Love Thursday: Quiet Moments Alone Together

Alone Together

It’s not always quiet in our house. It used to be. Back before BigBrother came on the scene. And, honestly, even after for awhile. He was pretty quiet in his younger days. Then he began talking. And never shut his mouth. Add in the fact that his volume knob is stuck on Outside Voice mixed with constant car noises and, well, it’s just not too quiet here.


I’m not really quiet. If you know me, I’m kind of loud. Not outgoing. Just also stuck in the Outside Voice mode. It’s a trait in my maiden name. But even though I’m loud, I cherish quiet moments. You know. Those still quiet moments during which you can actually hear yourself think! After both boys are down for the night and I’m sitting with my book on the couch. The moment after I’ve found my “spot” under the covers and have stopped moving and shuffling under the sheets. The sound of snow falling in the middle of the night. Yes. Apparently my quiet moments are at night.

I’m able to catch some quiet moments here and there during the day. Some days, not all days. In this picture, BigBrother was actually asleep. LittleBrother had been put down for a nap that didn’t last very long. So, FireDad went into rock him in hopes that he would go back to sleep. I walked in to find this moment of quiet beauty. I love nothing more than FireDad having a quiet moment with either of the boys. It warms my heart. It makes up for all the noise. It gives me energy to make it to the next quiet moment.

Here’s hoping that your Love Thursday is filled with a quiet moment or two.


Yoi and Double Yoi No More

Today I miss my home. I just had to call my Dad and get weepy on the phone. Myron Cope passed away at the age of 79. If you’re not from Pittsburgh and/or not a fan of the Steelers, that means nothing to you. But he was a legend. My heart is broken. I’m going to dress the boys in Steelers gear for the rest of the week. And wave my Terrible Towel. You’ll be missed, Myron. You inspired many a sports broadcaster. You inspired many a fan. We know you’ll be waving that towel with us for centuries to come.