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Love Thursday: My Mom Stood Up 2 Cancer

This is my Mom. The photo on the left was taken during the summer of 2006. BigBrother wasn’t yet a year. She loved wearing him in my first Mei Tai. She loved the bonding time spent with her oldest grandson. She loved being a Yia Yia despite not being Greek. Life was easier then.

The photo on the right was taken during the summer of 2008. Mom could finally wear LittleBrother in the (or, yet another) Mei Tai. Prior to this point, she couldn’t lift him very well. Because she had surgery. For breast cancer. In between these two photos, taken just about two years apart, my Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. And our lives changed.

My Mom beat that cancer. She is currently cancer free. But we’ve all been changed. I cannot explain how it changed something as simple as watching my children bond with their Yia Yia. Unless your own mother (or parent) has fought cancer (or another life-threatening illness), maybe you don’t know how precious each little moment is that your parents spend with your child. Let me tell you: those moments are priceless. Make time for those moments. Even if your schedule is busy. Even if you’ve got to travel. Let them bond. Because we just don’t know the future.

I love watching my Mom wear the boys. And play with the boys. And snuggle the boys. And even tell the boys “no” when they’re being bad. I love the fact that she is still here to help them grow. I love the fact that my Mom stood up 2 cancer and won. In the process, we all learned how important the love we have for one another really is… and how that love can grow despite the challenges life throws.

I love my Mom. And I love that others are Standing Up 2 Cancer right now. Are you?

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This post made me weepy. So glad your mom has beat breast cancer…and your boys keep the chance to know their grandmother. My mom died from ovarian cancer when I was a teen…and it isn’t something that you ever really get over. Especially as a mom, I find myself constantly wishing that they had the chance to know her…

Congrats to your mom and your family. There is something special about a survivor. My 6 y.o. son is also a survivor, so I can relate to your post…although cancer is horrific and horrible, it has taught us an amazing lesson about just slowing down, enjoying each moment, and loving.

I understand to you perfectly. We had been 4 years fighting against the cancer (a little greater). My previous post also spends to the moments of love with my mother and the important thing to it that they are now for me. Much force and kisses for the two.
HLT from Spain

Conchis last blog post..Love Thursday: Verano

Your post brought tears to my eyes…
I am so very happy for your Mom and for your family. What strength. What love.
I am leaving for my mammogram in about an hour… and I am taking my 83-year old Mom for hers, too. My beloved cousin, Cathy Holden, was taken from us by breast cancer on June 19, 2004 at the age of 43… and the last thing she ever said to me was, “Sharon, for me, get a mammogram every year. I love you.” Yes… I am standing up to cancer for Cathy, for your Mom, and to eliminate its ravaging force from this beautiful world. Thank you for this wonderful post… and wonderful reminder.

I’m so glad your mother is cancer free now. My mom has been through two battles with breast cancer. My grandmother too. And my great-grandmother was taken from us after a battle with lymphoma, but she had previously beaten breast cancer once before. It is a force to be reckoned with in my family.

I used to do things with the Komen foundation, to help raise money to fight cancer. But then my mom started doing work with the American Cancer Society because she thought it would be smart to try defeating all cancers. I joined her on those events.

At the beginning of the summer, I started training to run a marathon to raise money for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I have nearly $2000 of the $3500 I’m committed to raising with this event. I hope to do whatever I can do help battle any cancers/diseases I can throughout my life.

My running/rundraising site:

Hopefully all who read will take time to reflect on other issues with parents, try to forgive, accept, and overcome all the various reasons that prevent families from enjoying the love they all have to give to each other….sometimes we all think we have time to take care of smaller issues that hinder relationships. Time can be over in one day for various reasons.
This was a beautiful article I enjoyed.

My mother was diagnosed with Brain Cancer on Thanksgiving and past away this May. Her 6 grandchildren, ages 5-16, were a daily part of her care and in the end, were there when “TeTe” passed on. Everyday, they talk about her, tell stories about her and miss her. She spent so much time with her grand children. My 16 year old neice summed it up when she said “She was my best friend, I could tell her anything and she never judged me.” God Bless your mom and all those in a battle with cancer. And God Bless their families.

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