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Life is good. It’s a hard week for me on an emotional level, but I cannot deny that my life is good. (That said, I won’t deny that I’m emotional either. Don’t misread my words.) All the same, I noticed a trend recently that is not sitting well with me. To be fair, I have participated in it: incessant whining. While talking with another blogger about it, I decided that I don’t want to whine this week.

If you follow me on twitter, you know that last week was a very hard week. Not emotionally. Just in general. FireDad was gone, minus an appearance for one bedtime, six days in a row last week. I was exhausted after changing eighty-six diapers, running BigBrother to and from school while dragging a normally-napping LittleBrother along and generally being responsible for everything in our immediate world. When I get exhausted, I have a tendency to whine. As such, I do apologize to all of my twitter followers who had to endure my whining last week.

This week? Is not the case. Sure, it helps that FireDad will be present for a large portion of the week, minus his normal shift days. (Like today.) But after the conversation with my blogging friend, I am reminded by how grateful we are this season. This year. This life! And, as such, I am going to spend this week writing about that gratefulness.

I don’t know how well I will do, verbalizing it all. The sheer abundance of it all is somewhat overwhelming and therefore forming coherent thoughts, words and then sentences seems like a task in itself. But perhaps a necessary task. With the year winding down and the holidays upon us, it would be easy to just get caught up in the day-to-day hub-bub and forget to look around and marvel at all we have in our lives. And not just the physical stuff (though that’s great, too). But some “unseen” things that all too often get overlooked. But not this week!

Though it is somewhat saddening that I have to remind myself to devote time to discussing what is good and amazing in our lives, that I have to dedicate an entire post to explain what I will be doing this week so that my readers don’t think I’ve flipped my cork. (Or, so that when I read back over this in a few years I am not left wondering what made me so darn happy all of a sudden.)

But the truth is that I am happy. As a family, we are happy. And I feel like rejoicing in that happiness this week. Will you join me? Will you attempt to verbalize the things in your life which you are truly grateful for as 2008 draws to a close? Will you share your happiness with us? If you do, please let me know. I don’t want to miss a chance to help anyone else celebrate their lives.

Life is good, folks. Life is good.

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I am grateful:
– for my husband, for the love and support he gives me. I truly couldn’t survive without him.
– that we got the extra time we have with my cousin Erin.
– that my grandmother passed peacefully with all those who love her around her.
– for Christmastime with my husbands family in Illinois.
– for my house – this year will be our one year anniversary in the house!
– for friends who make me feel like I’m not nuts or insane or alone in this world.

I posted a thankfuls list in my LJ last night, but thankfulness is something that bears repeating!

I am thankful for time with my husband, for the amazing little man we created together (with whom I was due at this time last year!), for more financial security than we’ve ever had, for feeling cheerful during this holiday season, and for friends near and far, local and virtual.

Life is, indeed, good.

Last month I started writing a post every Sunday listing ten things I am grateful for that happened that week. I was only planning on doing it through Thanksgiving but I enjoyed it so much I have continued to do it. Check us out!!!!! :)

What a great blog post! I’m finding that in a chaotic month (5 family birthdays along with all the usual Christmas festivities!) I’m making time to stop, catch my breath and reflect, rather than rush headlong through the days in a panic! Thank you for the boost :)

I will join you in your positive focus this week. It is easy for me to get caught up in my venting and negative on my personal blog as I don’t vent enough in my offline life. I put up a huge big front and help everyone else with their problems. Thus the blog is more negative than I actually am.

I read your personal post and I have no words that can help you as I have never been there. But know that there is nothing wrong with your feelings, as they are your’s. They only thing that could be wrong is not sharing your emotions with your hubby, he needs to know exactly how you feel and to be prepared for it to happen each year. He’ll be there when you need him most, but he may need that extra nudge to know when that is. lol

It’s always a better week when they are home. I didn’t sign up to be a single Mom, even though that is what I am now so many days a week. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t take him away from his calling for ANYTHING IN THE WORLD, but it is a lot of work for me as well.

Positive thoughts for all of us this week and lots of hugs to you!

That sounds like a great idea. I think we can all use that reminder to stop whining about what’s going wrong and focus on what’s going right. Your willingness to share both is what makes this blog so interesting to read but, especially now, it’s important to remember how lucky we are and all that we have to be grateful for. Thank you for the reminder, and I hope your positive thinking leads to a wonderful and very happy week!

How funny to read this post today. I just posted at least 2 complete venting/whiny posts on my own blog. Because it is not widely read, I decided it would be better to let it all out and put it somewhere, in the hopes I could be more positive other places.

I truly do want to focus on the gifts of this season and in my life, but some times it’s hard to get my whiny butt out of my whiny rut! I’m glad I’m not alone in some feelings! Kudos to you for aiming to be more positive!

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