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An Evening at the Fire Department, in Pictures

I have some fabulous rants coming up next week but I wanted to end the week on a good note. Yesterday was a very productive day. But, at the same time, all the running and doing and finishing and fixing threw LittleBrother off of his nap schedule. Instead of a morning and an afternoon nap, he napped from late morning into early afternoon, thus making the stretch from waking until bedtime a rather long one. I kept coming up with things to do to keep him entertained but by 5:00, as we finished supper early, I knew what needed to be done.

I packed both boys up and we headed to the Fire Department to visit FireDad.

It’s one of the perks of being a Fire Family. It really, really is. What kid doesn’t like fire trucks? They’re big! They’re bright red! (Well, real fire trucks are bright red. Ask FireDad.) They make noise! There’s lots of bells, whistles and buttons! Okay, and that’s just my excitement. Yes, that’s right. I love the fire trucks just as much as the kids. What’s not to like?

More over, I love the look of amazement on BigBrother’s face as he is lifted into the driver’s seat (or, as happened yesterday, as he climbs up by himself for the very first time ever into one of the trucks). I also love the fact that he runs off all of his energy as he races back and forth between trucks, thus making for an easy bedtime.

And so, last night we went and visited FireDad and let BigBrother run off some energy. This was our first visit since LittleBrother learned to crawl. And so, despite the floors being dirty, LittleBrother crawled off some energy as well. I followed along with my camera and snapped the discoveries that he made along the way.

The wheels were vastly interesting. Perhaps he was able to read the word “good” and realized that his diaper, a Goodmama, said the same. Doubtful, of course, but it made for some cute photo ops. He was infatuated with the wheels and the shiny things for quite some time.

Then he found something shiny. BigBrother, for the record, also loves the bell on the front of this truck. He rings it and rings it and even after he is told to stop ringing it, he rings it again. This is thanks to one of FireDad’s coworkers who taught him how to ring it. Previously he had been just happy to bang on it with his hands. LittleBrother, it seems, is starting the same infatuation. Now if we could only keep people from teaching him how to ring it.

Then I brought over FireDad’s helmet and had him look at it. He seems unsure of what to do which I assume is because its so honkin’ heavy. Also, FireDad’s head is insanely smaller than my large cranium. The thing doesn’t fit me! Which is further proof that BigBrother has a majority of my genes (his head is in the 85th percentile) while LittleBrother takes after FireDad in that respect (right around 50%). This picture makes me kind of weepy. Probably blowing it up and framing it for both parties.

And before the critics come out and ask me why we’re ignoring our older son, I give you the reason, which is twofold, as to why there are so few pictures of him from yesterday. 1. Remember that BigBrother has had two years of photo opportunities at the Fire Department by himself. LittleBrother deserved some lens time! 2. BigBrother is nothing but a blur as of late. Constant motion. Constant talking. Constant constant constant! But, for this picture, he climbed up on the back of a truck all by himself and said, “Cheese!” And so, he got one great picture.

We’re pretty lucky. These boys have access to fire trucks any time they so desire. Except for that one time when we weren’t at our own Fire Department and BigBrother didn’t understand the reason that he had to wait in line to see the fire trucks. But, all the same, we’re incredibly lucky. These children will know, unlike a friend of ours in his youth, that fire fighters are their friends. There won’t be any fear. It’s a good thing, let me tell you.

Plus, really, bed time was a breeze for both of them! That makes for a happy FireMom!

Next week, in addition to my rants, I’ll let you know how to get some good pictures of your children with the fire trucks. We’re off to spend a weekend in our own city for the first time in weeks and weeks!

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Aww, this reminds me of the pictures my mom has of me as a two- or three-year-old sitting in my grandpa’s tractor and by the huge tractor wheel. Little kids + big machinery = so cute! Your pictures are definitely good for the boys’ future wedding slideshows. :-)

Awesome pics, J! reminds me of my younger years visiting my own Dad at the police department on warm summer nights. Awesome memories.

And yes, tell Firedad he is absolutely right…firetrucks MUST be red!

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