So, Everyone’s Going to BlogHer…

BlogHer this. BlogHer that. BlogHer. BlogHer. BlogHer.

No, I’m not going. Yes, I’m a bit grumpy about it. I’ve wanted to go for two years now but if the dates stay what they are, well, I’ll never be able to go. As you know from yesterday’s post, I’m in the process of packing for camp. It’s a yearly event. Same dates, every year. It’s also an integral part of my faith and, as such, “ditching it” isn’t something that I’m willing to do. And so, I unplug for eleven days while my peers all plan to get together and be super-plugged-in. I’m trying not to be salty. I’m trying to remind myself that my faith and my family are more important than any conference, no matter how awesome.

And it’s true. Camp was always a highlight of my summers while growing up. I made friends as a young child that are now all grown up and attending with their children. Our children are becoming friends. And the cycle is renewing itself. It is my dream that my sons will attend with their children in tow, watching them grow in faith and love with their friends’ children.


This year is set to be even more exciting and special. For the past twenty-seven years of my life, I have been staying in the cottage that my Great-Grandfather built. My Great-Grandmother, still alive and healthier than the lot of us, is the reason the family began attending. The cottage was built in the 60’s and is a huge part of my childhood summer memories. But this year, we bought our own cottage with my parents. Our family has outgrown the old cottage. And so, we’re expanding! It’s a lovely cottage that, albeit, needs some work when camp ends this year. But it’s just perfect. We already went to test it out (Mom and Dad have been getting it ready for this year as I’ve been very busy) and BigBrother approves of the big, screened in porch. It’s also right near the playground. An added bonus.

Faith-wise, many people don’t understand. And that’s okay. While I have a strong faith, it is such a blessing to be able to spend ten days each year concentrating on the relationship I have with my God. (And, you know, parenting and eating yummy food and doing a little relaxing as well.) But it’s the main reason that I won’t just “ditch” the last weekend and fly off to mingle with people that I consider some of my best friends. I’ll think of you all. I’ll miss your comments and e-mails and posts and general awesomeness. And I’ll probably feel a little bit jealous.

But I know I’m choosing the right path for myself and my family. And I’ll continue to do so. So, someone have a blast for me. I look forward to reading your posts when everyone gets home (which is the same time that I get home!).


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6 Replies to “So, Everyone’s Going to BlogHer…”

  1. Hi there…I’ve been following your blog posts for a while. I first found out about you from Flickr. You are an inspiring photographer. I don’t usually leave comments but I just want to say “Have a great time with your family!”

    p.s. I love camping myself.

  2. Well, I’m not going to Blogher either. Last year I wanted to go so bad but then this year came and I really had no interest. I don’t even blog or read enough blogs to know a lot of people. And I don’t really “fit in” anyways with all these great bloggers, and I’m OK with that. I’d rather stay home and save some money.

    I think that you going every year to this camp is great. What is even more great is that your faith is so important to you. What a wonderful thing to pass down to your boys. No offense to Blogher and those who are attending, but you will get more out of this trip I’m sure than you would if you went to Blogher.

    Enjoy the time away. You are making memories with your family that will last forever:)

  3. are you cool with me coming up to camp this saturday? or is it too hectic being the first weekend? let me know – next saturday is crazy busy so i figure this weekend might be my only shot at making it up there!

  4. I’m not going either. My family needs me more than BlogHer does. BlogHer doesn’t need me, really, and even though it would be fun, well, it’s not going to happen. Enjoy camping with your family!

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