so that we may live comfortably whatever the season.

I love that this is our home. I love that we have made it more than just a house. I love that we are improving on things in our own time, on our own watch. I love our house, our home. I am thankful for it and I celebrate it today.

Life is good in this house.

6 replies on “Life is Good: In This House”

I love that you are choosing to be a sunny-side up sort of gal this week.

Oh, and I totally have a red wall, too. One red wall sits amongst a sea of yellow walls at my house. LURVE it!

What a wonderful post. You’ve made me look at my house with fresh eyes that are looking past the dust, clutter and needed repairs to all the memories shared here. Thank you!!

I agree with Margie – this definitely made me think about some of the things I love about our apartment. (Part of which, right now as I write about it on my blog, is the snug little corner in which we placed our very first Christmas tree and have started collecting memories.) It can be hard to see past the problems sometime to appreciate the good, and I was certainly not in love with our apartment at first! But there is, after all, little more important than the place you make into a home. Also, I’m intrigued by the red wall. You should post pictures sometime!

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