Signing Time

We only did very basic signs with BigBrother. We’re looking to branch out with LittleBrother. So tell me, Internetz, what did you think of Signing Time videos?


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4 Replies to “Signing Time”

  1. We LOOOOOVE signing time! We had the first three videos on loan from a friend. DS doesn’t know what a TV is or that we have one in our house… and we intend to keep it that way for a while. What we did is watch the videos ourselves and then just integrate the signs into our conversation with him. We didn’t try just one sign untill he did it back. We just did which ever ones we could remember at the time. The videos are very cute and well done. Good for kid and adult learning alike. Each sign is introduced by an adult who does it very clearly. Then you see all sorts of children doing it in different ways which is really nice because you see the many variations/interpretations of the sign you may see from your child. There is music integrated and silly songs. I really like that they use hearing impared and hearing children to do the “acting” and you see them interacting with their parents and such. I give them two thumbs up. Apparently they are even shown on some PBS stations so you might check that out first if it is offered where you live. Another thing I like about them is that they are REAL ASL signs and not baby signs. We have seen books/flash cards that have special baby signs. If I’m going to learn and teach signs though, I’d prefer it to be the real thing;)

  2. They are the best out there, hands dowm. Like Claire said, they are based on REAL ASL, not baby signs. Signing is soooo useful for kids. My guys loved the vids, loved Leah (and went as far as to say, “can we watch Rachel Coleman?) and learned quickly. In fact, it has come in handy, as my youngest is not verbal.
    I recommend them!

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  3. I cannot gush sufficiently about the videos. It’s not possible. Alexis knows over 150 signs, and they are all because of those videos (we have every single one since it’s not on PBS in Pittsburgh). She talks about Rachel, Alex, Leah, and Hopkins as if they are her friends. Alexis, Mr. Husband, and I all walk around singing the songs.

    Alexis loves Signing Time so much she would throw Dora off a three-story building for a few minutes with Signing Time (thus the reason I get so mad when my husband turns on Dora. ST=educational. Dora=annoying.).

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  4. Yes Signing Time Rocks!!! My two with developmental delays learned so much. Somehow “it’s signing time with alex and leah” has become “shine, shine, weena” in toddler speak at my house. I put the cds in my car, the songs are actually not annoying (i know shocking for kids music!) The message also fits nicely for our two mom, adoptive, multicultural family. “Your family’s made for you and mine is made for me…”

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