Out Like a Lion

Normally, on the last day of the month, I write about how my goals are going for the year. I provide lots of nice links and pictures and it’s a great time. Well, March is ending much as March has gone for the entire thirty-one days. I’m overwhelmed, overtired and just over-everything.

And so, I’m going to curl up on the couch with the book I’m trying to finish by midnight and eat comfort food. While that helps one goal, it probably hurts the other. I don’t quite care today as I’ve already planned my Project365 picture: a picture of the speeding ticket I got this morning while running late for LittleBrother’s four month checkup!

I said to FireDad, on the phone, “I’d like a Do Over for today.” But really, when I think about it, I’d really prefer a Do Over for the month of March. And so, I just wanted to say that I’ll let you know about all of my goals tomorrow morning. I’m just going to go watch the rain fall and hold LittleBrother and cry for a bit.


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  1. Does your state not have the fire stickers? Or is that a California thing? We have a sticker on each of our cars that tell where my husband works. Helps with the tickets…you pretty much just get a warning.

    Hope your day gets better.

    breanna’s last blog post..Yes…

  2. blah. for some reason you have not been showing up for me, so I am lost in a world of no firemom. i am sorry about your day. i am glad you called me in the midst of it, and i am glad that we are in this together.

  3. Breanna; We do have stickers! BUT! We just got a new truck and the stickers were all gone and thus on order. As FireDad isn’t nearly as old as this cop was, he didn’t know who I was. Le sigh.

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