Love Thursday: Beginnings of a Bond

I didn’t expect them to play together yet. He’s only, just now, a week and a half after the picture was taken, nine months old. And BigBrother is Big! And loud! And doesn’t know his own strength! And a constant ball of motion! And busy! How would LittleBrother ever keep up? And how would BigBrother ever make time for him without bowling him over in the hallway? Wouldn’t it be years before they played well together?

Perhaps I don’t really understand the bond of siblings so close in age. My brother is eight years younger than me. When he was born, I was already involved in extra-curricular activities at school. I had friends and a life of my own. I didn’t need a playmate. In fact, most of the time, I thought he just got in my way. And, oh, if that little boy put one toe over the line into my room, oh, I flipped out!


I’m sure the “He’s-Breathing-My-Air” days will come. I’m not naive enough to believe that sibling rivalry won’t ever rear its ugly head. But I have been so blessed and surprised by these two. On an individual basis, they’re amazing. But together, they warm my heart in so many ways. They play. They laugh. They have this understanding even though LittleBrother doens’t yet have a language. Watching it develop has been amazing. Especially since LittleBrother has started crawling and climbing over BigBrother, this sense of play has developed between the two. They chase each other up and down the hall. They wrestle, but gently. Sure, BigBrother occasionally knocks him over or yanks a toy out of his hands. But so much less often than I had imagined.

This particular shot was taken on a day that I remembered to fill up the baby pool. They woke from their naps (which happened, magically, at the same time) and got dressed and filed outside. I had told BigBrother not to splash. And would you believe that he didn’t? In fact, he occasionally got down on LittleBrother’s level, told some inside jokes and laughed with his brother. I, of course, melted.

Love is having a bond when you don’t know what a bond really is; love is brotherhood.

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