Bloggy Giveaways: Don’t You Want to Talk on the Phone Again?

I had this giveaway planned before I realized that its Bloggy Giveaways Carnival week! How appropriate! How timely! How lucky for you that if this giveaway isn’t up your alley, you can visit this post and enter hundreds upon hundreds of giveaways and contests! But you know you want to win mine!

I’m giving away a Jawbone Bluetooth Headset to one lucky winner. I reviewed a Blah Blah Black Jawbone on the review blog just now and I have one more (same sleek color) to give away! Retail value is $129.00. And it can be yours. Free. It comes with three earbuds (small, medium and large) and four different over the ear pieces so it will be guaranteed to fit your unique ear shape. (Read: If it fits my weird ear, it will fit yours. Trust me!)


And the charger. And instructions. Instructions are important. It’s pretty easy to use, of course, but don’t toss the instructions or you’ll hang up on your Mom and then you’ll be in big trouble. Or, as BigBrother says, “Beeg Trumble.”

How do you win? Simply leave a comment on this post. Comments to this post will be closed on August 5th, 2008 at 1:00pm EDT. At that point I’ll pick a winner via and make a post on the blog announcing the winner in addition to e-mailing the winner. (Read: Enter a valid e-mail address or you forfeit your prize and I move down the list.) The package will be shipped with insurance as I’ve had one package lost recently (ugh, not an expensive one but, still, ugh) so as to cover the price just in case the USPS decides to hate on me again.

Again, don’t forget to read the review, leave a comment here and head over to the Bloggy Giveaways Carnival to see what else is awesome to win!


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597 Replies to “Bloggy Giveaways: Don’t You Want to Talk on the Phone Again?”

  1. Man, I could use that when I’m driving in NY now that its illegal to talk on the phone without a handsfree device.

  2. Love the fire hydrant bullets.

    I used a blue tooth head set a while back and loved it. It’s great for when you’re driving. I bought a new one once my old one quite working but it just didn’t fit well so I didn’t use it. The one you’re giving away looks like it would do the trick.

    Kim @ Up North Mommys last blog post..I am officially a geek

  3. This would be great! These days it is almost impossible to talk on the phone. Holding a baby and talking don’t work so well, especially for more than a few minutes. Thanks!

  4. Wow I need one of these since my state has gone hands free and haven’t had a chance to get one…ty for the review

  5. yes, enter me! i really need one, seeing as talking on the phone in the car is illegal in NYS. i’m naughty and usually put it on speaker phone, but this would rock.

  6. I wonder if anyone can hear me on this one? I guess these kinds of things weren’t made for people with my voice tone b/c no one can ever hear me on a speaker phone or a bluetooth. I could TRY anyway!!! :)


  7. This would be amazing for driving in the car and doing stuff around the house that well, you drop your phone a lot for, please enter me.

  8. This is perfect timing! I would love to win this so I don’t have to pull over every time I get a phone call in the car!!! THanks for the fantastic giveaway!

  9. What an awesome looking headset! I had a bluetooth a while back, and they are perfect for the long trips my family seems to always be taking, or trying to talk on the phone while changing the baby. I’m loving it! It looks super comfortable! Thanks!


  10. since they just came out with the study about the dangers of cell phones, we all should be finding some blue tooths for ourselves.

    sarah bs last blog post..Recovery

  11. Though I don’t talk on the phone much, I know it would make a great gift for my sister!

  12. Oh man, I need a Bluetooth headset so bad! I recently had to upgrade my phone and my new one is set up for it but after shelling out a bunch of money, I just couldn’t afford to get the headset too. But with being a single mom and running my VA business, I could definitely use one.

  13. That is one of the coolest bluetooth devices I’ve seen. I’d love to win it since it would make my life that much easier!

  14. My husband drives a lot between school and work and this would be so nice for him to have.

  15. That is a very slick looking earpiece – would love to win, I need one for my cell phone while driving since the hands-free law went into effect.

  16. This would be really useful for my marathon phone calls to my boyfriend. :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  17. What a great giveaway! We could use this, as it just became illegal in our state to talk on the cell phone while driving… unless you have one of these!

    Mrs. Saras last blog post..

  18. Now that hands-free is a California state law, I’ve got to find a solution. Jawbone could be it :)

  19. This would make an awesome gift for my husband on the occasion of his birthday. Thank you for the giveaway!

  20. I’ve been wanting to get a Bluetooth headset for my cell phone. This is the one I want to get. :-)

  21. I so need one of these after seeing that story about the researcher telling his staff not to let kids have cell phones.

  22. Very cool! I just sent my hubby’s blue tooth to my sister (in CA) so she’ll call me again. She used to call on her way home from work. Now I need a new one for Hubby. (I can’t use one because I already have hearing aids hanging on my ears.)

  23. This would so come in handy. My last bluetooth was stolen and since I have to be constantly on the phone for work my neck has been so sore.

  24. Great giveaway! I could really use this – so far, I’m still using my old corded ear piece…

  25. My husband would think I was so awesome for winning this! We really try to limit cell phone use in the car and this would help so much. Wish me luck and thanks so much for the contest!

  26. Could really use a new bluetooth device. I accidently sent DH’s through the washer and dryer. :(

  27. I would love to win this! My daughter has a terrible habit of talking on the cell phone while driving. She needs this!

  28. Wow! Great giveaway – thanks so much. Would love to win this one for my hubby who does a ton of traveling and talking :)


  29. It’s very nice of you to give away such a nice prize, so just in case the winner doesn’t say Thanks, I will — Thanks!

    Robert Loys last blog post..

  30. This is very sleek and cool looking!! Great review btw, I always find things don’t fit in ears properly for some reason ….

    My hubby or my daughter would love this………me, myself, I refuse to own a cell phone!

    Great giveaway, thanks.

  31. I have been dying for the new jawbone to come out! How exciting that you are doing a giveaway! I really I hope I win, because it truly is the best on the market, and now that they have redesigned it to better fit the ears of women, I bet its darn near perfect!

  32. What a wonderful giveaway. I would really love to win this. Thank you so much for offering this giveaway.

  33. I just saw this for the first time yesterday and loved it! Thank you for a great read everyday! Your boys are the cutest!

  34. I don’t have an mp3 player or phone or anything…LOL…i am so NOT technical…LOL… hubby does..and he would be thrilled if i won something for HIM!!!! Thanks for the chance! :)

    Katys last blog post..Another hot and busy day!

  35. wow, i need this with all the time i spend in the car – thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

  36. Great prize! Our kitten got at my boyfriends other bluetooth & wrecked it, hopefully I win the prize so I can surprise him & replace it.

  37. Hello, What a wonderful giveaway prize! Please enter me in your drawing. One of my teenage sons could definitely use this prize. Thanks, Cindi

  38. Excellent! My son broke my old one and I have missed it. I’d love to have a slick one like this.

  39. WOW with capitals is all I can say at the moment; I love this. I’ve been seeing people walk around with a similar thing stuck on the side of their head/face and knew it must have something to do with phones but wasn’t sure. SO THIS IS IT!!! How convenient.

    yourstrulee at sasktel dot net

  40. I’m not sharing this with the hubster…I’ve wanted one of these for a long time now and he doesn’t get the hints I’ve dropped.

  41. love to win this as the asshats in our state government have just made illegal talking on a cellphone while driving. thank god the government has cured all the other ills of society and now we can go after this terrible problem.

  42. Darn husband put his mobile IT business phone on a cell, then strapped it to me so I can never get away from it!

    Evil…Evil man!

    An better Bluetooth headset would be much appreciated.

    Great Bloggy Carnival giveaway!

  43. With all the options this one might work! I’ve tried other bluetooths but they hurt my ear because of my glasses. Wow, I hope I win and thanks for the chance.

  44. My dh sure could use one of these he has dropped his phone so many times that they are begging us to remove the insurance. LOL

  45. I’ve had to get rid of several earpieces because they didn’t work. The review sounds like this one might actually work. It’s hard to have a phone in my hands but I also feel bad just sitting while talking on the phone. I could get a lot more housework done with this little gadget!

    GrnMtnGirls last blog post..Leftovers, it’s what’s for dinner!

  46. Oh heck, I can’t get mine to work right for love or money so I’m in!! I think I got it to work twice and maybe that’s all it will give me because it was a cheapo one. Crapola!

    I guess you really do get what you pay for. Boo.

    Judys last blog post..feeling quiet

  47. I think these are important safety devices for people who talk on the phone while driving. Thanks for the chance to win.

  48. This blogging is all new to me and so would be the bluetooth experience. I hope I get this. Having 4 kids I can always use an extra hand. Thanks for offering such a wonderful item and I love your blog.

  49. How cool! This would be great to keep my hands free to enter work in my computer. As I am blind hand writing doesn’t work so good anymore.

  50. Help! I need this :-) Our state has a new law that you can’t use your cell phone in your car without one of these and I have not gotten around to buying one.

  51. Oh my god – I would ADORE to win this. Your review makes it sound wonderful and so I want it.

    I’m a big fan of hands-free, but of course, bought a much cheaper version. Wind makes it impossible (I like to talk while I walk the dog), it answers without ringing (making my conversations very public to whoever suddenly calls me, as well as my singing in the car), and the volume is unpredictable…


  52. This would be a great thing to have…I would love to be entered!

    owatz (AT) telus (DOT) net

  53. Oh how this would save me from having to be on speaker phone for the many conference calls I end up taking by cell

  54. Oh my…my husband drives a cab and could only afford to spend only $20 on a discount bluetooth. His ears are in pain every day. I’ve read about this one and it would be perfect for him. Who knows, it might make him happier thus getting more tips!

  55. If I won this, it would go to my daughter who is ALWAYS talking on the phone while driving! (That drives me NUTS!)

  56. I’ve been looking for a good Bluetooth! I live in CA and it is now required for phone use in the car.

  57. I would love to have a Blue tooth since the new law in CA is you have to drive hands free!

  58. Since the hands-free law just passed here in California, I could really use this prize. Thanks for the chance!

  59. This would be just the thing when I am driving. A lot safer and it always seems my phone rings when I am driving.

  60. I am so behind when it comes to new gadgets. I could really use this while driving. Thank you for a cool giveaway

  61. Wow, this gadget looks great. And thanks for the thought of sending it with insurance. Hope I win.

  62. maybe if i win this, I’ll stop crashing into people with my stroller when i’m on the phone!

  63. great giveaway! i could definitely use one of these. i’m pretty sure its not safe to drive with your phone between your ear and shoulder. it could cause for some sideways driving…so that is why i could use one of these :)


  65. that would be awesome! especially considering that I have two small kids always clammering for my attention (and hands!)

  66. Since calls come in when I’m driving – and it’s illegal to not use one of these – please keep me legal!

  67. Though the odds are CLEARLY not in my favor I’m going for it!!!! I still haven’t purchased anything to help me comply with CA law….well other than putting my phone on speaker and yelling at it :)

    Thanksgivingmoms last blog post..A Couple Ways Sad

  68. Wow, that really is stylish! These just became a necessity in California. We have a cheap one that wobbles around on my ear.

  69. They just made it illegal to use cell phones while driving in my state unless you have a hands free device. I don’t have one & I so need this!

  70. I’d love to win this! I saw a co-worker with one of these the other day, and I’m in desperate need of an earpiece for my new phone. Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  71. How awesome! I’d totally love to win this so I can safely drive and talk on the phone at the same time. (I don’t drive and talk on cell phones, it would be nice to be able to)

  72. oh man a headset would be a great gift for my wonderful hubby who is always on the road. thank you for such a wonderful giveaway!

  73. Everyone needs one of these now that the laws about talking on cell phones while driving have changed.

  74. I need this before I get a ticket for talking on my phone while driving in Chicago!

  75. I desperately need a bluetooth, I hope I win! Thank you for the awesome giveaway! dcadmar at gmail dot com.

  76. I live in Cali where it is now illegal to drive w/o an earpiece so I would love this!! So far I have jst been setting my phone on speaker, which is prob more dangerous than holding it to my ear.

  77. I really need one of these since i live in CA and have yet to get a hands free device. thanks for the giveaway.

  78. It is now illegal to drive while holding a phone in WA. This would come in VERY
    handy. Such a nice prize! Thank you.

  79. Although I’m not used to using headphones, I could definitely get used to wearing one worth $129.

  80. I have been looking at this one for some time now. But did not have the extra money to buy it.

  81. i would love this!!! with three little boys i need to be hands free as much as i can!

  82. I would love to try this, I have given away two similar items, because my ear is made so crazy and no matter how hard I pushed or pulled the wouldn’t fit :(

  83. I used to think I would never use one of these. Now with my son 1000 miles away & my mom 800 miles away, I spend a lot of time on the phone. This would be great because I could go back to using both hands. Thanks for the contest.

  84. Holy Lotta Comments, Firemom!! Good for you! Your giveaway is drawing quite a crowd! Count me in!

  85. Great giveaway. Please count me in. I would love to win this.


  86. Great prize. Really could use this for work and keep in touch with the family. Thanks for having this contest. Guys blog for things.

  87. I need this so badly! If it’s not the girl making noise, it’s the dog, or the cat, or some combination of the three. Also my husband likes to call and not really talk about anything, and our current phones can’t really be cradled between ear and shoulder, so I have to sit there and listen to him say nothing while I have a hundred things to do! Sigh!

    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway :)

  88. I’ve got one of those weird-to-fit ears, which is why I don’t yet have a Bluetooth. I would love to have one, and if you say this one will fit just about any ear, well, I sure hope I win it. I’ve got a small boy at home and a long commute to work, and hands free would be a good thing.

    Lisas last blog post..Bloggy Carnival Giveaways!

  89. I tried to read the review, but I get a page not found with the links you provided :-(

    So if your review was good – enter me because I really have been wanting one of these. Of course, if your review said they stunk then you don’t have to enter me LOL!


    Robyn’s Online Worlds last blog post..Poo Paper?

  90. I would love to win this!! They just passed the law here in CA – no cell phones in car – and that really is a bummer so I still need to get a bluetooth and would love to win one. Thank you for entering me. Sara

  91. Can you hear me now?

    Just kidding. Hi – Oh this is so nice. And would make me so happy.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  92. Thank you for sponsoring the giveaway. My husband just had surgery on his shoulder. He’ll need a Blue Tooth during his recovery to stay in touch with the children and grandchildren.

  93. great prize !! i am always on the run and on the phone with the kids or hubby, sure could use it :) thanx!!

  94. This would really help me stay safe on the road while doing a million and one things. Thanks for the giveaway. Wish me luck!

  95. It sounds like the Jawbone is a good headset for people who may be a bit hard of hearing, if it filters out the noises and picks up on the speaker’s voice. Yippee. And I definitely need two hands to drive. I would love it.

  96. I was actually just telling my wife that I would love to get a bluetooth headset. It would help out greatly with a manual transmission in the enough things goin on..


  97. i love how stylish that thing is, technology has come such a long and fashionable way in my life. i love it!

  98. I tried to read the review. The page was not found. Still, I know that this is one of the best ones out there and I pray that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob will use you as a means to bless me with such a wonderful device to use while I work. Sincerely, James Peterson.
    p.s. May God bless you regardless of your choice.

  99. This would be so great. I don’t have one yet and talking on the cell with all the kids can get hard when I have the baby in my hand and what not. Not to mention I would also have a cooler bluetooth than my hubby. Woo Hoo. THanks

    Alishas last blog post..Bloggy Giveaways!!

  100. I really need this! I live in California, and we have the hands free cell phone law. Please pick me!!! :)

  101. What a generous giveaway! I usually try to sign up for a few things that my husband would love…but I’d probably steel this from him! :)

  102. I really need this because my old bluetooth quit working. I’m so used to hands free that anything else has become very difficult…once you go hands free you’ll never go back!

  103. This is great. It’d make like a lot easier. Please count me in. Thanks@


  104. Oh what a great giveaway! Hubby says he never gets anything so this would be a wonderful surprise for him.

  105. I just read your Jawbone review and I was relieved to learn that I’m not the only person on the planet that can’t keep ear buds in place! Thanks for the opportunity to win a kewl headset!

  106. With the new law in place in CA we need one of these so badly, yet can’t afford one. Your review sounds like this would really work, I have small ears, or small inner ears, or something, most kinds pop right out. Thanks ofr a chance to win something so cool and needed!

    Crayls last blog post..One Week Left.

  107. jawbone is actually a really great product it reduces background noise and delivers clear every time

  108. Hi! My name is Meme. What a cool give-a-way. I definitely need this especially when I’m driving. I get so tired of pulling over! Thanks!

  109. I will be getting a Blue Tooth enabled phone next month and this would be great to use with my new phone…I’ve never used a ear piece before, but sounds sweet !
    Thank you for a really great contest !!

  110. I would love to win this for my son. I would much rather him have his hands on the wheel of his car while driving and not on his phone. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  111. Awesome!

    It would be great to have!!

    Thank you for the great giveaway!


  112. this would make my commute of 45+ minutes so much safer and better! thank you for the opportunity!

  113. What a great prize, Bluetooth Headset, I have been pining for one these for quite some time. Thank you. :-)

  114. i sure could use this. i live in ca. and they recently made it illegal to drive and talk on the phone. don’t need any tickets – they are too expensive! people will just have to leave me a voice mail for now. at least until i win this bluetooth! yup – i’m a winner!

  115. Oh my goodness I need this bad. What a useful prize, thanks so much for having this contest!

  116. This is a great giveawy. I have one of those big bulky bluetooths and I really don’t even use it. I would love to has this one.

  117. This would be so nice to have. I spend a lot of time commuting to work and always try to remember Safety First!!!

  118. with 6 kids running around here i would like to have this product. it would make my day to day chores easier and easier to run after the kids. thank you.

  119. OMG!!! I am soo excited.. i hope i win. I live in CA and the law just passed that you have to be on one these things and so I don’t talk on the phone anymore… my phone time has diminished…
    i would love to win one! :)

  120. I would love to win this hubby is truckdriver and spend hours on the phone with him and this would be so much easier to have a hands free piece

  121. I’d love one of these, really need to be handsfree so I get something done while I yak on the phone. I tried to read your review but the link was blank. ?

  122. Best giveaway ever! My dad doesn’t dig the refurbished Bluetooth my mom gave him this past Christmas (hey, it was very affordable!), so this would be a really spectacular gift.

    Megans last blog post..In (re)Session

  123. This would be perfect! I am disabled and this would make it so easy when I have to drive. I could get ahold of my husband at any time I need help!

  124. I love the look of these and the reviews are great. Sometimes people have a hard time understanding me on my blue tooth but these really cut out the background noise per the reviews. Great contest.

    Kelly Ks last blog post..One of them nights

  125. Hello! This Jawbone Bluetooth Headset is exactly what I need! I have 3 young children, and one is a 4 month old so there is constantly a lot of background noise going on all around me every day of my life. I am most definitely not complaining, my children make me feel young and alive, but it does the noise factor does make it difficult when I am receiving or making phone calls, particularly if they are business related calls. Because the Jawbone eliminates real world noise better than any other headset because it is the only headset that can accurately separate speech from ambient noise, this would most definitely make my life a lot less stressful and enable me to conduct phone calls without the stress of my children in the background! Thank you so much for offering this terrific giveaway!

  126. That would possibly eliminate my recent screaming into the speaker phone while driving hehe

  127. the opportunity to be able to drive and talk safely….that is what i like best about this headset! Cant wait to try it!

  128. I am entering this fopr my disabled friend. She really NEEDS bluetooth but can’t afford it on disablity so it would be awesome if she wins.
    Thanks for the contest!

  129. I usually follow you on your other blog but decided to check you out here as well. Thanks for the generous give away!

  130. Thank you so much for a chance to be a winner. We need to make a 2500 mile round trip for daughters wedding, birth of son’s first child and neices wedding. Also with school starting money is tight but sure could use this prize while we are driving for a safe trip and still be able to answer all the question that family will be asking along the way.

  131. I’ve had my eye on this. I don’t like the way my Ant fits. I think I’d love the noise reduction feature. Thanks!

  132. The different sized ear thingys are so cool-those things that come one size are never right. I wanna jawbone headset.

  133. I agree, this would be great with all the news about cancer-causing cell phones. Thanks for holding this giveaway; I know the winner will love the prize!

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