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2008 Firefighter Related Gifts: Some Big Bonus Picks

I mentioned at the end of yesterday’s firefighter book and movie guide that I was bringing you a bonus post today! I’m actually hitting on three “big” play things for your young firefighting enthusiasts that didn’t really fit in any other category. Sound the alarm!

I actually grabbed this Little People Fire Truck Ball Pit the night before Thanksgiving in another site’s sale. I sat there with it in my cart for awhile before deciding that, yes, I was just going to buy it. What’s not to love? It’s a fire truck! And a ball pit! It’s a double win! I can’t wait to see TheBrothers’ faces when they see it on Christmas morning. And, yes, I’ll be honest. I just want to sit in it. It’s true.

This fire house play tent is a good way to create a fire house atmosphere in any room. Also? I always wanted a play tent but I never had one. All the same, imagine your kids riding their fire truck ride-on(s) in and out of this tent on a cold winter’s day. It gives them the ability to think they’re outside playing (see the fake bushes?) and fosters imagination. That’s good!

And if you have more money than me, well, you can go the route of a Five Alarm Firehouse Playhouse. No, the Fire Family does not own this piece and, looking at the price, we will likely never own something on this level. (Though I’m pretty sure I can talk my Dad into making something eventually.) But really? Go look at that thing. It’s got a loft. And a pole to slide down. And the big barn doors! And! And! Okay, I’ll be honest. I want it just for myself. Not the kids. I want to go sit out there and read a book. And slide down the pole. Kind of. My guess is, again, looking at the cost is that many a firefighter’s kid won’t be playing in that particular house. All the same, maybe you have some rich relatives who are asking what Tommy and Janey want for Christmas. Start big. Go with this one. (Or? The even more expensive Olde Firehouse. Eep.)

I’ve really enjoyed bringing you a wide range of firefighter related gift ideas all week. I hope that you have found some ideas for your firefighter or fire truck lover. Happy Holidays from the Fire family!

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