Living Through my Son(s) (& Failing)

I’m not going to force my children to play sports that they don’t like or endure lessons that they loathe. In fact, I’ll even force myself to endure sports that I don’t care for (basketball: the squeaking shoes kill me) if they decide that’s something they wish to persue. I’m not going to be that Mom that lives through my children.

Well, almost.

Today is BigBrother’s first “harvest” party at preschool. They are decorating treat bags for candy and the note said that they were allowed to bring in candy to give to the other kids. Can I tell you how excited I got? His first little party! How fun! I bought some lollipops, some smarties and some bite size chocolate.

And then I bought those little Halloween baggies that you put the candy in and fold over the top. Not because I wanted to be organized. (Though, that happened.) Not because I thought they were cute. (Though, they were.) The real reason? I always wanted to be the kid who took a little baggie of candy for a holiday party to school. And I never was. But now I am! Kind of.

No slight to my Mom. I just never took the little baggie of candy. And I always wanted to. Because I remember receiving those little baggies of candy and thinking that the kid giving it to me was the coolest. kid. EVER! Don’t misconstrue my desire to give baggies of candy as a need for my child to be popular. Most likely, with the rules we’ll have in our house later in life, he really won’t get to be that popular kid. But as the kid who never quite fit in, well, maybe some of that is there. Who knows. He does already have friends in his class, for which I am grateful, even if one did teach him how to spit. (Seriously.) I shouldn’t worry. He’s a likable kid, really, if just a little bit too loud. All the same, I sent him with little baggies of candy.Very simple ones: two suckers, two smarties and one bite-size chocolate with a page of stickers. Win, right?!

I felt like Super Mom! SEE?!


Apparently times have changed since I was in candy-giving-ages school. Because, dang. Not only did almost every kid have a baggie of candy to give but they were overflowing full. No stickers holding the fold over top closed on theirs (and, thus, not very organized!). But one mom even made monster-shaped chocolate-suckers with faces and everything. I wish I was joking. Suddenly my baggies didn’t seem so awesome. They looked kind of plain. And boring. Like the single pieces of candy my Mom used to send me with back in the day.

And I’ve failed again as a preschool mother.


Chances are, at this age, BigBrother isn’t going to notice. Chances are that even next year, I’m not going to get any fancier or put any more candy in the baggies. (Remember? I’m not crafty. Making chocolate-suckers with monster faces is so beyond me that I can’t even comprehend how you would start.) Chances are that someday one or both of my kids will complain that what they took to school was boring. Chances are that they’ll live. Right?

Chances are I’m going to eat a chocolate-sucker with a monster face after BigBrother goes to sleep tonight. Well, to be honest, that’s a definite.

Be safe if you’re trick-or-treating tonight! And/or tomorrow. Just be safe.


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