Heads Up on Mei Tais

My friend Holly of MeiTaiCarrier.com is stocking her Hyenacart store tonight at 8:00pm with her first set of Mei Tais since she went on hiatus to have her beautiful second daughter. Yes. These are the Mei Tais that you see in all of my pictures. The ones I rave about and suggest to everyone. That’s right. She’s back. And if I wasn’t going out for birthday dinner at the exact time of the stocking, I’d really, really be tempted to buy this one. I mean, LOOK at that stitching! Wow. If you score one, please leave a comment and send me pictures. (That said, one of MY Mei Tais is currently in Ethiopia, picking up two sisters! I can’t WAIT to share THOSE pics!) Or. You know? It IS my birthday. Just sayin’.


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5 Replies to “Heads Up on Mei Tais”

  1. I want one! I want one! I want one!

    But dang it, I have not the money. Eff, eff, eff. I WANT ONE! I LOVE the updated style. And that pattern you showed? SO freaking awesome. Especially for my new baby girl.

    GAHHHH!!!!!!! *lusts*

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