Coming Up Next Week (or, What I Didn’t Write This Week)

I’d pretend to be sorry for the lack of blogging this week but, truth be told, I’ve had a nice week despite the fact that all of us are dealing with various health issues here in the FireHouse. I had things that I really wanted to write this week but I just ran out of time. Blame it on the fact that the random cold snap finally ended and we spent all day yesterday outside. And croup. And, and, and.

Blame aside, I’ve just been busy. But next week, I’ve got it all lined up. I know. New, right? Coming up next week:

1. Baseball. That’s right. I said baseball! And not just on Wii; REAL Baseball!

2. A book giveaway! Wee!

3. The update for May’s Goals. Oh, it’s not good.


4. A Big, Bad Book Review. I say “Big” and “Bad” because it’s a dual book review (hence the big) and actually (politely) demolishes one of the two (hence the bad). Curious?

5. More on Wii Fit. And other exercises. And some food. And, oh, the importance of sleep.

And so, come back next week. The fun starts on Monday. Now? We’re headed back to The Farm this weekend. Why? My best friend and her husband are baptizing their son this weekend and we wouldn’t miss it for the world. Plus, another weekend on The Farm will do my soul some good. (I get so homesick…)

Also, because I’m researching a topic for the following week, if you ever have a fire safety related question for your home and family, please don’t hesitate to ask. I was contacted (via our contact form) to cover a certain topic and will be doing so the following week. Don’t be shy. Ask away! FireDad is full of knowledge and sometimes he shares enough that I know things, too! And if I don’t know, I’ll bribe it out of him with some home cooked meals.

Enjoy your weekend! We will! (I mean, it would have to be better than last weekend, right?)


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One Reply to “Coming Up Next Week (or, What I Didn’t Write This Week)”

  1. I’ll be back. Have a wonderful weekend! I hear ya on the nice weather making everything else fall to the background.

    Hmmm….fire safety. Well how do you talk about it without freaking out your kids? I know that sounds silly, but I remember being terrified of fire as a kid after a school presentation.

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