Mother’s Day Photos, Stories & Another Winner!

Happy Mother’s Day! Let’s talk winners! We had about twenty great photo entries and it was hard for us to pick just one winner. But we did because we only had one more Cruzer Gator to give away! And so, let’s jump to the winner now!

Ceece & Her Little Ones

The picture belongs to Ceece! We decided on this one because of the composition, the colors and, hey, those kids are flipping cute! Congratulations to Ceece. We’ll be mailing your pink Cruzer Gator tomorrow (with some Mother’s Day cards that I didn’t get sent off in time…).

The following pictures and stories are four (of each, so eight) of our favorites. We want to thank everyone for joining in the fun. I’ve decided to put a cut to save the entire length of my blog page. Please click below to read and view all of the Mother’s Day favorites that were entered into our contests!

I Also Loved This One Picture by Laurie H. Story by Andy: October 6, 1970.

The woman waited in the chair, in awe at what was about to happen. Her dream was about to come true. The journey to this day had been long and bumpy, but now that it was here, all of that was forgotten. She looked over at her husband, trying to read his thoughts, but his face was a stoic mask, revealing no clues to what he might be going through.

The door opened and a woman entered carrying a file folder. It looked too thin. How could those few pieces of paper change so many lives? As she sat down and introduced herself she opened the file, pulled out a paper and began to read it to them. The woman frantically grabbed her purse and pulled out a pen and scrap of paper. She didn’t want to miss a thing, information that may be lost forever after this day. It was too important. She managed to write it all down, illegible to anyone but her, but that didn’t matter. She had it. She could type it up later.

Then suddenly it was time. She was no longer sure that her legs could carry her, and she leaned on her husband for support. They walked out of the office and into another more comfortable room . A stranger stood with her back to them, looking out the window, pacing slowly. When the stranger heard them come in, she turned around to greet them. In her arms was the most amazing baby the woman had ever seen. Because this baby was about to become the woman’s daughter. The stranger, a social worker from Children’s Aid, reached out and handed the woman the baby. And at that moment, the woman became a mother.

I am the baby of this story, adopted by my parents at 6 weeks old. For me, one of my mother’s most defining moments of motherhood was when she realized the importance of the information that the social worker was sharing with them about my first family. My mother was not so caught up in the excitement of her dream coming true that she forgot about the other people involved. She typed up the information she had and it was pasted in the front of my baby book. In a time of closed adoptions, when adoptive parents were often told to just move on, treat her as if she were born to you, don’t worry about the past, my mother had the insight to think that one day I would want to know why I had brown eyes and was taller then every one around me. She knew that the clues might help me find my first mother one day. She was not threatened by this, but embraced my beginnings as a part of me.

SOOOO Cute Photo by Ellie Mae. Story by Coco. YThe first night in the hospital after Bean was born was my big defining moment. I’d been in labor for 36 hours, rushed into an emergency C-Section, was just getting my legs back from the epidural, still had a catheter in, and was chock-full o’Percocet. I felt like I’d been in a 12 round prize fight and I was dying for sleep, but I couldn’t. I was afraid something would go wrong. I stared at my son, a little bit away from me in his bassinet, sleeping swaddled in a hospital blanket.

Then Tiny Bean woke up. He started to cry. And I dragged myself up and hauled the bassinet next to my bed. I picked up my new baby. I nursed him and he quieted, safe and warm next to my skin. It was dark and we were alone together, he and I, as his daddy slept.

“It’s OK,” I soothed, kissing his tiny fingers, “Mommy’s got you.”

That’s when it hit me that I was, indeed, a mommy. His mommy.

Oh, Kisses Photo by Angewa. Story by cheryl. I am the very proud mother of an 11 yr old boy. Last year was my first year being a noncustodial parent. Please don’t judge me. I gave up the fight so that he could live in the house I grew up and continue his piano and theatre and attend the same school.
It is very difficult not being with him every day, he is my life. He is with me frequently yet never enough. At times, I wished for peace and quiet and now I count the days to hear running in the house and the piano being played.

Love them, appreciate them, never take your child for granted.

It would have been very easy to give up on life. I cannot give up on him. I will not give up on being his mom for the rest of his life; however I can.

FireMom addition: Cheryl; no one on this blog, in this household, is going to judge you. There’s a reason why your story is placed with the photo I chose. Bless you and your family. Same to you, Ang!)

This is Beautiful Photo by Jenny. Story by call_me_ps! On a cold day in March of 1999, I sat in uncomfortable silence in the front seat of the car, a precocious, beautiful blonde child in her carseat behind me. My then-boyfriend had gone inside a store for some long-forgotten errand, and we were waiting for him to come out. Finally, I turned to look at the blonde child, swallowing my nerves, and said, “Hi Kennedy!”

She glared coldly back at me, and in the most commanding voice I’d ever heard a 2-year-old use told me in no uncertain terms, “You can’t be my mother!”

Fast forward to another cold day in March. This time, it’s 2008. My 2-year-old daughter glares at her 11-year-old stepsister who is cuddling on my lap and declares, “That’s MY Mommy!”

The 11-year-old, still blonde, but no longer the chubby-cheeked little girl from 9 years before, glares back at her little sister. “You’re going to have to share!” she retorts, snuggling in closer and giving me a hug.

To all my participants, photo or story, I thank you. I bet that your photos and stories will brighten others experience today.

Happy Mother’s Day to all.

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