When It Rains…

What a weekend. And not in a super-great, “gee-that-was-fun” way either.

1. LittleBrother had to go to the hospital on Saturday for an “emergency weight check.” Words like “Failure to Thrive” were thrown around. He goes to the pediatrician tomorrow for follow up, possible diagnosis and maybe a battery a tests.

2. BigBrother went to the Emergency Room last night because he woke up in a panic and couldn’t breathe well. Turns out the kid has croup. He’s feeling okay today. My question: how long before LittleBrother barks like a seal?


3. I now have a sore throat and cold but no time to nurse myself with two little ones that need my attention. I am drinking Thera Flu and sticking Zicam up my nose.

4. I mentioned before that LittleBrother proved that “breastfed poop doesn’t smell” was a myth. Well, I decided to prove one bunk myself. Know how they say that nursing Moms don’t have a cycle? Welcome to the absolute epitome of how my weekend went!

Also: we sat in front of some jagoffs at the baseball game, BigBrother fell while running across gravel and skinned his knees, LittleBrother decided with the addition of solids to his diet that he didn’t want to poop so he was grump about that (he did finally poop though… a lot… and by a lot… I mean… WHOA), LittleBrother is also going through his six month growth spurt so he didn’t sleep ALL weekend and, to boot, I haven’t watered my flowers in a week because they keep saying it will rain here and it keeps missing us and so my flowers look heinous and wilted and that makes me angry.

Is there any possibility of a do-over on this past weekend? I’d like a nice relaxing holiday weekend. To go, please.


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8 Replies to “When It Rains…”

  1. I’m sorry you had such a cruddy weekend. I hope Little Brother’s doctor’s appointment goes well and that Big Brother (and you!) feel better soon!

    I feel you about the whole breastfeeding mothers and cycles issue — mine came back at 6 weeks post-partum. Even with exclusive breastfeeding. Go figure.

    Sorry I directed you to sold out clothing! There were still some available when I sent the link! :)

  2. What a weekend! I don’t think our 5 hour ER trip for an ear infection can match that. My boy has feeding/weight issues as well so I can definitely commiserate. Hope things sort themselves out and wellness returns to the house before long. The boy had a croupy cough in January and it was worse around the 3rd day then got better, but yeah, it’s pretty horrendous.

  3. That does not sound like a fun weekend at all. I feel your pain on the nursing moms and cycle issue. I had a visitor the day before my daughter started solids at 6 months. I had heard that after they start solids they suck less and you are more likely to start but the day before! It was like God was playing a joke on me. I continued to nurse until 22 months and stopped when I was 11 weeks pregnant so nursing did not keep it away for me.

  4. Must be something in the water supply. We spent Saturday time in the ER because Bean’s eardrum ruptured. Not as bad as I initially freaked out over, but not so much fun.

    Hugs to you and prayers for Big & LittleBrother. I’m sure all will be well again soon.

  5. So, I’m not up on what is going on with little brother and the FTT talk but after reading your earlier post about giving knuckle sandwhiches I had a thought pop into my head… Does your pediatrician know that there are different growth charts for formula fed babies and exclusively breastfed babies? If so, are they actually charting little brother on them? The World Health Organization (WHO) came out with growth charts in 2006 (I think) that show that they follow different curves and that a breastfed baby will often look like he/she is falling on the standard charts (and have a much steeper slope to the curve in the beginning) that most doctors use but really they are right on for the biologically normal curve that BF babies tend to follow. So, using the standard FF charts can cause a mom to think her supply is low or something when it isn’t and baby is really doing just fine. I wanted to throw that food for thought out there as something for you to research especially if he appears “normal” in every other way developmentally and activity-wise. {{Hugs!}}

  6. I guess the saying, “Could be worse, could be raining!” wouldn’t apply here, either.
    Take care of yourself — for your sake and for theirs.

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