Wherein I Blather About Penn State

I know last week’s game was only Costal Carolina. I know that’s not really representative of bigger games to come. But, oh, wasn’t the 66-10 score lovely? Wasn’t it also lovely to have a quarterback who could, well, quarterback? Yes. There was much loveliness last week.

Today we’re pairing off against the Oregon State Beavers. (3:00 on ABC.) Predictions are back and forth depending on what site you read (though this one brings up the point of the White Out being overwhelming) over whether the Nittany Lions will come out on top or leave me cussing over dinner (which is a nice time out with my parents tonight so, really, cussing isn’t the best idea). Interestingly, when it comes to Pac 10 teams, the Oregon State Beavers are the only ones we haven’t previously come up against. Makes me kind of nervous. Hopefully our quarterback(s) will keep quarterbacking. That would be a nice change of pace for this season, wouldn’t it?

In other Penn State news, do you know why we have a hard time sometimes? It’s because Paterno is a stand-up guy and benches players for acting like freaking idiots. (Another has been booted for “getting himself in a jam.”) While other teams have been known to cover up such nonsense or deliver a minor slap on the wrist, Paterno doesn’t mess around. If you’re playing on his team, you’re going to play by the rules. And the rules don’t include some marijuana and a lot of paraphenalia that leads me to believe that there was more than just some marijuana. Kudos to Paterno. (Also, FireDad and I are loving a Penn State blog, Black Shoe Diaries. If you’re a fan (with a sense of humor at times), you should be reading. Also, I officially have a Penn State folder on my Google Reader now. Know of another must-read Nittany Lion blog? Hit me up comment style.)

The boys’ Penn State shirts did not arrive this week due to an error in the order process. (One shirt was backordered as I was processing my order. Bummer.) And so they’ll just sport blue and white today. Or perhaps I should dress BigBrother in his 2T khakis which are now the approximate length of Paterno’s pants, throw him in his blue zip up jacket with his button up shirt and tie and take some pictures. What do you think? In fact, I may consider forgetting the lion costume purchase for BigBrother this year and send him out trick-or-treating with FireDad dressed as a mini-Paterno. This seems like the cheaper option made all the more amusing when you consider that LittleBrother will be dressed in BigBrother’s old lion (non-Nittany) costume. Then again, while BigBrother likes football, I’d have to do some teaching so he got his costume come October 31st. That’s just under two months. It’s do-able, right?

And, to close off my Saturday football post, I’ve decided that we need a Penn State + Stop, Drop & Blog graphic. Who wants to make one for me? Look for it next Saturday when I talk about today’s win. Right? Right.

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Okay, so despite the fact that the Beavers never showed up for the game (not sure what the were doing on the field but it scarcely resembled football), the experience of going to a PSU game was AMAZING! I highly recommend it! The tailgating, the fans (all very kind to us considering that we were blazing in orange and black amongst the blue and white) and the enthusiasm was totally contagious! I just enjoyed it all even if my team of choice was totally lame ;)

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