Heads Up on Mei Tais

My friend Holly of MeiTaiCarrier.com is stocking her Hyenacart store tonight at 8:00pm with her first set of Mei Tais since she went on hiatus to have her beautiful second daughter. Yes. These are the Mei Tais that you see in all of my pictures. The ones I rave about and suggest to everyone. That’s right. She’s back. And if I wasn’t going out for birthday dinner at the exact time of the stocking, I’d really, really be tempted to buy this one. I mean, LOOK at that stitching! Wow. If you score one, please leave a comment and send me pictures. (That said, one of MY Mei Tais is currently in Ethiopia, picking up two sisters! I can’t WAIT to share THOSE pics!) Or. You know? It IS my birthday. Just sayin’.


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A Blessed Day

LittleBrother slept all night until 6:30 this morning, nursed for about a half hour, and has just started to stir at 9:30. BigBrother slept all night until just after 7:30, a half hour later than his usual waking time. I started off my morning without temper tantrums or crying. I feel somewhat refreshed. FireDad made me coffee. The sun is shining a bit even though the storm clouds are looming and making a dramatic backdrop for my apple tree blossoms. We have dinner plans tonight as just adults and all feels right with the world.

Twenty-seven is starting out nicely, no?

I’ll let you know how it feels after a few days, but when it starts with a card from your Great-Grandma (82? 83?) that makes you feel so very blessed, well, it can’t be too bad, now can it?



Text: May God’s blessings be upon you always. I’m so grateful to God for you and [FireDad] and your beautiful boys. You are doing such a good job in raising them and taking them to church and anting to raise them to know the Lord. Blessings upon you all. Much love, Great-Grandma.

I think it’s going to be a blessed and glorious year.