Recap of the First Day of Preschool

I survived. Yes, me. I survived. I mention myself first because, well, BigBrother had no problem. Apparently (or, like usual), I freaked out for nothing. Perhaps I forgot who I was dealing with and that despite his previous lack of socialization, the kid is remarkably adaptable. Oh, and he’s been stoked for school for over a month.

He got dressed while singing, “School! School! I love school!” You know, despite never having been to school other than for orientation. He wolfed down his lunch, exclaiming after the last bite that it was time for school. Immediately. Forget shoes, man! He was happy the whole way there, talking about listening to his teachers and taking turns with the kids. I walked him in. He hung up his Thomas backpack on the little hook in the hallway. And…

He never looked back.

I walked down the steps, blinking back some tears. A teacher at the front door looked at me with the look that said, “So, how did it go?” My reply?

He didn’t care.”

A Mom laughed. The teachers laughed. I got in the truck and cried. Whereupon FireDad laughed at me. I just cried some more. Tears of pride, of course. He’s such a strong little dude! He was so excited and so ready for this that I’m glad we decided to send him a year early. But, truth be told, I kind of wanted a hug. I wanted him to tell me to have fun without him. Or to be careful. Or any of those things that he tells FireDad when he goes off to work. But nothing. I rank below toys, new friends and school. And I suppose that’s what we want for our children, right? To be well-adjusted in their own lives? But, really, a hug would have been nice.

After school, he came out with a big smile on his face (despite this picture which was the least blurry of the three because I was on the wrong setting, doh!) and stories to be told. They made puppy dogs. He talked to his teacher. He didn’t remember any of the kids’ names but said he made friends. He was extra excited when he got his first jigsaw puzzle as a present when he got home as he told FireDad all of his school stories. He told grandparents on the phone later all about his day. And informed us that he was going back on Thursday.

He’s been ready for awhile. And I’m so glad he’s taking these steps.

I’ll just give him a hug before he gets in the truck on Thursday. Yes.

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I wish I had thought to blog or back then journal these moments. Especially with my horrible memory for dates. My favorite time of childhood was when they started school, not because I wanted them gone, but because I wanted to participate in their growing as an individual.

Oh and be prepared for the day he doesn’t want to go to school and would rather stay home with you. That will be a much harder day.

Thanks for sharing.

Ahhh, I’m so glad he did so well:) I’m sure I will be the same way on Landon’s first day, with the tears. I’m glad I can read about your preschool stories, it gives me hope that our experience will hopefully go well too.

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