I Didn’t Decorate Yesterday, Won’t Today

I swear I’m not a Scrooge by I don’t have time to decorate tomorrow either. And on Monday FireDad will be out on the Back 40 over at Gramps’ with his Dad having male bonding time while searching for the Great Buck. Or something. So that day is out. And then Tuesday is his shift day. When, oh when, are we going to decorate for Christmas?

To be fair, I didn’t decorate yesterday and won’t today because even though LittleBrother’s birthday is not at our house tomorrow, many a person will likely stop by, including my best friend and her eight-ish month old son. Our living room isn’t fantasmically huge so if you try to shove in an extra baby, a best friend and multiple grandparents while I’m scrambling to give orders so we can get out the door and to the party, well, it doesn’t bode well to have less room because of a half-decorated Christmas tree.

Yes, half-decorated.

We don’t do the whole “put it in a playpen” thing because with the traveling we do around the holidays we might need our playpen. For BigBrother’s first moving-around Christmas, we did decorate. He pulled two (non-breakable but glitter covered) balls off the tree. Just that once. BigBrother was content to sit in one place and play quietly, even if I ran some laundry downstairs. All I had to do, at that age, was tell him “no-no, don’t touch” and he didn’t bother the tree again. LittleBrother is likely to pull the tree over on himself. I’m serious. And so I am predicting: no tinsel (sigh), all unbreakable ornaments (sigh) and too high up the tree for the littlest one to reach. Very sexy Christmas tree, no?


I might take down the Thanksgiving wreath from the front door and replace it with the Christmas wreath. I might also put the candy cane ribbon around our outdoor firefighter’s neck. (Oh, yes.) I might get a few things out for the living room. I might find our Christmas towels for the kitchen.

I might. I might.

Are you realizing that this post is more about convincing me than convincing you, my reader? This year has been so hectic and set at such a whirlwind pace that I have no idea how I’m going to fit in the minor/major task of decorating for my most favorite holiday of the year. Perhaps I should have considered this back when we planned our December 18th wedding and purposefully conceived both of our boys in the first week of March. Apparently I had no idea what parenthood would really entail when it came to birthday parties and holidays.

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7 Replies to “I Didn’t Decorate Yesterday, Won’t Today”

  1. visiting through the giveaway stuff…
    holy … you packed a lot of fun into these holiday weeks, huh?
    i feel the same way … it’s a lot of work and difficult with littles. but honestly, would you want them to miss out on any of it? and the big vs. little … my girls are the SAME WAY! my oldest … she would sit in one place and watch a movie, no problem. my youngest … holy granola … she is into EVERYTHING. i’m constantly running with her. there is no such thing as a movie night or coloring at the table.
    but … it’s what makes them, them. and i wouldn’t change it for the world.
    the tree … look at it as half full, rather than half empty. isn’t that what they say?

  2. Our tree is up. Very slowly over the weekend, the ornaments which were concentrated at the bottom third of the tree have now migrated to the top third of the tree. Still fun. Throw it up. You might feel better!

  3. Who knows when we’ll get around to decorating! That said, our “very sexy” tree will be decorated with ornaments that Nate has made, and most put on the tree by him — which means that most will be bunched in a few areas.

    I’m not usually anal about things, but Christmas trees? CHRISTMAS TREES? I love Christmas trees and making them look . . . well, pretty. I just know I’ll be having a silent conniption fit while I bite my tongue and tell him it looks gorgeous and then tell myself to CHILL.

    Ahhhhh, Christmas. . . . . .

  4. Hey! You’ve decorated your blog beautifully for the holidays! If it makes you feel any better, with so many people here for T-day and now sickness all over our house, the only “Christmasness” I’ve got going on are the tunes (I love me some Christmas music). Hoping for as few broken bulbs this year in both of our homes. Whenever we DO get around to decorating.

    Awesome firefighter reviews btw!!!

    And thanks for the shout out. :)

  5. I felt your pain. I have one sons’ birthday on Dec.21th and another one on Dec.28th. Altho they are five years apart as the years went by it made little or no difference.Many years the tree didn’t get put up till the 15th or so and taken down “Please before MY birthday”.Now these boys are men so it makes for alot of great phone calls around Christmas!! :)

  6. The end of the year has been really busy! I feel like November flew by, and I’m not sure where December is going. We have some birthdays this time of year too, so things tend to get hectic! Fun, though. Hope you’re managing. :-)

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