Things To Do With Your Spouse After the Kids Go To Sleep

I’m going to do another installment of I’m Sorry You Found This Place soon but I really wanted to tackle this particular search that lead someone to my blog. Why? It’s an important one. At first it struck me as funny but, really, it’s important. Bonding time with your spouse is key. Yes. Laundry needs done and you have three deadlines to meet and he totally wants to watch Ghost Hunters while you would rather curl up with a good book but at least a few nights a week you need to make sure that you’re spending some time together.

As such, here are some G and or PG related things that FireDad and I like to do once we get the boys to bed.

1. PLAY WII! You have no idea. The Wii is a great bonding agent for spouses. Nothing like some competitive pseudo-sports to bring out the laughs, the good-game-butt-taps and the memory of why you fell in love with that person in the first place. You don’t have to be good at bowling or win every tennis match. You simply have to have fun. (Ahem. The follow sentence is not rated PG. If you’re feeling frisky, play strip Wii!)

2. Kick it old school and break out the board games and the like. We’re fans of Scrabble (mmm, words) and things like Uno or Rummy. In fact, prior to kids in our apartment living days, we used to play Rummy at the laundromat just to pass the time. Don’t have board games? Walk yourself to the game aisle at your local superstore and find something from your childhood that makes you smile. Battleship? Operation? Connect 4? Take it home and play it that night. The spouse doesn’t like that one? Send them for their choice next week.


3. Sit outside. Take the monitor if you have to but, just for a few minutes each night, go sit outside and enjoy a bit of peace and quiet. Talk about your day with one another. Or, really, simply sit in the quiet and enjoy the presence of the one you married. It’s winter? Do it anyway. Bundle up and sit on the porch.

4. Watch a movie of the other’s choosing once a week. No, really. Give them all the power to choose. And don’t add this statement, “Sure! Whatever you want! But not (enter movie you desperately have no desire to see).” Let them choose. Remember, it will be your turn next week. And don’t read your book while watching their movie. Watch. Laugh. Discuss. Pretend you’re not yet married and try to make the other one think you’re smart enough to marry.

5. Get a babysitter (your Mother-in-law?) and go out for a drink, a movie or a drive around the countryside. Sometimes getting out of the house is key. Perhaps you’re uber-picky about your child’s bedtime routine (like me) and you don’t trust anyone else to get them to bed. Perhaps they’re in their separation anxiety phase and won’t let anyone else put them to bed. Perhaps they still nurse to sleep. Whatever the case, if you want and/or need to put them to bed yourself, do so. Then have someone trustworthy come sit and watch your television while you two take off for an hour. Just getting out of the house for even a short amount of time can do the two of you a world of good. (Note! This is not a PG-rated comment: Go parking! WOO!)

6. GO TO BED. The kids are asleep. Yes, it’s still early. But go to bed! I didn’t say you have to go to sleep, though you certainly can, but go to bed! Are you picking up what I’m laying down? Great.

Obviously, there are a billion and one things you can do after the kids go to bed. You can also choose to do separate things or things together. If you absolutely have to get a few things done, set a time limit for which to finish these things and then meet on the couch at 9:15pm for some quality bonding time. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you tell your spouse that you enjoyed the time together. Even if you ended up fighting over the movie. Kiss and make up. Now.


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4 Replies to “Things To Do With Your Spouse After the Kids Go To Sleep”

  1. I am telling you, I am dying to get a Wii. Aside from wanting Wii Fit for myself, I think it would be a lot of fun to play the other games with George.

    If we both have stuff we want to do separately, I find it helpful if we can at least be in the same room.

    Sherrys last blog post..Sibling bickerings

  2. lol – that wasn’t all G or PG – but I liked your ideas. :)

    I try to get my husband to do some of those but he is not that interested. Although, we are on a movie deal where we pick our top 30 movies that we want to rent, and they automatically ship them when they are in (you can only have one a week – so when you mail one back, they send another one right away). So sometimes I get a movie, and other times he gets the movie. And we (I mean *I*) are usually pretty good at watching each others movie when they come in.

    although I do start to wonder when none of MY movies have come for a few weeks. lol.

    Good post!

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