Conversations on Preschool Orienatation Day

The exchange this morning:

FireMom: Do you know what today is?
BigBrother: *yawn, stretch* No.
FireMom: It’s the twenty-eighth!
BigBrother: *big smile* Oooh!
FireMom: Do you know what that means?

After he got dressed and was ready to go, way ahead of schedule.

BigBrother: Can we go now?
FireMom: No, we’re waiting for Gramps and Grandma to come watch LittleBrother?
BigBrother: Just put him in his bed! He’s okay!

While waiting in the truck for FireDad to arrive (it’s his 24 hour shift day) so we can walk in as a family.

BigBrother: *looking out the window* That’s my schooooool!
FireMom: Yes it is, Buddy.
BigBrother: I looooooooooove my school.
FireMom: *melts* Aww, let me take your picture!
BigBrother: *smiles and then looks back out the window* My school is so tall!
FireMom: Yes it is, Buddy.
BigBrother: It’s taller than DADDY!


After school, on the way to fetch french fries and chicken nuggets which were the bribe to get him to leave:

FireMom: You go to school again on Tuesday.
FireMom: You’re just mad that we had to leave today. You’ll want to go on Tuesday.
BigBrother: NO I WON’T!
FireMom: On Tuesday he ate through two apples and he was still… silly? Happy? Friendly?
BigBrother: Hungry, Mommy. You’re silly. I go to school on Tuesday.
FireMom: With two pears?
BigBrother: No, no pears.

His orientation went well. He walked in with his backpack on and immediately started playing with the boy who was there ahead of him. They’ll be in the same (afternoon) class. They immediately bonded over Lightning McQueen. Though, looking into my Magic Ball of Parenting Wisdom, I can predict some arguments with the other six boys in his class over that very same Lightning McQueen car.

Yes. Seven boys. Three girls. May I say, right now, that I’m glad I am not one of the two teachers. I am also thankful for such teachers. Once again, just today, they impressed me with everything that was done and said. I am confident that this is the right place for BigBrother at this time.

To get BigBrother to leave after paperwork was filled out and questions were answered, bribery had to be employed. Promises that he could return on Tuesday to play with all of the other kids were not well-accepted. Even promises of watching Super Why! when we got home didn’t go over all that well. In the end, chicken nuggets won. He is finally accepting that he will go to school on Tuesday again. Apparently we’re going to need to make a new chart with stars on the day he goes to school. (Though I’d really just like to buy him this.) All in all, I am pleased with today.

Tuesday, however, as I drop him off and leave him there should be a different story. For me.

(In fact, next Tuesday I am participating in my first “Day In The Life” picture challenge. Be sure catch it!)


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  1. OOH my little one started today, we had a one-hour orientation as well and I came away feeling a little better. The moms with first-time kids like us all had that wild look in their eye while trying to appear casual cool.

    I look forward to reading your pre-school tales…!

    Inspired Housewifes last blog post..Keep It All in One Place

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