A Blessed Day

LittleBrother slept all night until 6:30 this morning, nursed for about a half hour, and has just started to stir at 9:30. BigBrother slept all night until just after 7:30, a half hour later than his usual waking time. I started off my morning without temper tantrums or crying. I feel somewhat refreshed. FireDad made me coffee. The sun is shining a bit even though the storm clouds are looming and making a dramatic backdrop for my apple tree blossoms. We have dinner plans tonight as just adults and all feels right with the world.

Twenty-seven is starting out nicely, no?

I’ll let you know how it feels after a few days, but when it starts with a card from your Great-Grandma (82? 83?) that makes you feel so very blessed, well, it can’t be too bad, now can it?


Text: May God’s blessings be upon you always. I’m so grateful to God for you and [FireDad] and your beautiful boys. You are doing such a good job in raising them and taking them to church and anting to raise them to know the Lord. Blessings upon you all. Much love, Great-Grandma.

I think it’s going to be a blessed and glorious year.


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  1. Happy Birthday!!!! In honor of your special day, DH and I are going to have a celebratory dinner with adults only too! {{{Giggle}}} Yeah for hot food!!!!

  2. That great-grandma is a gem, for sure! What a wonderful, uplifting letter. And what a great start to a great year. Enjoy your kid-free dinner tonight! Just by reading all about your life here, I know you’re a great wife, mom, and blogger. Enjoy your day!

    27 seems like forever ago…

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