As Long as He Doesn’t Take the Donut Rings…

There are reasons that we had our kids close together in age. My health issues aside, the main reason we chose this spacing was because we wanted them to be close to one another. FireDad’s sister is seven-to-eight years older than him and I am seven-to-eight years older than my younger brother. Until the past few years, I had nothing in common with my younger brother and though I love him and enjoy his company that’s still a big age gap to get over in order to foster similar likes and dislikes and experiences for the sake of conversation. (As an example: if he gives me parenting advice one more time, I’mma sock him. Hi, Bro!)

Anyway, so, BigBrother and LittleBrother are two years, one week apart in age. Almost to the minute as they were both born just after 6:30 in the evening. This, of course, has made my life tough in different ways. Ever tried to nurse a baby and potty train a toddler at the same time? Obviously, I didn’t have enough foresight to predict that would be difficult at best. There are other things, of course, that make me wonder what the heck we were thinking. Though, I have been assured and reassured that even parents with larger age gaps between their children think similar thoughts. Apparently kids make us doubt our ability. (Even with just one, I am so told!)

But then there are gems. Little moments that shine and make me realize that, yes, we went about this in the right way for our family.

The other evening, as the sun poured in our living room window, we sat and played on the floor. As LittleBrother is now an independent sitter, he has been enjoying looking at BigBrother on an almost eye-to-eye level as opposed to looking up at him from his vantage point on the floor. He was happily chewing on some blocks and donut rings. BigBrother saddles up next to him and says:


“Friend. BEST FRIEND! [LittleBrother] is BEST friend! I love [LittleBrother].”

(Goofy) Best Friends

I then ran for the camera, snapped a few pictures and melted into a large puddle of Mommy Goo. A few minutes later I had to tell BigBrother that if he took the donut ring from LittleBrother one more time that I was going to take all of the donut rings and put them up for the rest of the day. But for two minutes that evening, I had a small glimmer of hope for our future. Yes, there will be noogies and mean words and slammed doors. Feelings will be hurt and I’m sure a few fingers and toes as well. But to grow up with a ready made friend? It’s what we wanted.


(This post brought to you by a teething seven month old and a grumpy two and a half year old and a Mommy who needed to find something positive just to get through the day. Remind me again why I thought this was a fabulous idea? Oh, oh yes.)


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9 Replies to “As Long as He Doesn’t Take the Donut Rings…”

  1. My brother and I are 10 months apart (I’m older). My mom said she prefered it that way because it was in some ways easier (and harder other ways I’m sure). I laugh cause we used to get asked if we were twins- and now when I tell them of the little age difference they don’t believe me!

  2. It’s all good…my first two were 19 months apart. The second and third are 26 months apart and the last two are 24 months and 2 weeks apart. And, while very challenging on an hourly basis, I have wonderful moments that make me well up with an uncontrollable smile. My four love playing together (and lothe each other too depending on the moment) as they put on a “Show” for me this morning–complete with dancing, singing, a host and acrobatics. Who wouldn’t be able to smile at their teamwork and support of each other? It did my heart good for sure as it’s been our first full week with no school and everyone being home.

  3. Too. Cute.

    My sister, M., and I are 2 years and 1 day apart. I don’t remember donut rings, but there was an incident when I bit her on the butt. She was probably 4 and I was 2. She won’t let me forget it to this day. All I tell her was that she shouldn’t have been running around naked.


  4. That is exactly what you hope for, now at least. What I see with my husband who has two younger brothers, each considers each other so called “idiots” (in a brotherly sense), but when the time is needed for each other, such as this past Father’s Day sail I posted, they are all supportive of each other. I was not fortunate enough to have siblings, so want it for my daughter to have that relationship.

  5. My boys are twenty months apart (with a baby sister 25 months later) and YES it was/is crazy but I would not have it any other way. They are the best of friends :)

  6. Awwww. I just melted too! Mommy Goo works even with other Mommies’ children, did you know that?

    Such a cute, cute moment. I know it made all the Grumpy Mom Moments worth it.

  7. Awww, so sweet!!! My oldest two boys are 12 months and 2 weeks apart exactly, definitely not planned, but it’s been a pleasant surprise. Actually the biggest gap between our five is 22 months. We get a lot of people that look at us like we’re crazy, and sometimes I have to wonder myself, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. If nothing else, there’s always someone else to play with!

    BTW, thanks for the contest link!

  8. Oh they are gorgeous! Wonderful pictures. Sometimes I try to weigh the pros and cons of having my two little ones close together in age but … it is what it is. We enjoy the positive and hope the struggles make them better people as they grow. You are so right – having a friend that is your brother is priceless.

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