I Found (and Bought) Shoes That Support My Arch!

It started a few weeks ago. My shoes were killing my feet after my workouts. Killing. In fact, last week, I thought I broke my toe but it was just strained after being in an improperly fitting shoe. And so, I forced myself to head to the store, without TheBrothers, and find a shoe. That fit.

And I did!

I ended up with the Nike Dart V Extra in pink and white. It’s not in stock on Nike’s sit anymore considering they’ve released things like the Dart VI. As such, the Dart V was on sale in my store. Here’s how I ended up choosing my new sneakers.

1. I walked up and down the aisle, looking for something in green. I tried on something in Nike with a light green swoosh. It did not fit well. I then tried on an Asics with green. It fit even worse. These were my only green options.

2. I walked up and down the aisle, ruling out anything in blue. And black sneakers. Because my legs are too pale for black tennis shoes.

3. I ended up pulling off the pair that I bought, another pair of Nike’s in a silver and pink and a pair of Adidas with pink as well. (Of note: I would prefer green. Sigh.)

4. I tried on the two Nike pair, one on each foot. The pair that I bought had the best arch support though the silver pair came very close. I walked up and down the aisle with these two different shoes on, trying to figure out if they would have enough arch support.


5. Then I put on the Adidas pair, prepared to fall in love immediately and pay a greater price. It had absolutely zero arch support. That made it easier for me.

6. I chose the Dart V because it had better arch support and, while not as cute, was cheaper. I’m a stickler for a sale.

7. I walked to the counter to ask the girl to retrieve the other shoe. The manager came back and offered me another ten bucks off the sale price if I took the pair in which the display shoe was slightly yellowed. I’m not vain. I bought the cheaper, barely noticeably different pair.

8. I walked out a very happy customer.

That’s right. The shoe was originally $49.99. It was marked down a few times to $29.98. And the manager gave it to me for $19.98 (plus tax). I say that’s a pretty darn good deal! My Dad would be proud. These shoes are already laced and in my gym bag for today’s workout. I’m hopeful that they will be supportive enough for my insanely high arch. Of course, I worry that my OCD tendencies will freak out about the color difference betwen the two shoes. So, I took a few different pictures in different white balance settings and am posting them here to make myself feel better.

Yes, the one on the right is the more yellowed one. But, I can’t get over my deal. And I don’t care. I DON’T CARE! I’ll toss my OCD tendencies to the wind for shoes that fit and didn’t cost me an arm and a leg.

And, as for this week, my goal is to hit the gym three days, do some home workouts for two days and take the weekend completely off, without guilt, for my sister-in-law’s wedding. I’m hoping that the dress I bought last week will still fit. I’m not particularly worried about my mid-section. It’s more of a nursing-mommy-issue. Such is life!


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6 Replies to “I Found (and Bought) Shoes That Support My Arch!”

  1. If your OCD distracts you while you’re working out, just get some white shoe polish and polish the yellowed one up a bit. Nobody will even be able to tell, I swear! Even with the price of polish, that’s a helluva deal. :)

  2. i have really super high arches too, which might be while i hate sneakers. i need a new pair too, my last ones had to be thrown away thanks to my cats.

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