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Steelers Sunday Snapshots

We didn’t actually get to watch the game today. That’s right. Instead I had to watch the Bengals bungle another one. Considering that the Bengals lose to the Ravens, I really would have rather watched them pull off a win. But, as usual, they disappointed. But it’s okay. Because our team won. And life is good at the Fire House.

Unless your LittleBrother and BigBrother is holding you still so your crazy Mommy can get a picture of you both in your Roethlisberger jerseys. It’s really more of a grimace than a smile, isn’t it? Oh well. It works. Other than the Roethlisberger jerseys, the boys are featuring a pair of black and white striped Babylegs, a pair of 3T pants (!), Lightning McQueen sneakers and joy over the almost-fall-like weather. Or, maybe the latter was just me. Possible.

Every Sunday (even when games are on other days), I’ll put up a Steelers Sunday Snapshot of the boys. This week we’re rejoicing at the 38-17 victory over the Texans. Next week, well, I’m sure I’ll have more to say as, a) I’ll get to watch the game and b) ew, we’re playing the Browns. Are you a Steelers fan, too? Feel free to jump into the “meme” of Steelers Sundays Snapshots. Browns and Bengals fans need not apply.

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Displaced Steelers fan here! I caught the game, though, at a Buffalo Wild Wings (whoo! What a season opener!), but now I’m sitting through Bears vs. Colts, as my husband is a Bears fan and I’m stranded in “Colts Country.” *sigh*

We are actually Patriots fans living in Tennessee. My sports fanatic husband pays $300 a year to get to see all the pats games on directv… :)

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