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I have a new review up over at Modern Mamma Marvels. I reviewed the boy version of Once Upon a Potty with the new accompanying CD. But! I’m also giving away a girl copy, complete with the new CD, right here! Please leave a comment with your biggest potty training horror story or biggest fear about the potty learning drama yet to come in your house. One winner will receive the girl version of Once Upon a Potty with CD. Contest is open through October 21, 2008 at noon!

5 replies on “Review & Giveaway”

I don’t have any horror stories yet, but we will start potty training my daughter soon and my biggest fear is just all the accidents that will be bound to happen. I am not looking forward to cleaning up all the messes.

I have 17-month-old twin girls and the fears ABOUND. I can’t imagine how we’ll manage to leave the house without mapping out the location of the nearest toilet every 500 yards. Thanks for the giveaway!

I didnt have a horror story with the older sis, but I am feeling the younger sis will be different. She already loves to pee with the diaper off (happens quite often during diaper changes), so that makes me think she’ll enjoy it, but it will be hard on me!

My daughter is currently potty training and we’ve had a few “issues” so far. The worst was when I let her wear her Elmo undies and went downstairs for a few moments as soon as I started coming up the stairs I smelled IT. She had made a rather large solid accident in her undies and tried to take them off. It was all over her legs, all over her feet, foot prints on the carpet and on my then 6 month old!! Somehow it also ended up getting smeared on the dresser and on the baby’s swing. The worst part was not only did I have to bathe both stinky kids and scrub the poop off (It’s not easy bathing a baby and a toddler at the same time), but I had to go back to the bedroom after that and keep them both from touching everything as I cleaned it up and scraped it out of the carpet. Of course that also had to be right after daddy had left the house for school so I was on my own for that battle! Now I am very careful when I let her wear her undies and the pair she was wearing made their way into the trash because I did not have the energy to clean those up as well after everything else I had to do!

we had that book as kids, although i think we had the boy version even though we were a house of all girls. i’m with melissa in that i think my biggest fear will be leaving the house because where will the potty be! i guess we can be like jon and kate plus 8 and carry a potty in the car.