We Are! Penn State! Kind Of…

I never blog on Saturdays. Or, almost never. But I’m excited. For football! College football season is officially upon us. And it kind of creeped up on me. I just ordered the boys‘ fall football shirts. Normally I would have already ordered and received them but with BigBrother’s foray into schooling, well, it slipped my mind until this morning.

For those who don’t know, we are Penn State fans. Which is somewhat difficult, living in the middle of Ohio State country. Furthermore, not only are we Penn State fans living in Ohio State country but we loathe Ohio State. We detest the scarlet and gray. I know. We get a lot of grief from friends and family who think the sun rises and sets atop “The Horeshoe.” But we shrug it off most of the time. In fact, a few friends have stepped out of their Buckeye comfort zone and purchased Nittany Lion gear for the boys.

So what are two Penn State fans doing in the middle of Buckeye-land anyway? To be fair, I’m originally from Pennsylvania. While I originally lived closer to the University of Pittsburgh, we weren’t really Pitt fans. We preferred Penn State and good ole JoePa. But what about FireDad? He’s not from Pennsylvania. The question most often asked is if I was the one who converted him to Penn State loving. The answer is, “Nope.” He’s always been a Penn State fan living in Ohio State-land. That’s how I knew I had found a the right guy. Well, that and quite a few other things but, yes, we bonded over football. What can I say? I’m a football lovin’ lady. My Dad (& Mom!) raised me right.


Thankfully we subscribe to Dish Network and so the Big Ten Network is at our disposal. While Time Warner finally got off their collective doopa and started offering this area the Big Ten so that Buckeye fans can watch their team as well, Time Warner is not offering their viewers the alternate channels. This is where Dish Network becomes my hero. If we were stuck with (the overpriced) cable company’s offering, we could not watch Penn State lay a whooping on Costal Carolina. But, just like last year, we have quite a few alternate channels to watch quite a few different games all day long. Today, however, as FireDad is working some overtime at the Fire Department, I am recording the game (yay DVR!). FireDad is being forced to watch the Ohio State game at work and we’ll watch Penn State when he gets home this evening. (Ahem, so don’t leave a comment about the score. Or perhaps I just won’t read comments until after we watch the game.)

And so, this is just a warning that Saturdays will now feature blathering about last week’s game, this week’s game and more football stuff. So if that’s no your thing, you may just want to skip my Saturday posts. And, oh, please, don’t ever, ever, ever send my kids anything Ohio State unless you want some retaliatory purchases sent your way. (This last sentence was written for our friends George, Ryan and the entirety of the Fire Department.)

Go Penn State! (Post inspired by my (yes, female) friend’s College Gameday Blatherings today.)

(Upcoming football posts: That’s right. We’re Steelers fans living in the trifecta area of Steelers/Browns/Bengals fans.)


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