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Mother’s Day Contest Times TWO!

Even though a thin layer of snow sits atop our cars in the driveway (?!?), May is right around the corner. With May, of course, comes flowers and that one holiday known as Mother’s Day! And with that, I’d like to announce that Stop, Drop and Blog is hosting not one contest but two!

First off, stop over at the review blog and read my thoughts (with FireDad’s additions!) on the SanDisk Cruzer Gator. No, really, go look. I’ll wait.

Welcome back!

I am pleased to announce that we will be giving away two Cruzer Gators! The first is a red gator and is 4GB in size. The second is a shiny pink one, 2GB in size. They are both very pretty, very functional and very free for our winners. And what’s better than pretty, functional and free?

So, what’s the catch?

To celebrate Mother’s Day, I really want to focus on our stories as Mothers. And so, sorry fellas, this contest is only open to the Mothers among us. I want to celebrate motherhood. I want to lift up moms. I want to smile. I want to really remind myself and others that beyond the cards and flowers and gifts, Mother’s Day is about, well, Mothers!


And so, here are the contests and their, uh, rules.

Red Cruzer GatorCONTEST #1: Reply to this post (via comments) with a short but touching Motherhood story. Choose something that encapsulates your motherhood, your journey as a mother. Funny, sad, heartfelt, heartbreaking: they all count. On Tuesday, May 6 at 12:00pm EDT, I will shut down comments on this post and choose a random winner via Random.org. I won’t be judging your writing. I won’t be judging your story. This particular contest is more of a giveaway BUT I encourage you to take the time to read others stories. The winner of this giveaway-contest will win the 4GB red Cruzer Gator.

As an added bonus to this contest, I will be contacting FOUR of my favorite stories plus the random winner for a feature on Mother’s Day on the blog. You will be asked to expand (but briefly if you wish) on the story you shared in celebration of Motherhood. So, even if you don’t win the Cruzer Gator, you’ll get some traffic to your blog on Mother’s Day via your story here (with an included link, obviously) wishing you a happy day. That’s nice and fluffy, no?

PINK!CONTEST #2: You must e-mail me (firemom AT stopdropandblog DOT com) your FAVORITE motherhood picture. The picture MUST include you (or, perhaps your favorite mother) but doesn’t necessarily have to include your children. (We all know that motherhood involves way more than just the kids, don’t we?) I want to see something that encapsulates your motherhood, your journey as a mother. Please send all photos in .jpg format. I will not accept any entries after 12:00pm EDT on Tuesday, May 6! This contest is different in the fact that I will be judging your photos. FireDad, who also has a keen eye for photography, will be helping with the judging. We will pick one favorite photo. The winner of THIS contest will receive the 2GB pink Cruzer Gator! (Pictured to the left. The picture doesn’t do it justice since it’s in plastic casing.)

As an added bonus, I will be choosing four other awesome photos to be featured here on the blog on Mother’s Day. They will go along with the five random stories that we will be featuring. Like the stories, winners will receive a link to their blog directing traffic to wish the winners a Happy Mother’s Day.

Of note: You are free to enter both contests. The photo contest will be judged first and then I will pick a random entry for the story entries. If you happen to win the photo contest and then your number is drawn for the stories, I will simply choose another number to be fair.

I hope to have many participants in these two different contests. I know we have some shutterbugs among us and we have some storytellers as well. Plus, participation helps create a great Mother’s Day post that should be a great “gift” to all of us. So, please consider participating even if you’re the type that NEVER wins ANYTHING. You never know!