Tears of a Child

Granted, he was just finishing a big tantrum because he couldn’t find his Nana and he had to get off the fire truck and he’s getting a monster early-summer cold all at the same time. But the tear is fitting, no?

Tears of a Child

I’d write more, but why? My words could never begin to address the loss that so many families have had to endure. Our family is blessed by their families… and by FireDad’s past service. Our family is in tact, safe and secure in the FireHouse and we know that we have other families to thank. Our words will never be enough.

But trust me. We’re raising these boys to understand the sacrifices made on their behalf and to respect the people who endure those losses. While we picnicked and enjoyed family today and will on many a Memorial Day to come, we’ll always go to the parade to honor those who have fallen so that we may stand.


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