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Love Thursday: “Love” Notes

Love Notes


BigBrother got a card in the mail earlier this week. It wasn’t his birthday. Though the envelope was lime green, St. Patrick’s Day is still a week and a half away. Neither my parents nor FireDad’s are that early with holiday cards. I opened it, wondering who it could be from. And what for. Perhaps an invitation to one of his girlfriends’ birthday parties? I shrugged.

I began reading. And got all weepy all over myself.



When I went down to the nursery for a little bit today, I saw that you shared your cookies with the other children. That was so kind of you. (Smileyface)

Lady in the Church


These are the little things that I love about our church family. These are the reasons that we chose to be members of this particular church. These are the moments that I want for my boys as they grow up within the church. I had my own moments like these. Moments when adults reached out to me to make me feel special and wanted within the walls of the church, and, as such, within the larger umbrella of the capital-C Church. Those adults who took the time to reach out to me and show me that love and compassion made a difference in my life. I want the same for my boys. Because, try as we might, FireDad and I won’t be able to be everything to both boys. They’ll find us dull and boring at some point. Other adults are needed in their lives. I’m glad that they are already accumulating a wide array of loving, awesome people.

Plus? Did you read that note? My kid shared! MY TWO YEAR OLD SHARED COOKIES! THAT is love!

Love Thursday is back. Get in the lovin’!

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