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Magic is as Magic Does

Today is magical enough in the Fire House being LittleBrother’s birthday and all. But I have some amazing news to announce to my readers and the others that are going to find themselves on a mommy-slash-fire-blog with one intent: winning. What am I talking about?

I am pleased to announce my participation in the HP Magic Giveaway. What’s that mean? Stop, Drop & Blog is giving away a prize package worth over $6000.00. No, really. I’m serious. What’s included? An HP Touch Smart IQ816 PC. (No, really.) An an HP HDX 18 series Premium Notebook PC. (No, really.) And an HP Pavilion dv4-1145 entertainment notebook. (No, really.) And an HP Mini 1000 series notebook. (No, really.) And an AIO printer. And copies of Microsoft Office. And a Smart Connect. And a photo package. And Kung Fu Panda. And. And. AND! NO, REALLY!

And it all will go to one very (VERY!) lucky winner.

The better news? 49 other blogs are participating in this magical giveaway. I encourage you to not only enter here but at each and every one of their blogs. Improve your chances to make a very magical and amazing holiday season for you and those most important in your life. (Rule note: You can only win once!)

The theme, of course, is really the magic of giving. While I won’t tell you what we here at Stop, Drop & Blog will specifically be requiring for entry until we launch our giveaway, I will let you know that we will be encouraging a spirit of giving and sharing in these tough economic times. Just keep that in mind!

Both FireDad and I are super stoked to be participating in such an amazing and magical giveaway this year. We have been blessed so much this year and feel that by paying it forward via this giveaway we can help another family end one year and start another on a terrific note. We’re just so honored to be passing on a gift, especially as tech-geek worthy as this one is! (You know we’re nerds over here. You know it!)

I will be adding some ads to the site to promote the giveaway. The actual giveaway will be launching on the 50 participating blogs in the next two weeks, so stay tuned. I will keep you updated of our specific participation (how to enter here) as well as on other blogs (where to go) as things progress.

Go check out the landing page to learn more about the giveaway, the participating blogs and the amazing stuff you can win. And tell your friends. And their friends. And their friends. Spread the magical feeling this season!

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