Mother’s Day Contest Times TWO!

Even though a thin layer of snow sits atop our cars in the driveway (?!?), May is right around the corner. With May, of course, comes flowers and that one holiday known as Mother’s Day! And with that, I’d like to announce that Stop, Drop and Blog is hosting not one contest but two!

First off, stop over at the review blog and read my thoughts (with FireDad’s additions!) on the SanDisk Cruzer Gator. No, really, go look. I’ll wait.

Welcome back!

I am pleased to announce that we will be giving away two Cruzer Gators! The first is a red gator and is 4GB in size. The second is a shiny pink one, 2GB in size. They are both very pretty, very functional and very free for our winners. And what’s better than pretty, functional and free?

So, what’s the catch?

To celebrate Mother’s Day, I really want to focus on our stories as Mothers. And so, sorry fellas, this contest is only open to the Mothers among us. I want to celebrate motherhood. I want to lift up moms. I want to smile. I want to really remind myself and others that beyond the cards and flowers and gifts, Mother’s Day is about, well, Mothers!


And so, here are the contests and their, uh, rules.

Red Cruzer GatorCONTEST #1: Reply to this post (via comments) with a short but touching Motherhood story. Choose something that encapsulates your motherhood, your journey as a mother. Funny, sad, heartfelt, heartbreaking: they all count. On Tuesday, May 6 at 12:00pm EDT, I will shut down comments on this post and choose a random winner via I won’t be judging your writing. I won’t be judging your story. This particular contest is more of a giveaway BUT I encourage you to take the time to read others stories. The winner of this giveaway-contest will win the 4GB red Cruzer Gator.

As an added bonus to this contest, I will be contacting FOUR of my favorite stories plus the random winner for a feature on Mother’s Day on the blog. You will be asked to expand (but briefly if you wish) on the story you shared in celebration of Motherhood. So, even if you don’t win the Cruzer Gator, you’ll get some traffic to your blog on Mother’s Day via your story here (with an included link, obviously) wishing you a happy day. That’s nice and fluffy, no?

PINK!CONTEST #2: You must e-mail me (firemom AT stopdropandblog DOT com) your FAVORITE motherhood picture. The picture MUST include you (or, perhaps your favorite mother) but doesn’t necessarily have to include your children. (We all know that motherhood involves way more than just the kids, don’t we?) I want to see something that encapsulates your motherhood, your journey as a mother. Please send all photos in .jpg format. I will not accept any entries after 12:00pm EDT on Tuesday, May 6! This contest is different in the fact that I will be judging your photos. FireDad, who also has a keen eye for photography, will be helping with the judging. We will pick one favorite photo. The winner of THIS contest will receive the 2GB pink Cruzer Gator! (Pictured to the left. The picture doesn’t do it justice since it’s in plastic casing.)

As an added bonus, I will be choosing four other awesome photos to be featured here on the blog on Mother’s Day. They will go along with the five random stories that we will be featuring. Like the stories, winners will receive a link to their blog directing traffic to wish the winners a Happy Mother’s Day.

Of note: You are free to enter both contests. The photo contest will be judged first and then I will pick a random entry for the story entries. If you happen to win the photo contest and then your number is drawn for the stories, I will simply choose another number to be fair.

I hope to have many participants in these two different contests. I know we have some shutterbugs among us and we have some storytellers as well. Plus, participation helps create a great Mother’s Day post that should be a great “gift” to all of us. So, please consider participating even if you’re the type that NEVER wins ANYTHING. You never know!


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24 Replies to “Mother’s Day Contest Times TWO!”

  1. (I wrote this the day of Joshua’s dedication at church last fall)

    Dear Joshua,
    6 months ago you were born in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia. Today we publicly dedicated your life to God in church. On our kitchen table now sets a bouquet of flowers from church. Those flowers represent us, your biological parents, and you all connected together. Today we stood before our friends and family and vowed to raise you in the Christian faith. Today we acknowledged that you belong first and foremost to God. You always have.

    All the years spent researching adoption and hearing God’s “wait”…..He was leading us to you.

    When we finally decided to adopt….He was leading us to you.

    Through all the paperwork, medical forms, and inspections….He was leading us to you.

    In all the waiting….He was leading us to you.

    And now, as I sit here and write this and watch you diligently inspect your toes, I am amazed. Amazed at you, amazed at how it all worked out, and amazed that you are actually really ours.

    Jenny’s last blog post..Life with Maddie…or whatever her name is

  2. October 6, 1970.

    The woman waited in the chair, in awe at what was about to happen. Her dream was about to come true. The journey to this day had been long and bumpy, but now that it was here, all of that was forgotten. She looked over at her husband, trying to read his thoughts, but his face was a stoic mask, revealing no clues to what he might be going through.

    The door opened and a woman entered carrying a file folder. It looked too thin. How could those few pieces of paper change so many lives? As she sat down and introduced herself she opened the file, pulled out a paper and began to read it to them. The woman frantically grabbed her purse and pulled out a pen and scrap of paper. She didn’t want to miss a thing, information that may be lost forever after this day. It was too important. She managed to write it all down, illegible to anyone but her, but that didn’t matter. She had it. She could type it up later.

    Then suddenly it was time. She was no longer sure that her legs could carry her, and she leaned on her husband for support. They walked out of the office and into another more comfortable room . A stranger stood with her back to them, looking out the window, pacing slowly. When the stranger heard them come in, she turned around to greet them. In her arms was the most amazing baby the woman had ever seen. Because this baby was about to become the woman’s daughter. The stranger, a social worker from Children’s Aid, reached out and handed the woman the baby. And at that moment, the woman became a mother.
    I am the baby of this story, adopted by my parents at 6 weeks old. For me, one of my mother’s most defining moments of motherhood was when she realized the importance of the information that the social worker was sharing with them about my first family. My mother was not so caught up in the excitement of her dream coming true that she forgot about the other people involved. She typed up the information she had and it was pasted in the front of my baby book. In a time of closed adoptions, when adoptive parents were often told to just move on, treat her as if she were born to you, don’t worry about the past, my mother had the insight to think that one day I would want to know why I had brown eyes and was taller then every one around me. She knew that the clues might help me find my first mother one day. She was not threatened by this, but embraced my beginnings as a part of me.

    Andy’s last blog post..April 28, 2008 – Today’s the day

  3. The other day I was in sweatpants and a t-shirt. Not my normal day-to-day SAHM wear( I usually spiff it up with jeans!). But my clothing were pretty accuratly reflecting the crap I felt inside. I felt like a bad…everything. Mom, wife, citizen, Christian, you name it, I had failed.

    I’d been snapping at the kids and it was just a bad day. While I was sitting at the kitchen table Conner walked over and gave me a huge hug and said, “You’re so beautiful today mom.”

    Totally unprompted and uncoached. In the middle of all this 3 year old business, it’s the best thing that could have happened.

  4. On a cold day in March of 1999, I sat in uncomfortable silence in the front seat of the car, a precocious, beautiful blonde child in her carseat behind me. My then-boyfriend had gone inside a store for some long-forgotten errand, and we were waiting for him to come out. Finally, I turned to look at the blonde child, swallowing my nerves, and said, “Hi Kennedy!”

    She glared coldly back at me, and in the most commanding voice I’d ever heard a 2-year-old use told me in no uncertain terms, “You can’t be my mother!”

    Fast forward to another cold day in March. This time, it’s 2008. My 2-year-old daughter glares at her 11-year-old stepsister who is cuddling on my lap and declares, “That’s MY Mommy!”

    The 11-year-old, still blonde, but no longer the chubby-cheeked little girl from 9 years before, glares back at her little sister. “You’re going to have to share!” she retorts, snuggling in closer and giving me a hug.

  5. I first felt like a Mom or rather a Mom’s guilt when Kiddo was no bigger than a peanut. It had been just a couple of weeks since I’d found out I was pregnant. But we hadn’t told anybody yet. I walked to a friend’s house 2 streets over, chatted for a while and then walked back. Only to find out I’d been bleeding all the while.

    We rushed over to the doctor’s who told me the placenta had started tearing and even though it wasn’t a miscarriage yet, she started consoling me. That did it. Of course, I blamed myself. If only I hadn’t walked, if only I’d eaten healthier, if only … That was the beginning of the guilt. Fortunately, the placenta hung on and Kiddo with it :)

    Every time I see his smile or feel like tearing out my hair due to his non-stop antics, I recall that day and I become so thankful I can call myself somebody’s Mom.

  6. No kidding, yesterday we made plans to go to the zoo today with my brother, sister-in law, their kids, my sister and her daughter, and the grandparents. However last night I was up with two sick kids, who mind you, were perfectly fine during the day. I must have changed their sheets 4 times each, and sat by the toilet the other half of the night…it was long. This morning my son came and crawled into the bed, sort of crying and said, “It’s okay mom, just you, me, V, and daddy can go to the zoo sometime instead.” How does a two year old know how to think like this! They amaze me everyday.

  7. I love being a mom. I wasn’t sure I wanted kids & ended up having 2 beautiful daughters. They make me happy in a way that I never expected. I love when they make me laugh, make me proud & even when they make me sad. I love watching them grow up, learning new things and especially enjoying life!

    Ginny’s last blog post..Thursday Contest Round UP

  8. My favorite time of my day is 2am. Crazy, isn’t it? But it’s really a beautiful time to be semi-awake.
    I’m woken up from my sleep by the sounds of snuffling, then a whimper, then a warning cry, and if I don’t get up fast enough, the full blown, wake-everyone-in-this-house-if-I-have-to cry. I stumble into the room and look into the basinette to see him looking back at me, as if to say “finally! I thought you might not be coming!” Pick him up and give him a little snuggle, then grab the boppy and settle on the couch. He knows what he wants and does the rest. Sometimes we both fall back asleep, but sometimes we both stay awake, staring at eachother while he grabs on a finger or pats my arm. It’s those times that make 2am the best time to be awake, because it reminds me just how lucky I am and how blessed my life has been, by him and his siblings.
    I know that 2am will someday be slept right through, and while I do hope for that day sometimes, I know I’m going to mourn its loss, because it means time is marching on yet again. I love that I get to watch him blossom and grow and become more independant as the days go by, but I mourn it at the same time. So I will keep loving 2am wake ups as long as I can, and when they go the way of time past, I’ll find another time that we have together, perhaps flying kites or drawing, and treasure that as well.

    Laurie H’s last blog post..Vote for J!!

  9. Yesterday I was reading a book to my kids about a little girl who takes care of babies, my 3-year-old daughter looked up at me and said “I want a new baby.” – She doesn’t know that we are expecting and hopefully her wish will soon come true!

  10. My oldest daughter just turned 5 and the other day she came up to me and gave me a big hug. As she was hugging me she told me “Mommy I am so happy you are my Mommy! You are the best Mommy and my favoriest Mommy in the whole world. I love you!!” That is what makes waking up at 2 o’clock in the morning to give a sick kid a bath and change all their bedding doable (that is what I did sunday night) lol

    Noreen’s last blog post..Cyber Shower Party

  11. The first night in the hospital after Bean was born was my big defining moment. I’d been in labor for 36 hours, rushed into an emergency C-Section, was just getting my legs back from the epidural, still had a catheter in, and was chock-full o’Percocet. I felt like I’d been in a 12 round prize fight and I was dying for sleep, but I couldn’t. I was afraid something would go wrong. I stared at my son, a little bit away from me in his bassinet, sleeping swaddled in a hospital blanket.

    Then Tiny Bean woke up. He started to cry. And I dragged myself up and hauled the bassinet next to my bed. I picked up my new baby. I nursed him and he quieted, safe and warm next to my skin. It was dark and we were alone together, he and I, as his daddy slept.

    “It’s OK,” I soothed, kissing his tiny fingers, “Mommy’s got you.”

    That’s when it hit me that I was, indeed, a mommy. His mommy.

    Coco’s last blog post..The Random Six

  12. Funny, I read this today. My soon to be 10 year old daughter is asleep after a rabid tantrum today. She’s only been my daughter short of 2 years now. She spent almost 5 in foster care.

    The tantrums are rare now so when they come it stings. She felt insecure today because I didn’t get to go on a field trip with her. It breaks my heart. As I sit here I am sapped of energy and feel as if I could just cry.

    We have come so far. I can’t tell in words how God put this plan together. After this blowup today she told me that God gave me her as a daughter because I’m supposed to train her. Really? Is that why? She’s a beautiful, straight A, athletic and charming girl. She makes my heart swell with pride and I know she calls ME mom.

    I read your blog to get all the insight I can into the adoption world. I know our situation is totally different than yours, but a girl can wish.

  13. I am the very proud mother of an 11 yr old boy. Last year was my first year being a noncustodial parent. Please don’t judge me. I gave up the fight so that he could live in the house I grew up and continue his piano and theatre and attend the same school.
    It is very difficult not being with him every day, he is my life. He is with me frequently yet never enough. At times, I wished for peace and quiet and now I count the days to hear running in the house and the piano being played.
    Love them, appreciate them, never take your child for granted.
    It would have been very easy to give up on life. I cannot give up on him. I will not give up on being his mom for the rest of his life; however I can.

  14. Wow I dunno if I can compete with some of the wonderful stories shared here, but I’ll try! I am a young mom and its so funny when my daughter was first born it was so strange to be called mom but how now it feels so natural. anyways, That was the first thing that came to mind. but I love being a mom though it is only the beginning! (my daughter is 2.) great giveaway, thanks!

    Mary @ Adventures in Mommyland’s last blog post..Huge Sample Giveaway!

  15. My daughter takes my breath away every single day. We tried for two years to have her, and we were beginning to worry that it would never happen. With all we went through to get her, I would get frustrated sometimes and once, I grumbled that the baby we were trying for had better be the “best kid ever”. Now, when my husband and I watch her learning new things every day and when she clings to us and pats us on the shoulder because she’s so excited to see us… we know that indeed, she IS the best baby ever!

  16. I have heard that some kids, just fall asleep on their own, when you lay them in bed, and that’s it for the night. Really that is all, no more books please, more water please, more songs please, please stay right here Mommy please, or I need you Momma. But we aren’t that lucky here. My son requires very little sleep, and it is a rare night for him to fall asleep before we do.

    Last night my husband and I had some documents we needed to fill out on the computer. We did the whole bedtime routine, but sure enough our little guy wasn’t anywhere near ready to actually fall asleep. So we told him he could lay down on a blanket in the computer room, or he could stay in our room and look at books.
    He wanted to stay in our room.

    After a few loud verses of Jingle Bells, still his favorite song, even though it’s out of season, it got really quiet. I was about to check on him, when he appeared at the door way. I asked him if he wanted to lay down on the blanket in the computer room, and he reached out his arms to me and said, “No Mama Me sleep in you arms” Which is exactly what he did.

  17. My son is 6 months old, and I’m only now starting to feel like a mother. My favorite moment is when he sees me for the first time, after a nap, after I’ve been away, and his face just lights up. He will always be my son and I will always be his mother, and nothing will ever change that.

    Jean’s last blog post..3 in 24 hours

  18. I’ve only been a mommy for 3 weeks, and I’m not supposed to be one for another 3 weeks. My baby came into this world in a rush!
    I had no signs of preterm labor, just woke up to my water breaking around midnight. I told my hubby to get started packing that bag we hadn’t gotten to packing yet for the hospital. I went into the restroom to dry myself off, and discovered the umbilical cord coming out! So we skipped the bag and went straight to the emergency room! She was coming out footling breech in addition to the prolapsed cord, so she was taken by emergency c section. We spent 2 weeks in the NICU before coming home safe and sound. Look out world, my little baby does things her own way!

  19. just the other day, our son was sitting on the couch with us. he pointed to me and said “mama.” he pointed to my wife and he said “mommy.” i said “that’s right – mommy, mama, and signal. we’re a family.” and he said “mommy, mama, aya [his name for himself] – fably!” that’s right, kiddo – fably.

    ru’s last blog post..a sweet the kid will eat

  20. the other night we were sitting on the couch with our 17-month old son. he pointed to me and said “mama.” then he pointed to my wife and said “mommy.” i said “that’s right – mommy, mama and you – we’re a family.” and he said “mommy, mama, aya [his name for himself] – fably!” that’s right, kiddo – fably.

    ru’s last blog post..a sweet the kid will eat

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