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Won’t You Be My Neighbor? No? GOOD!

We’ve had neighbor issues in the past. The cats. The kids running through our yard and knocking over our table and chairs. And apparently this is the summer of yard maintenance woes.

We’re kind of picky about your yard. Our back yard, through which the children run, isn’t exactly high maintenance, but we still take care of it rather well. My day lilies line the back fence row. Last summer, I didn’t get one bloom because the birds, rabbits, deer (yes, deer in the suburbs) and children ate and picked off the tops of my stalks. I was not a happy pregnant lady. Also, we keep our backyard free of sticks and what not as BigBrother and I are often barefoot. (What? I grew up on a farm. Why does this surprise you?)

Here’s the thing about life in the suburbs: other people’s lack of maintenance affects your maintenance.

Neighbors\' Grass ClippingsThe house behind us doesn’t believe in trimming all that often. The last time that they did it? The lady left all of her (many, many) grass clippings on our side of the fence. All over my lilies, mind you. And, to boot, as they have a bunch of berries along their fence row, she left a bunch of stickers/jaggers/briars. (What do people call these?) More than making my lawn look horrendous and more than possibly harming my lilies that I love so very much, this lady put my son in danger.

You can argue that he should be wearing shoes outside. I get it. He could step on a bee. And I can’t protect him from everything. But I can’t keep shoes on the child. If he gets in his sandbox, his shoes come off. He likes the feel of sand on his feet. And with some of his texture issues, I’ll gladly let him enjoy anything on his feet. Suggesting that he put his shoes on for the three seconds that it takes him to run from his sandbox to his slide just so he doesn’t step on something seems somewhat ridiculous, no? More over, did I mention that it is our yard? We don’t even rent. We own. Our. Yard.

So, while the lady was still mowing in another part of her yard, I cleaned up the clippings. I made a neat pile. And early the next morning, since I wake up with the birds, I tossed them back over the fence. (I think this is far more acceptable than tossing a can, which is not biodegradable and which was not ours, back over our side of the fence like they did the month we moved in over two and a half years ago. No. I don’t forget.) Turns out, they didn’t even notice. And did it again a few weeks later.

So, I’m eating all of their berries.

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Neighbors can make or break you! We have some of each. Try having a daycare that operates between the hours of 12 AM and 3 AM with people squealing in and out at all hours of the night. Sooo annoying!

This is such a pain to deal with. We are very lucky and have great neighbors – but also have wooden privacy fences between all of our yards! That’s probably the reason we all get along!

It could be worse. When I was little, we had the absolute worst neighbors- and they lived across the street so you would think they’d keep their nose out of our business. But nope! They were constantly actually sitting in their front lawn yelling across the street and telling my parents that we should or shouldn’t do XYZ and just generally trying to start trouble by lying. And to top it all off, they called Child Protective Services on my parents! CPS came out (escorted by state police) to “inspect” our house because “a neighbor phoned in that there is garbage, dirty laundry, dishes, and no running water.” Well, my parents gladly gave them a tour to show the (reasonably) clean house (no small feat considering there were 3 of us under 6 years old) and since my mom had just obviously stepped out of the shower (she had water dripping from her and a towel wrapped around her head!) they were all appalled at the neighbor and told us that in the future they would mark her calls as “nuisance calls.” Soon after that we moved… away from the WORST neighbors ever!

Everyone has a neighbor issue, no getting around it. Just have to make due and try to get along. Mine is our side field happens to go right up against the neighbor garage on their small lot. They have two dachshunds that always run over barking at us on the side field all the way to my driveway, even on the busy road I live on! On the other side of me is a neighbor who has a dog, which I happen to help the neighborhood out by suggestion invisible fence for him, that breaks out and runs through my veg garden. Do I complain to both neighbors, no, but I do tell the dogs to get out. And yet, one neighbor FOUR HOUSES AWAY complains about my dog barking waking up her 13 year old sleeping at 11:00am on a Saturday! Wacky……I could write a book! So I am with ya!

I do not want to excuse what your neighbor is doing, but is there a chance that they have lived in their house longer than your house has exsisted. I found with one of our neighbors that they had gotten so use to tossing stuff over their fence that it didn’t even occur to them not too once we moved in. Maybe a nice card attched to the fence would open their eyes to the situation. But in the mean, time eat those berries on your side, I mean come on they are on your side. Just don’t lose sight of your witness to them.

Our old feral neighbors (who are GONE now, thank goodness!) always trashed our yard. The kids would throw their trash over the fence into our yard, and they always threw trash in their front yard that always blew over to ours.

Of course, now the house is vacant and the lawn is mowed maybe once a month by the management company hired by the bank. So we end up having to take care of that lawn as well as ours. Ugh.

Oh man, have we got something in common. I just happend upon your blog…and I’m loving it, but I just posted on mine about having neighbor issues. Oh, and NO, you shouldn’t have to wear shoes in your own yard, for cryin’ out loud!

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