I Can’t Sew, So It’s a Giveaway!

Okay. That’s not entirely true. I can sew. I’ve made a few pretty awesome things in my day. Like that outfit I made for the first day of my senior year of high school with the butterfly skirt and the matching shirt? Funny story about that: while sewing the skirt, I sewed the bottom together like a big, big pillowcase. My grandmother found this hilarious. I, however, did not. (I should scan pictures of the completed outfit, no?)

And, really, I am about to “sew” something for LittleBrother. But it’s not all that complex. I got some fabric scraps from The Goodmama to match a few of our favorite diapers. (Electolyte! Mint Chocolate Zoo! Red & Blue Stripe! Cherry Rickey! Mmm!) I’ll be cutting the scraps into shapes and sewing them on shirts (like she offered in limited quantity with previously retired prints). But that’s the extent of my desire to create things via a sewing machine right now.

Sew UBut, you see, I got this book to review. Sew U: Home Stretch, The Built By Wendy Guide to Sewing Knit Fabrics seems fabulous. Quite honestly, I want to make each and every shirt in the book. I look especially awesome in boatneck tees. And making my own hoodie? That would rock. But the reality remains that I don’t own a sewing machine. And with two brothers, well, my time is limited. And I’m behind on my book reading goal for the year. And the laundry. And the cleaning of bathrooms. And did I mention that I haven’t showered today. And and and. I’m just a bucket of excuses, aren’t I? How about this one? I haven’t lost all the weight that I want to lose just yet and, as such, I don’t want to take time to make myself clothes, however totally awesome they may be. How’s that? Is that good enough? If not, defer to lazy.

And that brings us to the giveaway!


See? PATTERNS!I’m giving away the book to one lucky blog reader! The book not only tells you how to create everything from halter tanks to dresses with knit fabrics of your choice but it includes tips on recycling your old favorite tees (remember all those concerts you went to back in the day?) and tips for the sewing novice. But, wait, it gets better. I know you’re thinking what I am: “How am I going to sew something from a book? Don’t I need a pattern?” That’s the best part! This book comes with patterns! They’re still sealed in the back of the book to prove that this book is new and that I didn’t make myself a new wardrobe and am just trying to pawn something off on you. It’s new! It’s got patterns! And that’s awesome!

So, how do you score it?

Simply leave a comment on this post. Any comment will do. Granted, I’d love if you would tell me why you’d like this book. OR a funny sewing story of your own since I fessed up about my giant pillowcase. Or, if you don’t want the book for yourself but for your uber-crafty sister, you could give me her name and number and I’ll hire her to do these shirts for me. You know, any comment will do.

The contest will end on Monday, June 9 at 1:15pm. (I’ve decided that noon is a bad, bad time for me to end contests! I’m never at the computer.) At that point, I’ll close comments, hit random.org and grab a winner. The winner will be announced (and then e-mailed) on the blog later that afternoon. If you’re interested in purchasing the book no matter if you win or lose, hit it up on Amazon for $17.15!

Bonus points if the winner makes me something. That fits.


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68 Replies to “I Can’t Sew, So It’s a Giveaway!”

  1. You are awesome! This book sounds awesome!

    I’ve sewn a few costumes and blankets in the past, but never anything that I’d wear to work or church, etc. The idea of sitting down and sewing something I could actually wear has always enticed me and I’ve gotten *this* close a few times.

    Maybe if it’s made easier I’ll actually do it.

    My worse sewing story. When making a costume shirt for Tom, I accidentally sewed one side of the shirt wrong side out. Had to rip it out and redo it. Yeah fun!

  2. When I was a kid, I loved sewing! I never used a machine, and instead sewed everything by hand. I really didn’t use patterns ever; I just made my own thing, but they were usually pillows. When I was older, my mom let me use her sewing machine. I also liked to sew buttons on scraps of fabric or on jackets. Haha.

    But here’s my sewing horror story: When I was in ninth grade, I thought it would be a good idea for me to take Home Economics beyond what was required by my school. It was fun, but I definitely preferrd the cooking part. For the sewing semester, our big project was making a fleece hoodie, which would have been really awesome if mine hadn’t ended up being a three-quarter length-sleeved fleece hoodie! I screwed up the seams on one of the arms, so I had to cut them both off and it looked so ridiculous on me! So I had put all the time (and money) into something that I couldn’t even wear! I don’t remember if my grade reflected that or not, but I felt really stupid regardless.

  3. You know I’d love it! And my worst sewing disaster? Oh goodness, I have an entire room of half finished things because so much of my sewing is trial and error. How about the time I made a dress to wear to a friends wedding and flipped two measurements and ended up with a rather short, but very full, skirt? Or the jacket I knit for Ella that shrunk the first time in the wash because I am ridiculous and forgot it was wool? (20 hours down the drain…) Then there is the dress I made the other day, and now have no idea how to recreate because I did it at 2 am and was on autopilot. Hey, it’s a stretch knit – maybe this book will help! Ha!

  4. Dude, I will so take that book. You know I can sew like a mamma-jamma, but did you know that I have actually never made a garment?! I’d like to try.

  5. Me too, please!

    I made several outfits in high school. Most notable: my junior prom dress. And it turned out awesome! I still have it! Most recently, I made my very own Mei Tai. I love it!!!!

  6. I actually bought my sewing machine with money I got from a splurge group years ago. Unfortunately the poor thing usually just sits there because I don’t have a CLUE how to sew anything! This year I gave myself a large project (for some reason I don’t do small ones) and I’m trying to make my daughter a quilt in her favorite color, red. So far it is going well. I hope it continues to go well and that I can keep using my sewing machine and learn to make other stuff too!

  7. long, funny sewing story:

    about two years ago, my boyfriend got a new job. being the ‘frugal fran’ as my grandma calls me, i said, i’ll make your shirts for work. (it is hard to find short sleeve button up shirts in england!) so i bought the pattern, the fabric (cheap at the farmers market) and asked him to measure his chest so i could cut the pattern to the right size.

    we weren’t living together at the time, so when he visited his parents, he got his mother to help him do the measurements. marvelous.

    he gives me the measurements over the phone, and i say, ARE YOU SURE?! DOUBLE CHECK! and he says, he is sure, his mom wrote it down, no he is not double checking. so fine. i cut the pattern. and the fabric. and sew the shirt. and agonize over the collar. get it right. iron it. everything. down to the buttonholes.

    boyfriend comes to visit me. “here is your first work shirt!” i proclaim. he puts it on. he is not a small man. he is barrel chested and tall. he is swimming in the shirt. he looks at me, confused. i look at him, horrified. i take out my tape measure. the shirt is 5-10 inches bigger than necessary in certain areas. i get out the paper with the measurements he gave me. his measurements are 10-12 inches smaller than the measurements i was provided. i begin to laugh. he is more confused. i explain that his mother must have assumed, that ALL patterns are cut small, since MOST women’s patterns are cut smaller. we laugh and laugh. when we call and tell his mother, she says, it’s ok, shirts are difficult to make, even for a skilled seamstress. he and i laugh some more.

    i have not tried another shirt, even though i know it would be fine. i just can do without the ‘shirts are difficult to make’ comments. we donated the ginormous shirt to Goodwill.

  8. My sewing machine is just collecting dust in the corner. This sounds like a great book. I took sewing as a 4-H project when I was younger and made this flowy shorts/skort thing, that wasn’t very pretty, especially once I hit a growth spurt that made it extremely short! :)

  9. Oooh, I’d love to be entered! I just got my first sewing machine, and while I’ve done a few things with wovens, I have yet to try any sewing with knit fabrics. So pick me!

  10. I’d love to say I’m entering for me because I’m so crafty and sewingly inclined, but alas, I’m not. However, my best friend (and college roommate) is crafty and very sewingly inclined. This, despite the fact that she sewed two large holes in her finger last week from her uber cool fancy shmancy sewing machine. Yup. Two holes. Right through her finger and finger nail, chipping the bone in the process. However, she does make lovely quilts and such and, once she gets this book, we can add shirts to her repertoire. Plus, her birthday is in two weeks! How cool is that?!

    Thanks, FireMom!

  11. I’m just getting back into sewing and received a wonderful sewing machine for Christmas (from my parents, not my hubby!), so this book would be a perfect way to get back into it.


  12. That is so very cool that the book comes with patterns! I have a little quirk. just one. i refuse to use sewing machines. i love to sew but envision myself to be a pioneer sewer. needless to say, the things are create are stupid. i have just admitted that i need instructions and patterns even if i refuse to use a swing machine. the book would go to good use!

  13. Enter me, please. I have had a sewing machine for years. I sew in bits and spurts as the mood strikes. Right now, I am in the middle of a sewing jag. For the first time in my sewing career, I made myself a garment last night. I sewed up an A-line skirt. First time, it was too big, so I took it apart, and resewed. Alas, it was too small….. I will keep trying.

  14. I like to think I am an excellent seamstress, but truly, I need help! This book looks amazing. Maybe I can move on from curtains and into clothing!

  15. Sewing is one of my favorite things to do to entertain myself while being a stay at home mom, so I would LOVE this book!

  16. I am really scared about sewing knit fabrics as well-the couple of times I have attempted it have been disastrous!! Thanks for the chance!

  17. Oh, I’d LOVE some tips on sewing with stretch fabrics!!! I have to admit I’m a bit boring on the wardrobe front, but I’m still searching for the perfect turtleneck to fit me. And beyond patterns, the know-how would extend into all the kids’ clothes I’m planning to do! Don’t worry about my housework, it never gets finished anyway, so sewing won’t get in the way! ;-)

  18. I come from a long line of wonderful sewers. My great grandma and grandma were seamstresses. And my mom made every halloween costume for my sisters and I along with many other great outfits. I have a sewing machine, but not as much skill as they did. I would love to take a shot at some of these patterns. Thanks

  19. Oooh–I’d love this book! I love to sew and I’m trying really hard to carve out more time for it in my busy schedule.

  20. I’m new to your blog (via Prizey). I have been obsessively sewing lately and would love to give this book a look. Last night I was just working on a pillowcase and it came out a bit to small. Oops. I guess practice makes perfect.

  21. I haven’t sewed in years, but I bought a new sewing machine recently and I’m ready to get started. This book sounds like a godsend :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  22. I AM the uber crafty sister, altho I haven’t sewn very many garments. (just vests years ago from easy preprinted fabric, that was some of the first stuff I sewed)

    I don’t think i have any horror stories, probably because I’ve not sewn clothing. I would like to try tho…

  23. I received a sewing machine for my bday last year. I’m learning how to sew from my mother-in-law. I managed to make a cover for a seat cushion in my baby girl’s room. I’m looking to learn more, so this would be a great prize.

  24. so far the extent of my sewing is to make purses. and one apron long long ago. I’ve never ventured to make clothes… sounds like fun!

  25. I’m learning how to sew now, and I think this book would be super helpful! Thank you for this opportunity!

  26. I’m very interested in getting back into sewing for myself. I would love to dive into knits!

  27. I’ve been meaning to pick this book up! I just got a serger and I’m just started out with knits and would love a little guidance!

  28. I would love this book because I am just getting into sewing — I’ve made halloween costumes before, but now I’ve made some bags and simple skirts. I have two boys, so options for “cute” is limited. I would to upgrade my skills and work on sewing stretch fabrics without a serger, and I have read that this book is great for that.

  29. I like sewing, but am better at making dresses and costumes…not very good at things you’d were out of the house…in the real world. So, I’d like this book so that I can make some of my own clothes!

  30. I have been wanting this book! My friend has it, but she won’t let me borrow it until she’s through with it… who knows when that will be!

  31. I am borrowing a friend’s sewing machine while she is out of the country (till November) and I am DETERMINED to make at least one cute thing. Hasn’t happened yet b/c it’s just a little too intimidating to jump into. Maybe a book would help?? :)

  32. I took a class on how to use a sewing machine at our local community college. I’ve owned a sewing machine for more than 10 years and I decided this would be the year that I learn to sew. After 10 two hour classes, I am happy to say that I was able to make a skirt and a bag on the sewing machine. Even better, I learned how to read and adjust a pattern to fit. The teacher didn’t teach us knits, but I am feeling more confident sewing now that I took this class.

    I used cotton to sew in my class, so now I want to try and sew the strechy materials. I would love to sew some shirts because I am getting a bit bigger now that I am pregnant. So I would love to win this book and paterns.

    Thanks for having a great giveaway for us.

  33. My mom taught me to sew when I was younger, but I forgot a lot of things. She got me a sewing machine for Christmas last yea I am so happy to have it. I’ve sewn a few things, but never anything with knit. I’m afraid. This book would help me to be a little less afraid and I’d like that.

  34. I have sewn elaborate Elizabethan costumes, but still can’t sew knits. I really want to, though, but knits are a whole new ball game.

    Would love this book!

  35. My friends and I are starting a craft group in our neighborhoods and we would love this book to add to our craft agenda! this is a great great book and some the sounds of it, it’s really helpful to people who aren’t experts!
    thanks for the opportunity!

  36. I learned to sew in high school from my grandmother. And I entered some sort of sewing contest. Did not win, may have been because one of the blouse sleeves was longer than the other!

  37. This is great! I hate to throw out good clothes, but if they don’t hang or fit right there is no need to keep hanging on to them, but with this book I could tranform my out of style sweaters into something chic, unique, etc.

  38. i’ve just returned to sewing after many years of not having a machine or time to pursue the hobby. i am enjoying every minute of craft making and am eager to learn new skills. winning this book would be a delight!

  39. I’ve had this book saved on my B&N wishlist, but have yet to make the leap to buy it.

  40. I think every outfit I have ever made has required at least one seam correction because of some stupid mistake. My favorite is when I sew a seam with the inside of the seam on the outside of the garment.

  41. my mom is giving me her grandmother’s sewing machine and i’d love to use this book to do stuff!

  42. I’d like to learn how to sew on knits without stretching the seam all to pieces! My best friend and I tried to make swim suits one time… let’s just say they wouldn’t have been decent they were so stretched out!

  43. I would love to be able to sew my own clothes. I’ve recently been revived as it were in the sewwing area and just finished up a mei -tai and matching ring sling for a gal in my church. See I’m a bit of a fuss when it comes to shopping for clothes. I have a little 20 month old boy and we live an hour from town so when we do make it in it’s go go go go until there is no time for mommy to find anything that it’s a brown bag to try to squeeze her still rahter baby-fatted body into.
    My (LONG)horror of a sewwing story. I took Home Ec. my senior year in high school, and from day one the teacher and i got off on a bad foot. I was working in a very nice litle resterant and knew my way a kitchen. Needlesss to say she tried to fail me because i woundn’t give in to her thought that all salt used in “these parts” is idozied and that’s all we should even use and Blah! To the point. So second semester came and it was time to sew. I had NO clue what I was doing and didn’t want to spend the money to part anything really so i help everyone else, and eventually started to skip class and sleep though it. I failed, she failed me even though I still competed a quilt and help 6 over people finish their very difficult projects. To this day I think she’d faint if she knew all the sewwing I’m doing now. In fact I just sold some of my wares the over day for a great price so HA Ha to her, show you for failing me!

  44. I stink at sewing but I’d love to give this to my daughter who is learning and doing pretty well.

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