Congrats to Our Winner!

Okay, so I’m an hour and a half late. What was I thinking? Setting the contest to end at noon? Did I forget that I have two kids that both like demand to eat at noon, on the dot, followed by naps? Sometimes I don’t know what I’d do with my head if it wasn’t attached securely. Sometimes I wonder if it is.

WINNER!Anyway, we have a winner for our flaming babylegs contest!


I went to, set it to pick a number between 1 and 92 (92! wow!) and it gave me this number: 62. I went back, looked it up and there is our winner! Shay! I’ll also be e-mailing Shay to let her know that she has won but why don’t you head over to her blog and meet her, too. She seems like a nice and creative person!

I want to thank everyone for participating, for passing on the link and for helping us fully celebrate the launch of our new domain. I must admit. I was nervous about making the switch. But this place has really started to feel like home. Not just because we’re sharing our lives here but also because of the great involvement we’ve had from readers via comments and e-mails (via the contact form) over the past (almost) four months. Thanks for making our new FireHouse feel like a FireHome.

We’ll host another giveaway (but probably not of babylegs!) in April! Be sure to come back!


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