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You’ve Asked a FireMom, Now Ask a Firefighter!

No, FireDad isn’t blogging. I know, I know. Someday I’ll talk him into it, I swear!

But instead I wanted to take a minute and let you know about a cool, or, really, hot new website! Ask a Firefighter is a place for kids (your kids!) to ask questions. They ask Sparkles the Fire Dog a question and it is answered by a firefighter. The trick? Your kiddo has to ask his or her question by video. The solution to that if your camera doesn’t have a video option? Look into a Flip . (We just got another one! More on that later!) And the best part? The firefighters RESPOND via video.

I just brought BigBrother upstairs from his playroom to take a look at the site. He loved Caroline’s question and the firefighter’s answer about fire trucks. I think we just watched it six times. Then he ran off to find his fire boots and hose to go put out a fire in his playroom. I’m sure we’ll be back to the site many a time. In fact, I’m pretty sure that we’ll be dressing BigBrother up in some fire gear in the next week or so and submitting one of his (many) questions about firefighting.

I know I share tips with you, adult readers, about fire and safety in general. But wouldn’t it be great to actively get your kids involved in the learning process? If you submit something, please let me know if it is answered and put up on the site. I’d love to give my readers some link-love as well as they actively participate in helping their children learn about firefighting and fire safety.

And so, go visit Ask a Firefighter! (Hat tip to Firefighter Sam for the heads up!)

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