Babywearing Review + Deal for You! (That Rhymes!)

You guys know I’m a babywearing Mama. I love it. I swear by it. It really makes my life easier just to toss LittleBrother into a carrier and go. Babywearing has helped me lose weight after each of the boys were born as I’ve taken to walking with them as both a bonding experience and exercise time. But the fall season is right around the corner so that puts an end to our outside time, right?


I’ve been lusting after a Peekaru Babywearing Vest since they came out. And I finally bought one from Lauren (@dreamtattoo on Twitter!) at Instinct Parenting. Her new site just launched (but more about that later) and I got in on the purchase of a (medium) Green Peekaru Vest. And I am stoked. I need to tell you about it.

Basically, it’s a big fleece vest that goes over you and your front-carried baby in your carrier of choice and, as such, keeps your little one warm. I chose, it’s no surprise, my old standby favorite Mei Tai. As you can see in the pictures that follow, it’s easy to get on. Unzip it all the way, slip it over your head and baby’s head, reach around your front and zip it back up. And then smile pretty for the camera. Voila! (Of note: It was 85 degrees in these pictures that I wore a long sleeve shirt just to show you how it works. Also note the flip flops! You can thank me in the comments.)

There are some super-great things about this vest. It covered LittleBrother’s feet and legs with much more room for dangling. It wasn’t too big or too small. (The sizing works like normal sizing so that if you, like me, wear a medium shirt, you order a medium vest. Sizing goes up to 3XL.) I like that I can wear it as is with, as pictured, a long sleeved shirt in the fall and be nice and warm myself. In the winter, all I have to do is throw a coat on overtop and my arms will be warm and LittleBrother will still be warm inside the vest. (Don’t forget hats if its cold, folks!)

Some concerns, as nothing is ever perfect, are the head hole sizes. LittleBrother has an average sized head and had no problem fitting through the hole. I, however, have a massive, gargantuan head. Even with the head hole unzippered, I have a small struggle. It’s not just my hair either. It’s my HUGETASTIC head. The good news is that if it does fit over my humongous head, it should fit yours without issue. Trust me on this one. And, I will admit, I can google information on wearing the vest in a back carry (it is possible) but we did not try it so I can’t specifically speak to how great that works. (Have you tried it with a back carry? Please let me know.)

Anyway, I recommend this vest heartily to any babywearing parent who enjoys being outdoors in the fall and winter. We’re fall and winter type people, so this is almost an absolute must for our family. If you live in a climate where it’s cold, icky and rainy in the winter months, even if you’re not particularly an “outdoor person,” this might be a good purchase for you to keep baby warm and dry while running errands.

The best news? You can purchase your Peekaru Babywearing Vest from Instinct Parenting and get free shipping through the month of September. Lauren at Instinct Parenting is offering my readers free shipping on a purchase of a Peekaru Vest now through September 30th; you just need to visit the link she created just for us. Colors available are black, blue, gray, lavendar and my most luxurious green. She has sizes in small through 3XL! Remember, just email her and say that FireMom sent you. She’ll get your order ready and invoice you!

If you do end up purchasing one, please send me pics! I’d love to see you wearing your baby in the fall foliage (once the weather finally cools off; trust me, I know it’s hard to think about what you’ll be wearing your baby in when cool weather comes when it’s 90+ degrees outside).

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That last picture is PRICELESS! :)

Just waiting to hear from adoption worker to hear if we are going to be allowed to adopt our sons baby sister. If we get the go ahead I will be heading over to buy one of those. I had boughten the mei tai b/c of your rave reviews, so I trust your reviews on this one as well!

Will send pics if it goes through! It looks like a great idea, as with our last baby I wore a super huge sweater to keep the baby warm.

you can wear it backwards too! just put baby in a back carry and wear the vest backwards. it was great for the walk to school with the older kids when i was a nanny last year! (the mom and i were the same size so i just wore hers)

Thanks so much for this awesome post FireMom!
I really love the Peekaru, and think everyone else would too!
I wear my 3 year old (32 pounds) on my back pretty often, and use the Peekaru backwards. I slip her hear though first, then pop mine out, and sip up the neck, then the side. It works well. I will be filming and posting HOW TO videos on YouTube very soon!

Email me at if you’d like one, free shipping!

Happy Babywearing.

I swear by babywearing, too. As Alex has gotten larger it has become more difficult, but I wear him in my Ergo on my back a lot. Something like this is a great idea! I always worry that his little feet and hands will get too cold if I wear him outside while it’s chilly out!

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